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50% unattainable love / Chapter 2: lunatic

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Chapter 2: lunatic

"k.o where have you been" his manager yelled, "I told you to stay in and practice your lines for the commercial"

"i was in and you would've known that if you looked instead of yelling k.o for 30 minutes straight" k.o added

"you heard me and yet you failed to respond," his manager said

"i could've but the" k.o began "the law doesn't state that i have to" his manager finished. they both stopped looked at each other and burst out laughing. "your attitude is gonna get you in trouble one day" his manager stated. " and when that day comes I'll know" k.o said as he hopped on the couch. " have you practiced at all" his manager asked "have i practiced at all, it's all i do" k.o started rolling his eyes.

walking away his manager added, "practice more". sighing k.o picked up his script and attempted to read it only to place it down as he gave out a loud groan. lying down he closed his eyes to think "all i have to do for 3 days is practice then i have to go to Greece to film a commercial and have a fan meet" he thought.

all of this irked him, he didn't hate being famous he hated the part where he felt like his life ended when his career began, the only friend he had was his manager the rest only clung to him for clout, even his relationships were faked, he had to sing songs that he didn't hate but just felt like they in no way represented him.

his fans were great but everywhere he went they were there. as the years went on one thing he lost was trust even for his manager because though he was his only friend he was also a spy who his parents used to watch him. it felt like his life wasn't his like he was living it for everyone but himself. the only person that he felt he could truly trust was his grandfather who always went on about his need for love in his life. k.o had no time for love and even if he did his life was nowhere ready to accept such a word.

love needed trust and trust was something k.o had lost for almost everyone near him. love was something that felt unattainable to k.o.

sighing k.o got up and was about to practice his lines again when he heard the door slam open and a loud "k.oooooo" come from outside it. "papa" k.o thought. outside the door stood his grandfather "k.oooooo" his grandfather repeated. k.o looked at the open door as his grandfather came in with a smile as usual " yah, you heard me calling and failed to respond and don't give me that the law doesn't say that i have to nonsense before i smack you" he remarked

k.o thought "I was about to say that" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

getting up k.o was about to give his grandfather a hug but was stopped as his grandfather wobbled in saying "sit sit sit i have great news" k.o rolled his eyes "great news" he thought he knew what this meant his grandfather was either trying to set him up again or he was again trying to intervene in his life as usual. k.o gave out a laugh "what news papa?" he asked "listen to me boy, i managed to get you a ticket to Greece" his grandfather stated joyfully

"i already have one" k.o stated

" not that one stupid an early one, listen, i got you an early ticket to leave tomorrow for Greece before your scheduled appointments so you can go and relax" his grandfather pointed out and coughing added," and maybe find yourself a girl".

k.o's face lit up and he was about to embrace his grandfather in a tight hug till he remembered his parents and manager. sitting back down he stated with disappointment "mom and dad will never" "forget those party poopers, i got you" his grandfather interrupted " listen trust me and meet me outside tomorrow at 5 am" his grandfather whispered as he walked out passing his manager who walked in at that moment.

"oh hi papa" k.o's manager greeted

"mh.. spy" his grandfather retorted.

"what was that about?" his manager asked looking at k.o.

k.o picked up his script and walking away saying nothing

crashing into his bed k.o thought about what his grandfather had said "trust me" he did trust his grandfather he just didn't trust the plan but he still wanted to try,

"let's try" he stated to himself and nodding he closed his eyes as he dozed off.

the next morning he woke up to a tapping on his window. looking up he saw an old man who looked somewhat familiar but he couldn't tell since he had no contacts on, putting his glasses on he looked back at the window to see it was a familiar face, it was his grandfather.

k.o thought to himself " what a crazy man", taping on the window his grandfather pointed to his watch and mouthed "time idiot"

k.o looked at the clock which read 6:00 am he was about to go back to sleep but was afraid that instead of taping his grandfather might throw a rock through the window so he slowly got up and looking out the window he saw that his prediction was absolutely right cause there was his grandfather with a rock in his hand. k.o shook his head and mouthed "I'm going"

as k.o brushed and showered he questioned: " am i going to go through with this most likely thought out plan".

k.o walked passed his manager's room who luckily was a heavy sleeper. getting outside he felt a sharp smack as he grabbed his neck in pain and was about to curse but quickly stopped himself when he saw his short grandfather looking at him.

"you set the plan back by 1hr and 30 minutes you imbecile" his grandfather mumbled as he shuffled away.

walking down the hall k.o was shocked to see no one there. taping his grandfather's back k.o asked: " where is everyone?"

his grandfather turned around and gave out a mischevious smile "let's just say i handled the problem"

k.o was elated this was the first time he had walked out the door without having to hear morning young master like 50 times.

looking up k.o spotted the surveillance cameras and was about to ask when his grandpa as though knowing what he was thinking said "I took care of that too"

"took care of that" k.o thought what was his grandpa a ninja

"Are you a ninja" k.o asked amazed " no i just have authority and money to buy food, people say money makes the world go round but honestly i think it's food" his grandfather quickly answered

k .o nodded.

as they got to the car k.o looked at his grandfather with a look that said what now "you drive" his grandfather whispered as he tossed him the keys

"i drive?" k.o asked shocked "I don't know how to" k.o in a whisper yelled. his grandfathers face froze in shock as he asked " you can't drive?" k.o shook his head "i can't either" his grandfather thought slightly amused

"stop young master" "k.oooo stop" k.o turned around to see his manager and some security guards running towards him.

k.o looked at his grandfather who mouthed "keys" tossing him the keys k.o asked "what do we do." opening the car door k.o's grandfather yelled out " Yolo" as he got in the car he motioned to k.o to get in.

k.o had hit a roadblock get in and risk death at his grandfather's hands or stay and risk death at his parent's hands.

k.o got in and shut the car door to the voices behind as his grandfather drove off leaving tares in the grass.

his grandfather swerved into the street dodging a car that was about to turn as k.o hung on for his life.

k.o looked at his grandfather and asked: " do you even have a driver's license?"

his grandfather stated "yes"

k.o sighed in relief.

" from 1990" his grandfather added as he burst into laughter.

k.o's face went ghostly white "1990 he said 1990" k.o mumbled. getting back to his senses k.o asked "do you even know where you're going"

"yes i have driven to the airport before" his grandfather reassured him

"you've driven?" k.o asked shocked

"Okay, so my driver did but i have a good memory" his grandfather revealed

"a good memory you can't even remember my birthday" k.o yelled

"yah! don't raise your voice at me useless" his grandfather said as he took one hand off the wheel to smack k.o, the car swerved into another car's lane who gave out a loud honk.

" focus focus" k.o yelled as he rubbed his neck in pain

40 minutes into the ride k.o looked at the time which read 7:30 k.o looked at his grandfather and asked: "we're lost aren't we?"

"We are not lost i have a good memory" his grandfather proudly stated.

" Does your memory recall passing that building 4 times now" k.o mumbled as he sighed

10 minutes later his grandfather realizing he had seen that building 5 times now agreed " okay we're lost"

parking the car they got out "what now", his grandfather asked turning to look at k.o who had already begun walking away

"I'm going home" k.o yelled

"home noooo i already paid for the ticket k.o your flights at 10:00 am ... come onnn" his grandfather begged from behind. "k.oooooo" he whined.

turning around k.o gave in and walked back to where his grandfather stood as he spoke up. " fine but I'm calling for a cab and you're paying". k.o's grandfather smacked him again as he cursed" don't walk away from me you broke idiot"

20 minutes later the cab arrived as the time read 8:00 am.

k.o got in with his grandfather and asked: "what about the car?" " your parent's can handle that" his grandfather stated.

looking at his clothes k.o's grandfather asked: " why are u always wearing black?"

k.o looked at his grandfather and said nothing as he closed his eyes but was forced to open them again as he rubbed his back again in pain " don't ignore me stupid" his grandfather yelled.

annoyed k.o mumbled, " you saw me walk out and you said nothing."

k.o's grandfather rolled his eyes reached into his pocket and brought out a pineapple keychain and then he took off his black scarf and handed both to k.o as he explained " take it and put it over your face so no one recognizes you at the Airport and as for the keychain i bought it it's supposed to bring you luck". " if you know what i mean" he winked as he added.

k.o placed the scarf over his face and placed the keychain on his phone as the cab arrived at the airport. getting out k.o waved goodbye to his grandfather who yelled out " don't come back if you don't find happiness, you depressed donkey."

k.o rolled his eyes as he thought "happiness, what's that?"

k.o checked in without problem as his grandfather had pre-prepared everything. he was about to sit down as he still had about an hour before his flight but his tummy rumbled so he got up and bought some food and sat down to eat.

as he finished he heard the woman on the intercom say " the plane to Greece will depart in 5 minutes".

upon hearing this k.o got up and walked to his gate and handed the woman his ticket, "go ahead" the woman said.

sitting down in his seat k.o closed his eyes and listened as the pilot said " we would like to welcome all of you aboard southern airways, we hope your flight with us will be an amazing one, I'm your pilot James with my co-pilot josh, we will be taking off in about a minute please be seated and fasten your seatbelt and keep them on until the yellow sign is off, around you are flight attendants who will gladly answer your questions or help you in any way possible, thank you for choosing southern airways".

k.o felt the seat beside him shift as someone sat down and immediately fell asleep. k.o opened his eyes to find a woman beside him he looked at her up and then down as he thought "what a mess." k.o shook it off and laid back down turning his head to face the window.

one hour later k.o felt a tap on his back and heard her speak up "excuse me can you take a picture for me?" k.o didn't respond as he thought "gosh yet another fan who somehow managed to find out where i would be" he expected her to pester him more but she said nothing more k.o sighed " at least she had some decency to her" he thought.

a few moments later a flight attendant came around and asked if they wanted anything to drink and k.o feeling thirsty responded" can i have a bottle of water".

as the flight attendant handed him the water and moved to the next passenger's k.o felt the woman's eyes on him. after the long morning, he had he didn't feel like starting a convo with some crazed fan but he could tell she was wondering why he failed to respond.

he was usually warm towards his fans but he couldn't stand crazy fans who did anything and everything to get to him so he opted to respond with one of his usual lines "I'm not obligated to follow through with your request".

she gave out a little laugh in disbelief as she mumbled "you still could've responded"

"I could've but the law doesn't state that i have to," he said.

looking at her he knew she was about to speak but he was tired of this conversation and her hygiene was completely out of wack so he looked at her and placing his hand in front of her mouth he whispered "stop," then he took his hand and wafted the air away from his nose.

k.o looked her up and down, her shirt was stained and her shoes had a hole where her big toe was she looks like a mess k.o thought "what kind of fan is this, crazy or not at least their presentation was always neat".

k.o looked at her with a stare as she started snickering "she's weird" k.o thought. turning back to face the window k.o could still feel her eyes on him but he shook it off and closed his eyes.

9 hours had passed and the plane was about to land k.o contemplated waking her up but was afraid she would take it the wrong way.

k.o looked her again she wasn't ugly he thought as he moved his head from side to side. reaching out his hand he was about to wake her when he heard her shifting. k.o dropped hands and went back to looking at the chair in front of him blankly.

waking up she asked " you didn't want to wake me up and tell me the plane was landing?" k.o looked at her, said nothing and faced the window again, she scoffed.

as the plane landed he heard the intercom turn on "I hope you had a great flight, again we thank you for choosing southern airways, for our passengers returning home to London welcome home but for those who will enter another plane to reach their location we wish you a safe flight and a great stay wherever your destination is".

k.o looked at the woman as she smiled he thought " she has a pretty smile, maybe she's not so bad" thinking back to how he treated her k.o felt bad and was about to apologize but she got up and quickly rushed out.

k.o shook it off and walked off he had 3hrs and he needed to use the bathroom.

getting out of the bathroom k.o began walking back to where he had to wait for his next flight.

behind him, he could hear a woman yelling "stop theif."

ignoring the calls k.o kept walking till he felt a tap on his back. turning around k.o saw the same woman from the plane bent down and out of breath as though she had just run a mile.

in short breaths, she repeated " st st sto stop, thei theif" he looked at her shocked, tilted his head and replied "me!"

picking up her head as she finnaly caught her breath she yelled in shock "kiwi!"

"ki what," he asked.

she squinted her eyes and burst out laughing then she paused looked him in the eye and added " trash, i should've known it would be you" "t t tra trash" he stumbled on his words in disbelief. "me?" he questioned who was this crazy woman.

"You are CRAZY!!" k.o said emphasizing the word crazy

"me?" she asked.

" what are you a fan a stalker, one of those crazy stalker fans?" " st st stalker fan " "I'm the stalker you're the one with my phone!" she yelled

he stood shocked " phone!" he yelled as he reached into his back pocket and took out his phone" you mean my phone" he added

" no, i mean my phone that's my pineapple keychain" she asserted

k.o looked down at his phone and thought "thanks grandfather instead of luck you sent me a lunatic". shoving the phone in her face he retorted "no, it's my phone because i have a pineapple keychain" before k.o could even say another word the girl started yelling

"thief!!, theif!!."

he looked around, now everyone was facing them wondering what was going on. k.o had never been in a situation like this, he wasn't new to being in the spotlight but it was never like this, she was making him out to be the bad guy and he had no idea what to do so he did what he saw guys do in the movies when they wanted to shut a girl up he grabed her hand and took off. his heart raced as he dodged people giving out little apologies as he ran. he had never been in this kind of situation but for some reason he loved it because it felt real, it felt genuine and that was something he rarely experienced in his life.

he pulled her into a corner and pulled out the phone and before she could get a word out he shoved the phone in her face and asked with an angry expression on his face " does this look like your phone?".

she grabbed it from his hand confidently but was shocked to see it wasn't her phone. she handed him his phone and turning around to face the wall mumbled: "you should've said that earlier".

k.o was stunned by this woman was she a fan or was she just crazy he thought. seeing that she was about to run away k.o grabbed her shoulder halting her.

fan or not k.o found all of this fun and wanted to mess with her a little more. holding out his hand he was about to ask her for compensation when the intercom came on " the plane to Greece will depart in a minute".

they looked at each other in synchronicity and both took off.

as he ran his scarf flew off but he couldn't think back to it as he was focused on the idea of not missing his flight. by the time they arrived, the gate had closed.

looking at each other in anger they both simultaneously yelled:

"This is all your fault!".

all he had to do was stay hidden and arrive at Greece and for once enjoy the feeling of being completely alone without any responsibility but it was all ruined by a lunatic who he couldn't tell as to whether she was just crazy or a fan.

but for some reason why did this lunatic make him want to believe that for once something in his life was genuine and why deep down did he want the interaction to continue?

anonii_i anonii_i

[ thankyou everyone for reading unattainable love ch. 2. sorry, this one came out a bit later i was waiting to use the laptop. please leave comments, again i would love to read them, critical comments are welcome but please be nice. again thx and have a blessed day?]

[also which character do you relate to more k.o or anoni i think i can relate to both but mostly k.o he just resonates with me more]

[sorry the books a bit of a mess I'm not the best writer or editor]

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