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75% unattainable love / Chapter 3: this is all your fault

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Chapter 3: this is all your fault

( "did you hear"

" hear what"

"k.o is going to Greece"

" yes, we all know that I bought tickets for the fan to go to his fan meet"

"not in 3 days silly he left early"

" what? his plane should be arriving today in Greece"



" oh my gosh my king"

" he's not in Greece he is in London"

" wait, what why am I just finding all of this out now"

" ya I was at the airport and I went to buy ice cream and I saw a bunch of girls chasing some person and I looked closer it was k.o"

" Are you sure, maybe you saw wrong"

"no she's right I was there I saw him too" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" he was with some girl"






"yes with some girl"

"how do you know they were there together"

"I was there I saw him grab her hand and take off"

"he grabbed her"

" yes he held her hand"

"no he didn't I was there she grabbed his hand not him"

" who cares all that matters is the fact that they were holding hands😭"

" there's no way my king was with a girl we all would've known he would've told us he was dating"

" Maybe she's some crazy fan and is kidnapping our king"


" wait what did she look like"

" was she a model, a celebrity"

" no, she looked average"

" average"



"I was there too i saw him with her she looked like a regular person"

" our king is dating and we didn't know and it's with some ordinary chic"

" no way"



" who is she, my king is meant for me"


"why is life so cruel"

" have y'all seen this article"

" what article"



"yes, article"

"someone send the link"

"link: www.celebchasers.html.5m.k.o.girl."

" omg gosh i just saw it, it says k.o spotted at the London airport with an unknown woman"



"Is this real"

"whose the witch"

"whose the #&#$!")

["k.ooooooooooo" "find k.o now"]

"This is all your fault!" they both yelled at each other.

"my fault"

"yes your fault"


"stop that"

they both yelled each word matching the other's speed in perfect synchronicity.

frustrated k.o looked at her as they both went silent.

"come on" k.o said motioning for her to come along. anoni didn't want to abide by his orders but she couldn't just stand there, so she followed him from behind. reaching the front desk k.o asked the worker if there was any other flight open as they had missed theirs but was left in dismay as the worker told him all the flights to Greece were full.

"what can we do then i have to be in Greece for something important" k.o stated frustrated. "i understand sir, I'm very sorry but the only flight open is one for tomorrow at noon you and your girlfriend can switch to that one but there is a 20$ fee," the worker said

k.o looked at her and scoffed as he clarified "she's not my girlfriend" nodding the worker apologized and asked "i understand, shall i change the flight to tomorrow then sir ?". "yes please" k.o stated " okay then can i have your passport and flight tickets?", the worker asked. nodding k.o handed her his information, turning around k.o put out his hand.

anoni looked at him "again" she thought "why does he keep putting out his"interrupting her thought k.o stated " the only available flight is tomorrow at 12:00 pm and she needs your passport and ticket to change it to that one". "ohhhhh"anoni mumbled as she brought out her ticket and passport and handed it to the lady avoiding k.o's waiting hand.

k.o rolled his eyes and pulled in his hand and turned around to face the desk. "okay you are both set and the fee is 40$ for the two of you together" the worker voiced "will you be paying separately or together" the worker asked as she looked between the two"

anoni was about to speak when k.o blurted out "together".

anoni thought to herself "is he gonna pay for me too? maybe he isn't so bad". "thanks," anoni said facing k.o who once again had his hand out as he asked "for what"

"for pay.." anoni froze mid-sentence and then it hit her he wasn't going to pay he was asking her to pay. anoni scoffed "you jack..." anoni started but k.o placing his hand in front of her mouth shooked his head in disapproval as he said "I'm not the one who made us miss the flight because of a stupid misunderstanding"

anoni hated everything about this moment but she had to admit he was right, it was her fault they missed the flight and she was too tired to fight anymore so she brought out her wallet and handed it to the worker with slight hesitation. swiping the card the worker handed anoni back her card.

"thankyou your flight is at noon on the dot," the worker said adding emphasis on the last three words.

anoni thanked the worker and began walking away as quickly as she could she had to get away from that weird man she thought.

anoni was about to turn the corner when she hit a wall at least she thought it was a wall. she brought her hands up to feel and was shocked when a familiar voice whispered " this is what we call sexual harassment" anoni quickly jumped away from him as she yelled "sexual har harassment" "I wouldn't yell that so loudly" he stated

" any way what kind of fan are you, usually your suppose to keep bugging me till i give in, fine i will give you my autograph" he stated

regaining her composure anoni rolled her eyes as she clarified " I'm not your fan, i don't even know who you are"

k.o laughed as he stated, "ahh it's because of the scarf" reaching for his face k.o was about to remove the scarf but was shocked to find it was gone. k.o scrambled around in a frenzy as he mumbled to himself " my scarf, the scarf where did it go?" anoni was bewildered "what a weirdo" she thought as she began to walk away. regaining his composure k.o yelled "wait" as he ran to catch up with anoni. anoni wanted to walk away so badly but her heart told her to stay it was probably because she was the reason he missed his flight she thought.

anoni paused and turning around she asked "what?" k.o looked at her as he tilted his head to the side and asked, "do you not know who i am?" " no, and i don't care either" anoni spat

k.o began to laugh as he questioned " okay is this how fans get autographs nowadays?"

"Does she not know who i am?" k.o thought.

" no this is how people avoid weirdos like you" anoni stated " weirdo, me?" k.o asked, shocked that she didn't know who he was.

k.o had never before experienced this, everyone knew who he was, everyone.

"You don't know who i am, I'm k.o, i sang letting it go, i acted in a lot of blockbuster's, like to soon to die, the king, Mr.handsome, that k.o K.O "k.o said in disbelief

"Ohh that k.o, "anoni said sarcastically

" never heard of him"anoni added as she began to walk away again

"she doesn't know me, she doesn't know ME" k.o repeated in shock.

was he to believe her, to believe that somehow she didn't know who he was and that all of this was honestly just a misunderstanding and in no way was pre-planed, could he trust her words, k.o thought.

turning around still feeling guilty for being the reason he missed his flight anoni yelled " are you coming"

k.o looked up, could he really trust her, " no she's lying"k.o thought and was about to walk away in the opposite direction when he spotted 2 girls looking at him, pointing as they whispered between each other. turning the other way k.o saw another 3 girls looking his way as they mumbled something between themselves

"OHHH shoot" k.o thought

anoni was tired of waiting and turning around began walking away when she felt someone pushing her from behind

"keep walking" k.o whispered.

" Why are you behind .."

"shh just keep walking"

anoni looked around her and then she saw it a bunch of girls had begun to congregate around them

"is that k.o"

" no way his fan meet isn't till tomorrow"

"no, i heard he got an early flight"



"guys it's k.o"


suddenly the whole airport was filled with screams from teenage girls

anoni had never been in a situation like this before and she didn't know what to do so she did the only thing she knew how to do. grabbing his hand anoni took off.

looking behind her anoni's eyes met k.o's, what was this strange feeling she was getting anoni thought

why was his heart racing with excitement, k.o thought as he held on to anoni's hand holding it tighter than he had been before and took off picking up speed as he went

what was this weird situation, they both thought

"This is all your fault" they both yelled out at the same time

anonii_i anonii_i

[thank you for tuning in for another chapter, don't forget to comment and as always have a blessed day❤]

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