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32.5% Uncle-Master, Please Help Us / Chapter 13: The Nirvana Demon King's Insights

The Nirvana Demon King's Insights - Uncle-Master, Please Help Us - Chapter 13 by Heng Sao Tian Ya full book limited free

Chapter 13: The Nirvana Demon King's Insights

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Earthworms were more commonly known as Earth Dragons. They were a kind of medicine that was good for relieving heartburns, calming one's liver, and stabilizing one's breathing for the prevention of asthma. It could also relieve clogged blood vessels.

But this wasn't the most crucial point as to why it was the first time Liu Yiyi heard that they could be eaten. It was because Earthworms looked so disgusting and moist that it made anyone lose their appetite!

This was the first time that Liu Yiyi heard that they could be eaten!

Liu Yiyi was confused.

The Nirvana Demon King, who was hiding underground also stared at the scene with his eyes wide open.

He almost spat out a curse.

To cultivate, the Nirvana Demon King learned profound techniques, spent a lot of effort, and endured arduous hardships. But these three immortal beasts only wanted earthworms?

This was not a joke.

Could it be that the person outside was not powerful enough to have these items to offer?

But instead… she was talented?

The Nirvana Demon King probed with his divine consciousness and discovered that she…

Was the epitome of ordinary!

No! Not ordinary… she was inept!

What kind of situation was this?

The Nirvana Demon King and Liu Yiyi were shocked.

The three beasts in the courtyard were at odds against each other once more.

"Did you do it on purpose? You asked for earthworms? How can I eat them?" The donkey was furious.


"I can't possibly ask for grass!" The parrot looked aggrieved. "Old tortoise and I don't like it. Besides, it's available everywhere…"

The donkey thought for a while before it said. "I heard that the meat of demonic beasts are very nutritious, and they are also a great tonic. You can ask her to bring some meat of demonic beasts, so we can let Master turn it into a stew…"

"Otherwise, some medicinal herbs would also be good."

With their intelligence, they could be considered demonic beasts as well. There shouldn't be any problem for them to digest some meat stew.

"This… all right!" The parrot nodded.

It then spoke in its high-pitched voice once more. "How about this? When you come over here next time, prepare some medicinal herbs, or the meat of demonic beasts. If you do this, then I'll teach you a thing or two in swordplay!"

"Thank you, Master!"

Liu Yiyi immediately kowtowed in excitement before she walked away in satisfaction.

She lost a chance but gained another one. A door closed for her, but another one opened. No matter what, she still gained a lot in her journey today.

The Nirvana Demon King felt that it was strange. He couldn't understand why the three beasts accepted a disciple, so it proceeded to trail behind Liu Yiyi quietly.

He followed Liu Yiyi for half a day and even secretly tested her several times. But no matter what he did, Liu Yiyi was obviously just at the Gathering Breath Realm! She didn't seem to be exceptionally talented either…

This revelation further increased the Nirvana Demon King's confusion.

He knew how strong the donkey was… There weren't many in the continent that were able to cultivate their demonic strength to such purity and even merge with it as one!

If such a powerful figure wanted to take in disciples—even great demons that were in the Grand Master Realm would probably queue up to be a disciple, and even then… They still might not be able to get the chance!

But today, the three beasts actually accepted a disciple with such poor talent and cultivation?

No matter what angle he looked at it, the entire situation seemed off.

"Could it be that there's something wrong with them?" A thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

The three beasts were obviously extremely powerful, but they kept on thinking that they were ordinary.

At first, the Nirvana Demon King thought that these three beasts were just trying to keep a low-profile, but now… why did it seem like they have gone crazy from cultivating too much?!

But if this was the truth, then things would be much simpler!

If he could uncover their weaknesses and blackmail them with it. Not only would he be able to get the treasures in the courtyard, but he might also be able to make them obey him!

Once he succeeded in this endeavor, then it wouldn't be difficult for him—the Nirvana Demon King to recover the prestige that he had previously enjoyed a long time ago.

Thinking about this, The Nirvana Demon King's eyes brightened as he trembled with excitement.

He walked towards the courtyard once more.

But before he could enter, he saw a young man walking inside the compound.


The parrot was well-behaved. The tortoise lazily lifted its head. The donkey walked around in circles with its reins, it acted as if it was pulling the mill.

These three great demonic beasts were powerful enough to reign over heaven and earth.

But right now, they were being obedient like ordinary animals.

"He is their master?" The Nirvana Demon King trembled.

He came here late yesterday, so he didn't see how their master was. This morning, he was preoccupied with recuperating from his injuries. This was the first time that the Nirvana Demon King saw the three beasts' master.

But their master looked to be 18 or 19-years-old, without the slightest cultivation strength.

"Could he be a powerhouse in disguise?"

The Nirvana Demon King was no longer as impulsive after the beating that he suffered the day before. This person in front of him that managed to tame three powerful demonic beasts must not be as simple as he seemed.

Perhaps, he had deliberately hidden his true strength and the former was simply not strong enough to see through it!

"I'll know it when I try…"

In a heartbeat, a demonic aura wafted along the ground to the young man's feet.


The latter didn't notice. He tripped, stumbled, and almost fell.


Su Yin turned around, depressed.

He went to cut firewood, met a sect genius in disguise, and almost didn't make it back.

Right now, he was just walking on the road but almost fell flat on his face…

He really was too unlucky today!

Forget it, let's just stop thinking about it.

Su Yin shook his head and said. "I'll take a break for now. I'll make us our food later. If you guys are hungry, find something to eat in the courtyard!"

"He's really just an ordinary person…"

Seeing Su Yin walk further and further away without sensing the demonic aura nor his presence, the Nirvana Demon King's eyes widened in shock.

Such powerful demonic beasts actually had an ordinary person as their master…

"Could they be with him… for food?"

Recalling Su Yin's words before he left and the "conditions" of the three beasts for accepting disciples. The Nirvana Demon King felt as if he had grasped some sort of truth, and his face turned red in excitement.

"If I get them good food, will I be able to take them under me for my own use?"

"If I am successful, not only will I get the treasures in the courtyard. I will also completely recover my strength and obtain three powerful helpers! At that time, all those that offended me will die! The world will submit to me without any resistance at all!"

The Nirvana Demon King quivered in anticipation.

He had been thinking as to how he could kill the three beasts, but now. It was obviously better for him to take them under his wings.

"The meat of ordinary demonic beasts won't be enough! It's best if the food is able to shock any of those that dare to stare at it, and it also must taste extremely good…"

The Nirvana Demon King fell into deep contemplation.

"Dragon meat! The Dragon is the king of all beasts. Even if it contains just a trace of its bloodline… its meat will definitely be more fragrant than the meat of other demonic beasts!"

The Nirvana Demon King's eyes gleamed as an idea came to his mind.

He might not be able to find a pure-blooded dragon in the entire Qianyuan Continent…

But he should be able to find a few beasts with traces of a dragon's bloodline.

He just needed to find a way to get one, perhaps if he did… he might be able to move the hearts of the three beasts and make them submit to him.

"Let me recover more strength first…"

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It was an understatement to say that the bloodline of the Dragon Race was powerful. Even if a beast only had a trace of its bloodline, it would still be considered one of the best among demonic beasts.

If this happened in the past, the Nirvana Demon King would easily succeed in this endeavor…

But his injuries at this moment were just far too serious for him to ignore. Furthermore, he wasn't as strong as he was in the past anymore. It was still best for him to be careful.

The Nirvana Demon King surveyed the area and the place was filled with terrifying plants, flowers, and vegetation. Only this pile of manure in the corner was safe. The more important thing was that the manure contained a dense concentration of Sage's Truth.

If he managed to absorb it well, even if he wasn't able to make a complete recovery…

Restoring a part of his cultivation was still possible.

As for, whether it was embarrassing for the great Nirvana Demon King to hide within a pile of manure? That… that was not important!

With enough strength, he would still be able to recover his reputation!


The Demon King burrowed into the pile of manure with satisfaction in his heart.

Wind Thunder Sect.

One of the second-class sects in Great Yan Prefecture.

Several people sat inside a magnificent and huge council hall.

"Sect Leader, is this information accurate?"

A green-clothed elder couldn't help but look at the middle-aged man in front of him.

Wind Thunder Sect's Sect Leader, Qin Wentian!

Grand Master Realm powerhouse!

Five years ago, the Wind Thunder Sect fell down a class after suffering defeat in the hands of the Immortal Guardian Sect. Since then, they held a grudge against the latter.

"This information came from the Jade Sea. It should be accurate!" Qin Wentian nodded.

"With Li Maosheng killed in action, the Immortal Guardian Sect currently has no leader and they are in a state of disarray. This is the best time! As long as we seize this opportunity properly, not only we will be able to take our revenge, we might even become one of the top ten sects!"

The eyes of the green-clothed elder lit up.

Li Maosheng was the fallen Sect Leader of the Immortal Guardian Sect.

"If we managed to think of this, Wu Yuan would have thought of it as well. Our scout in the Immortal Guardian Sect has sent us a message. It says… that they have asked the Little Uncle-Master to come out from his seclusion to hold the fort."

Qin Wentian said.

"Little Uncle-Master?" The green-clothed elder was stunned. "Sect Leader, are you talking about the one with an innate Dao body, and an Immortal Bloodline from ten years ago?"

Qin Wentian nodded.

"If I recall correctly, he's only 18-years old. He is so young! What if he's talented? Will he be able to hold the fort?" The green-clothed elder snickered.

Strength was the most important thing in this world. Status… was just an addendum.

"It's better to be careful. Wu Yuan and others must be confident in order to dare to do such a thing! How about this? Let's make Yao Zhan sneak over quietly to see how powerful that little Uncle-Master is before we make any plans!"

Qin Wentian said with a grave look on his face.

Yao Zhan was his direct disciple. His cultivation was no weaker than any of the elders.

More importantly, he was good at going undercover and scouting.

After some hesitation, the green-clothed elder nodded and said, "The Immortal Guardian Sect is too far from here. With Yao Zhan's speed, he will take at least seven or eight days to go and return…"

"It's too slow!"

"How about we let my beast pet, Silver-Winged Azure Wyrm bring him there? If everything goes smoothly, they might be able to return on the same day."

"Although my Silver-Winged Azure Wyrm is only at Class 1 of the Immortal Temple Realm, it has the Dragon Race's bloodline!"

"Its flight speed far exceeds that of ordinary demonic beasts. It's the best for this purpose!"

Qin Wentian replied. "All right, it's decided then. Inform Yao Zhan to set off immediately!"


The green-clothed Elder hurriedly nodded.

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