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90.47% Universe Wide Magic Academy / Chapter 19: The Trial(1)

The Trial(1) - Universe Wide Magic Academy - Chapter 19 by DreamHeart full book limited free

Chapter 19: The Trial(1)

In a void somewhere unknown. A place, or realm that couldn't be comprehended. Boundless, but small. The place none could describe, you don't know if it's beautiful, or ugly. While you don't know it details, you have a sort of connection to it. You understand that this place wherever it is isn't dangerous. Instead, you felt like you're in the comfort of a loving mother. As you stay and stay, the more the comfort becomes addicting. One may question if this place is cursed or blessed. Whatever it is, no one could ever answer.

In this boundless land, if you focus your attention on the surrounding, you could start to see a young man. While he looks young, for an unknown reason you can't trust your sight. The young man with golden hair, that could entrap you into a void of fantasy. You don't why it's so beautiful, so majestic. All you know is that you can't get your eye off it. As you get more enchanted by that golden hair you start to see it shining, shining brighter than the brightest star. The more you look the more you wonder if you're dreaming, for the young man isn't of this world. In fact, you start to wonder if his hair already made you trap in an endless illusion of wonder. What about his beauty as a whole.

As your curiosity grows beyond the illusion you focus on the young man's face, and your eyes just start glowing, glow like the endless suns in the world. Word can't describe this man's beauty. In fact, the word beauty means nothing in front of the young man. Your sanity starts to lose itself little by little. You know if you look at the man any longer you would lose yourself. However you didn't stop, like the most addictive drug in the world you know it's dangerous, but you keep on using it. Until it's all too late. If somehow you were saint enough to be able to look past through the young man's beauty, on his face, there seems to be a smile.


Heavy breathing could be heard from the surrounding, Good realized that Evil aura has caused all the nearby young scholars to be drowned in a chaotic murder intent. Not wanting to garner attention, Good took the opportunity where everyone is stabling their mind to slip into the trial. However, what Good don't notice is that several being are closely watching him. Of course while Good doesn't notice it, Evil does. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Evil who noticed the present snort coldly toward them "Hey losers stop what you're doing or I'll corrupt you all into madness." While he didn't hear any response. Evil knows everyone left or did he?

Arthur runs quickly to the Trial of Intelligence Novice Level. The hallway toward the trial door is magnificent. A flooding light ball from the ceiling dance as you travel. Depending on the speed of the trial taker, they would dance according to it. While rushing Arthur couldn't help but take quick glance at the design. The walls are exuding a calm vibe that would cause even the most nervous of trial takers to feel relax as if this wasn't a trial but breakfast. The flooring felt so smooth, so comfortable. You never thought that running would make you feel so sleepy. The wonder that came to Arthur's mind makes him question if this hallway was a hallway of his dream. Like the hallway of heaven.

Before he even realized it, Arthur arrives in front of the Trial of Intelligence Novice Level Door. The entrance looks fancy but compares to everything he just witnesses and seen Arthur didn't feel intrigued by it. The entrance is just like any fancy royal palace door. Having carving made out of shiny material that looks to have value more than gold. Arthur having seen nothing of interest walks into the room.

"Hello, Trial Taker please wait 30 seconds for your test to commence" A cold emotionless voice sounded out

As the voice disappear Arthur felt like he's exposed by something. While he didn't know the intent of the force, Arthur still put his guard up to defend against enemies.

"Trial Taker don't be scared, the system is scanning your brain on what subject you have learned and studied to make a test design to fit you perfectly." The voice said

Arthur even hearing the reassurance didn't ease up a single bit. knowing that something is scanning his brain is scary. So, Arthur thought to himself "Why is it necessary to scan the brain? The trial of intelligence from the library said that they would ask questions on the topic you learn. While it makes sense that they would scan the brain to know what you learn. It's unnecessary because trial takers could just say they have studied this topic or subject. So the process of scanning the brain isn't right." Although Arthur disagrees with this method, he's powerless to do anything about it.

After 30 seconds of waiting the voice resounded again "Scanning complete, Arthur, Age 5, have learned about all topic in the library base. The question given will be 31,392, 3032 easy questions, 12,375 medium questions, 10,325 hard questions, 5,660 very hard questions. Normally there wouldn't be a time limit. However, because you have complete knowledge of the foundation archive. There will be a time limit of 1 day for you to answer all the questions."

Hearing the AI, Arthur couldn't help but curse at himself for being Mr. Good Boy. Without waiting for Arthur to prepare himself. The AI starts announcing the first question "What's the purpose of a blacksmith?"

Arthur answers in a heartbeat "The purpose of a blacksmith is to create tools that would extend the capability of an intelligent race. Either in strength, daily life, learning, and etc." Of course, there is more detail, however, Arthur understands that this question is part of the easy question. This could just be the robot categorizing question depending on the difficulty. However, this isn't just a test, this is a trial. A straightforward test, your goal is to provide as much information as you can toward a question to get a full score. However, a trial has no score, there is either a pass or a fail. A trial also has more than one goal. the goal could be testing both your intelligence and strength at the same time.

Another reason why Arthur took the question category seriously is that it's somehow suspicious. In a normal test, they give you the question and you answer. The examiner wouldn't announce which question is easy or hard. They would just give the question, and that's it. Also, another factor is because this is the Universe Wide Magic Academy. Arthur highly doubts that a civilization this advanced would use a flawed system like test. A test doesn't prove that someone is intelligent. Intelligence is the act of someone being able to apply their knowledge toward a situation. Although in a test you apply the knowledge you have to answer a question. This however isn't applying, to apply your knowledge is to understand the knowledge. Know the meaning of it. Understand when to stop and when to continue. If you just aimlessly give information toward a question, that isn't applying. You are just giving information. If you're just giving information, you at that point aren't intelligent, instead, you are knowledgeable. Moreover, this trial isn't the trial of knowledge. It's the trial of intelligence.

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