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Mammon - Unparalleled Demon Lord - Chapter 9 by Guardian_Angel1111 full book limited free

Chapter 9: Mammon

<The demon inside Marco's POV>

My name is Mammon. I am a demon. Since I was a kid, I always admired the Demon Lord. My dream is to become as strong as him and have a fight with him. I trained harder every day to become strong. I fought countless demons with the same strength as mine and some are even stronger than me and win them. One time, I lost for the first time. Many demons humiliate me after that loss. I felt very sad at that time. After that fight, I learned that strength is everything especially in the demon land. I thought

'If I can't become the strongest here, will going to that weak human land will make me the strongest?'

My emotion suddenly changed after I thought of such an idea. Exiting the demon land is very hard task because the way that connecting the human land and demon land is filled with fearsome demons and monsters. But there are two other ways to enter the human land. One is if you have a [Teleportation] skill. You can only attain this skill if you have an artifact or if you reach the Tier-15. The second is by paying mana cores for those who are capable in teleporting. The payment is 1,000 Tier-5 mana cores. Fortunately, I am strong enough to amass a thousand of Tier-5 mana cores. I paid the mana cores to the demon. After a moment, I felt myself getting absorbed by a strong mana fluctuation. I found myself in a dark underground. I detected first if there is an enemy or anyone near me and after founding out that there is none, I used [Fire Magic] to see my surroundings. The surrounding is just a normal underground so I immediately find an exit. I've searched the whole underground and I can't find any single clue on how can I exit. I have no other choice but to destroy the whole underground. I punched the underground with my full power, unexpectedly it did not even receive a damage. I repeated the same routine for how many days and learned that my efforts are all futile. After three months, I'm still at the underground. Thankfully I don't need food and water just mana alone from the surroundings is enough. But I felt a heavy mana fluctuation and a 5 humans appeared in front of me. They are all fully equipped. I am very happy because there is now hope on how can I get out. They look terrified when they saw me. I approached them then one of them approached me.

He is a large bulky guy holding a shield.

I already know what they intend, they want to kill me! I want to talk to them but I don't know human language so it's no use. The bulky guy used a weird attack that made me focus on him. I subconsciously attacked him in full speed.


The bulky guy shielded my attack. The swordsman and the mage took the situation to attack me. The mage attacked using [Wind Cutter] consecutively. I did not avoid all of them but my body is sturdy enough to receive a minor damages. The swordsman tried to slash one of my arms but his blade could not cut my sturdy flesh. Thinking that I managed to fend of their attacks, suddenly there is a dagger that struck in my left leg. The dagger leave a slash in my left leg. One of their members is just staying at the back, she seems she don't have any combat capabilities.

The four that attacked me retreated. Now I started counterattack. I have regenerative abilities that let me heal minor wounds in a minute. The slash in my left leg healed like it does not exist in the first place. I jumped fastly targeting the girl who I thought who does not have combat strength. The bulky guy is fast enough to protect the girl from my attack.


The assassin tried to sneak attack on me again but he is unfortunate to get caught by one of my hands. I hold the assassin tightly before throwing him with full force to the swordsman who is approaching me.

"KEUGH! Martin!" I heard the swordsman shouted.

The girl mage attack me using [Wind Slash]. It's like the same spell she used recently but it's a lot more stronger. I defend myself from that attack. I received a thin slashes in my arms. I regenerated myself again. I saw the assassin that I threw lying in front of the girl who I thought is useless. I can see now that she is healing the assassin.

'This is gonna be hard.' I muttered.

I used [Strengthening Magic] that will double my physical abilities. My muscles everywhere bulked and the veins popped out. I attacked them again and I subconsciously attacked the tank again after he used some weird spell. I punched him with my all might.


He flew and smashed on the wall. The healer immediately headed to heal him. I want to attack her but the swordsman and the mage won't leave me alone. I parried their attacks for a minute before the tank is fully healed and ready to face me again. The swordsman is now different and more stronger than earlier. His sword can now put a deep cut in my body. But I've protected my vital parts to not die. His cuts will take atleast 10 minutes to be fully healed. We are repeating the same attacks and strategies for how a day. They even brought potions to replenish their mana and to heal wounds so it's quite disadvantageous to me. You guys might be wondering why I'm not using magic. The magic that we four armed demon can only use are strengthening magic. The regenerative abilities does not need mana so it's a passive ability for four armed demons.

It's already two days and we are still fighting. I now at disadvantage because they can replenish mana while I can't. I am mildly injured right now. I am still fending off their attacks as usual. But something I did not expect happen. The tank's body became stronger. The mage is murmuring something. The swordsman is doing some stance. The assassin... I can't find him! I am calm but, the tank used the weird skill again but it's now more stronger. I subconsciously attacked him again. The swordsman appeared in front of me slashing my right leg. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"AARRGGH" I yelled in pain.

The mage is now finished murmuring she shouted "[Tornado]!" A strong gust of wind attacked me. My body was sent flying then I smashed on the wall. I spat a mouthful of blood. Just when I thought that their attack is over, the assassin appeared in my vision with 5 clones. They attacked me consecutively making me in a critical state. My regenerative abilities can't keep up because the damage that I received are all fatal.

My organs are bleeding. My right leg is cut off. My chest received deep cuts. All in all it needs at least whole month to fully regenerate my injuries. My vision is now getting a blurred, when suddenly the swordsman thrust my stomach. I know that I am now in verge of death. So I immediately transferred my soul to my mana core.

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