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Chapter 18: Finding His Heart

With a distressful but a composed sigh, he glanced down on his desk; writing something on the documents he was working on.

"If you should know Odette, i didn't. Anyway, what are you doing here?" He queried gathering the documents to one side of the desk after working on them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Clenching her fingers together, she slowly strolled towards Andy's desk. "Well, didn't they tell you?" she took her seat anyway even though Andy didn't offer her one.

He stared at her looking all quizzical and puzzled, "Tell me?" he queried rising up from his seat as he had had plans of visiting Tiara earlier on before she walked in. "About what?"

He sauntered over to the hanger which his coat hanged on, taking it off.

"Oh, guess they didn't tell you." she sprang up from her seat with a shrug. "Well," she glided over to Andy who had his back facing her; leaning over to his ears. "I'm going to be working here with you." she whispered seductively with a mischievous smile.

"What?" he exclaimed, deftly turning to face her. "How come I never knew of this? Wait, did you used your influence to have my parents agree to this?"

"And that is where you got it wrong Andy. I have rights to work here too darling besides; my father holds shares here. All things being equal," she drew in closer to him, staring seductively. "we're in a partnership and will soon be getting engaged." she mumbled slowly as she traced her fingers on his chest.

Andy shoved her hand away, disgusted by her cunning and impulsive utterances.

"That's absurd." he said picking up his phone from his desk. There was no way he was going to stay another minute with the "so called Daddy's girl." Moreover, there was something more important for him to do than talking with the drama queen.

"You can choose to stay for all I care."

He put on his coat and sauntered out of his office. Odette knew for sure it wasn't going to be easy to get him for herself but then, she still got some tricks under her sleeves anyway. And come to think of it, she had always got what she wanted right? She chuckled at her own thoughts and and trod out of the office following after Andy. She got to the reception to meet Andy's back fading out of the main entrance. She smirked, placing her hand on the receptionist desk; turning her gaze to the milky-skin ebony hair young lady right in front of her.

"Chelsey right?"

"Yes ma'am."

"How about we become good friends?" she queried, a mischievous and expressionless smile dancing on her lips.


Tiara and her siblings trod into the Godson's premises. One of the top ranches along the country side which their dad works for.

He has been working for them for almost 5years now and the entire family respects and cherishes him a lot for his hard work and great impact his hard work has left on their business.

Mrs. Godson greeted the kids with a smile on setting eyes on them.

The gladness and joy in her eyes couldn't be explained. It wasn't like it was her first time seeing them though but It's been awhile since she set eyes on them. Moreover, she had a thing for kids. Being a little bit of a talkative too, she lead them to the hall and had a little chat with them talking about school and all that.

Tiara and her siblings also like being around her. They spent some time with her before been directed to where their father was.

They all glided to the terrace that heads to the stables their father was with Tyra carrying the basket of fruits and food for him. For the first time, Andrew was in his best behavior which left Tiara wondering what Tyra told him. Just as they rounded the corridors, they spotted their father in the stables with some other workers. There was quiet some distance between them though.

"Papa!" Andrew exclaimed, racing off.

Tyra and Tiara chuckled, slightly shaking their heads. At that moment, Tiara's phone rang making her stop midway to check who the caller was. Tyra didn't even realize when she did.

Tiara pulled the phone out of her pocket and seeing Andy's line; she stood contemplating on whether to give it her audiences or not and didn't even notice when Tyra joined Andrew and her Dad.

Mr. Gardener was being all cozy and cheesy with Tyra and Andrew when the sight of Tiara looking so lost in thoughts caught his attention.

"What's your sister doing over there?"

He glanced at Tyra quizzically and she in turn shrugged.

He stared for the second time at Tiara who was still looking down on her phone and called out to her; snapping her out of whatever thoughts she was lost in.

"Coming Papa!" she answered, shoving the phone back into her pocket as she hurried off wittily to join them.


Andy, by now having no doubt that Tiara was ignoring him rode in his car on his way to her house. If not exaggerating, this was the 10th or 11th time his call has been hanged up without being given at least a hear. Andy scoffed, dropping the phone on the seat next to him as he sped off.

It was around 1pm when he pulled up in front of the Gardener's cottage. He hurriedly got down, rushing off to the door with the assurance of seeing Tiara and also have a heart to heart talk with her. He hived a sigh, composing himself well before landing a knock on the door.

"Coming–" a voice shouted from the house which made him step back a bit.

In the next seconds, the door creek opened revealing Mrs. Eugenia at the door.

"Good afternoon ma'am–" He greeted, glancing over Mrs. Gardener's shoulders as he sent his eyes scanning the room expectantly. "Please, is Tiara in?"

"Well—no dear, they went to visit their Dad at his work place."

"Oh–okay." he mumbled sceptically, slightly nodding his head.

Mrs. Eugenia tried to inquire from him what really went on between them since Tiara refused to tell her anything about it but Andy just gave a slight smile, excusing himself to take his leave.

"Alright dear, take care. I will let her know you came around."

"Okay Mrs. Gardener. I will take my leave." he added and strolled over to his car.

Mrs. Eugenia stood watching him as he drove out of the compound.

The rest of the day passed with it's usual routine in the Gardener family with no special happenings. It was already due time for work when Tiara and her siblings got home. She went straight up to her room, got changed and hurriedly returned to the living room where her mother was busy with her siblings.

"See you later mum–" she rushed out of the house as her phone kept ringing from Fabulous' bugging calls.


It was around 6pm when Andy got home from work which was usually unlike him as he always returns home very late; seeing to it that all the workers leave before he does.

Kalisa jolted up from her sit quiet surprised to see her brother back home so early and to worsen matters, he looked so miserable.

"Oh Kalisa," he said, putting on a fake smile. "Where is everybody? Why sitting here by yourself?"

"Well–mum and dad has gone for those their usual business lunchs. But you know I'm not a fun of those stuffs." she shrugged. "So–what about you?"

Andy tilted his head with a smile, brushing his hand through her hair. "Just tired, I will be in my room if you need anything."

"Okay." she mumbled with a grin, returning back to her seat. Andy also sauntered off to his room looking all gloomy. He has been trying Tiara's line all day to no avail. He went to the only place he could find him too but didn't. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know her work place.

He slowly pushed the door opened as he glided in. He placed the phone on the drawer beside the bed and slammed himself onto his bed.

On the other hand, Kalisa was left in deep thoughts by herself in the hall. He had never seen her brother in a bad shape like this before. Andy had never really been bothered by anything before. Not even when their parents choose to take him outside to further his education. Then it clicked, this could only be about Tiara. Kalisa hastily picked up her phone and text out something to Marcus, her friend.



She waited for about 30mins then her phone binged. She picked it up and it was a message from Marcus. She smiled, opening the message up. She scanned through it for a while and ginned. "Bingo! Good work done Kalisa in fact, you're really a genius. Now let's see how I bring this two together."

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