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Brownie Points - Unrivaled Demon's Odyssey - Chapter 53 by NoWoRRyMaN full book limited free

Chapter 53: Brownie Points

The guild card only had the name and the rank, nothing else.

Elise said that this guild card would only work in this continent, and if they want to travel through continents, they will need a universal guild card that has all the details, including the picture and the race of the said person.

Nero planned to travel through the continent as he first needed to find his old companions and know what exactly happened after he was sealed. There were many unsolved mysteries related to Nero and his existence itself.

Nero asked where and how they could get the universal guild card, and Elise told them they could issue one in the guildhall located in the capital.

"How long does it take to reach the capital from here?"

"Around two weeks by horses," Elise replied.

Nero pondered for a while as he glanced back and forth at Emilia and Sophia.

"Could it be that you are planning to go there— to the capital?" Elise asked curiously.

"Well, I need the guild card to travel over the continents. I can still do it without them, but I want to avoid the possible problems," Nero answered nonchalantly.

He then looked at the crystal and furrowed his eyebrows, "How do they issue a universal guild card? Is there any examination or just…" He shrugged his shoulders and scoffed, "Crystal?"

"Crystal, and it's a big one."

Nero froze as he heard that then rubbed his palm all over his face, "How big?"

"It's bigger than one hundred meters, and it's situated right in the middle of the guildhall."

Nero rubbed his face more forcibly, then stopped and let out a short sigh, "Is there any requirement to get the guild card?"

"As long as you are above D rank, you will be qualified to get one."

Nero raised his eyebrows and thought, 'D-rank, huh? If I create a thin layer between my palm and the crystal, and make it look like I am touching it— then only touch the crystal with my fingernail… I might manage to get D-rank.'

Elise patted her clothes as though she was looking for something, then took out a card from her pocket and showed it to Nero.

"This is my universal guild card," Elise handed it to Nero.

Nero looked carefully at the card as he squinted his eyes. 'Name, age, race, weapon, type of mana, type of magic, nationality, spoken language, party, alliance, guild, and a picture.'

'What is this? I feel like I am reading someone's resume.'

Nero gave the card back to Elise while commenting, "You look beautiful in person, and it's sad that they messed up in the picture."

Elise's face flushed as she never expected to hear that— and turned around. "When are you leaving for the capital?"

"Right now," Nero had no need to stay in the town anymore as the only reason for coming to this town was to summon Sophia.

Elise immediately turned back and shouted, "Then how about tomorrow?! Laira and I already planned to leave for the capital. You can join us if you want."

Nero thought for a while, then asked, "Horses?"

"I will arrange three more horses," she nodded.

"Just get the carriage," Nero remarked.

"Carriage is hard, but I will try." Elise grabbed her armor, then singled the woman at the counter to come with her— and went to the back of the guild.

Nero glanced at the crystal on the counter, then looked at Laira. 'I want to try it, but…!'

Nero wanted to test something by touching the crystal, but as Laira was watching him— he held himself back but didn't give up.

"Don't you have to go to the inn?" Nero asked Laira as though he just wanted her to leave so he could lowkey touch the crystal.

"I should go and prepare the meal for you guys."

Laira left the guild with Emilia.

Meanwhile, Sophia stood beside Nero and nudged him, "What are you waiting for? Do it if you want to."

"You don't understand, Sophi. There is a one in billion chance that it will happen, and you know how unlucky I am. If 'that' happens, I will go insane with those daily 'Dings!'. It was so hard to get rid of it."

Sophia pushed Nero towards the counter, saying, "You got rid of it once, so I am sure you can get rid of it again anytime."

Nero groaned and placed his hand on the crystal but didn't let his mana flow to it— he just touched it.

Nero and Sophia stared at the crystal with serious expressions on their faces. After a brief silence, Nero sighed in relief.

"Guess it is really gone for good."

Nero then left for the inn with Sophia. When they reach the inn, Nero found Emilia helping Laira in the kitchen.

"Tch!" Sophia clicked her tongue and rushed to the kitchen while muttering, "She is trying to earn some brownie points from Zeus."

Nero shook his head in disbelief as he sat on the chair beside the table and watched the kitchen.

'Where is my usual— normal Sophi? She never showed jealousy like this before…" Nero then chuckled and muttered, "I guess our relationship has also changed, so that was given?"

After waiting for a while, the meal was ready. Laira, Emilia, and Sophia had made their own special dishes and let Nero taste them.

He enjoyed the meal and the special treatment. He was delighted until they asked which dish was better— moreover, they didn't tell Nero which dish was made by who.

At that moment, Nero wondered whether the food was worth it to eat or not.

Nero tried to dodge the topic, but the three girls didn't let him budge. In the end, Nero gave up and reluctantly chose the dish he liked the best— without knowing who made it— and it turned out Laira made it.

Nero was sure Sophia and Emilia would get angry or at least get upset. But much to his surprise, they both looked happy.

Then he thought if he had chosen the dish made by Sophia or Emilia, then one of them would surely have gotten angry.

After the meal, Laira told more stories about the town and mentioned a hot spring that was said to be possessed by an evil spirit.

Nero was bored, so he decided to try that hot spring— although he just wanted some alone time and reset his cores in the body.


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