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Unrivaled Under The Heaven Unrivaled Under The Heaven original

Unrivaled Under The Heaven

Author: flamezdoa

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Jason Mccray


Gathering every strength his body can mutter, Jason Mccray opens his heavy eyelids, a simple tidy room came into view. Being unable to make out why he was laying down with pain all over his body, though soon after the figures of two people sitting not too far from him came into view.

" Mother, little sister ...." Jason called out in a low voice after recognizing who the two people were.

" elder brother you've finally woken up"

When the little girl heard Jason's voice, she rushes over to where he was playing in happiness.

Dress in rags clothes and about fifteen years in age, with a pretty face and a playful nature, this was Jason's little sister Hannah Mccray.

" you have yet to perfect your skill and you still choose to fight with others, you are you are just seeking your own death"

Still sitting on the spot was a woman who seems to be in the of thirty with a worried look on her face, she seems to be suffering from a serious illness as her face was pale. This was Jason's mother Clara Mccray.

Turning his head to look at his sick mother, Jason let out a sigh as he played with Hannah's hair before saying.

" I was only standing my ground against those bullies who thought they could just bully my little sister as they like"

Placing his hand on his swollen eye to give it a massage, clenching his teeth in pain as he messages his swollen face. The fox family were looking for workers and Jason has gone to apply since he can't focus on training since there is no way he can provide for resources. And with his mother's condition, it was difficult fending for oneself. Only if he could get his hands on the job will he be able to catch up to his peers but unfortunately for him, the number of people that are willing to work for the fox family is more than what he expected making the possibility of getting the job very low.

However, right after applying for the job, Jason was just about to head back to their tent when he encounters some of his peers which has always looked down on him and have even bullied him on more than one occasion obstructing a lady which they have find attracted to and Jason was just about to ignore them and continue on his way home when he notices that the lady there was crowding was actually his little sister Hannah. Jason turned around and went to confront the boys only for him to end up beaten.

" Andrew fox, today is your win but next time it will not end as it did today.

I promise to beat you until you won't be able to get up for a month, else my name is not Jason Mccray.

" you must mind the way you act since you are not a match against Andrew," said Jason's mother.

Andrew Fox was the leader of the group that has been bullying him right since their days in the fox family.

Jason couldn't bring himself to admit the fact that Andrew fox was stronger and talented than him. Being at the 4th layer of tempered body. In the cultivation world, it was a great achievement for kids of their age to have tempered their body to the 3rd layer unlike him who had only achieved the 1st layer.

Since in the path of cultivation, training the body should be first priority. Allowing one's body to strengthen and grow stronger to a certain level gives birth to spiritual energy and only when has already had spiritual energy within them could one be qualified to be called a true practitioner.

The tempered body is divided into 10 levels and the difference between the first 3 layers is not much since it only focuses on strengthening the body slightly. But when one's body has been cultivated to the 4th layer will their skin begin to grow tough and harden like that of rock while their speed and strength will increase.

Now that Andrew was already at the 4th layer of tempered body, all Jason could do was to grit his teeth together and take a beating since he is weaker compared to the two of them.

The reason why Andrew could be far ahead of Jason in training even though they were at the same age was all because his father was the one in charge of distributing the fox family resources among the members of the family, making it easier for him to continue his training without restraining him since he has all the resources needed to nourish his body, unlike Jason who was not even a member of the Fox family so training was very difficult and it was already a miracle that he was able to tempered his body to the 1st layer.

While tempering one's body, it is very important to have some resources to nourish the body from getting internal injuries after training since you will be overworking and pushing the limit of the body. failing to nourish the body could lead to being sluggish while tempering one's body since there is an internal injury that is stopping the body from improving.

When Clara heard her son mutter, she couldn't help but sigh, and seeing her mother this way, Hannah said in a low voice to Jason.

" big brother you don't need to get mother worried, you know she is not feeling too well so stop getting into conflict with others so that she can some peace of mind".

" huh, I should stop fighting with others. I can't believe you are actually saying this when the reason why I am in this state was because I wanted to save from the hands of that beast" replied Jason.

" I never asked for your help big brother, besides I have a plan to get out of their encirclement only for you to get involved," said Hannah.

" stop complaining and focus more on your training and only then will others acknowledge your talent and Andrew will have to give way whenever he sees you" replied Clara as she got up and walk out of the hut to get some fresh air.

flamezdoa flamezdoa

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