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20% Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse / Chapter 1: Character Sheet / Informations

Character Sheet / Informations - Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse - Chapter 1 by DanteSSSx00 full book limited free

Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse original

Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse

Author: DanteSSSx00

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: Character Sheet / Informations

Initial World : Doupo Cangqiong

Name: Chu Xiao Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Age: 15

Height: 1.79(formerly), 1.93(currently), 2.09 (Raw)

Race: Human (Former) Ancient Dragon-Phoenix (Currently)

Bloodline: Ancient Dragon-Phoenix(currently), Many Others(Raw)

Body: Ancient Dragon-Phoenix Body, Ancient All Creations Body, Ancient Yang Divine Body

Cultivation: None (formerly), Da-Dou-Shi Five Stars (currently)

Body Cultivation: Copper Body Five Stars

Cultivation Method: Dragon Transformation Scriptures(No Rank), Undying Soul Jue (No Rank), Extreme Elements Manipulation (No Rank), Fen Jue(Xuan Rank Peak)

Soul Cultivation: High Stage Mortal Realm

Dragon Marks: 400

Techniques: True Dragon Palm, True Dragon Claws, Azure Dragon Five Steps, Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal, Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Phoenix Nine Claws, True Dragon Fire, Yin-Yang Escape

Innate Abilities: Transformation, Flight, Slow Down, Destruction Palm, Phoenix Soul Bell, Space and Time Control, Devour

Elements/Laws: Fire, Wood, Space, Time, Wind

Elements/Laws Sealed: Ice, Lightning, Earth, Metal, Creation, Destruction, Poison, Light, Darkness, Sound, Yin, Yang Gravity, Nothingness

Different Fire: True Dragon Flame (Refined), Dragon-Phoenix Flame (Innate Flame/Redined), Falling Heart Flame(Unrefined), Ten Thousand Beast Flames(Refined), Three Thousand Star Flame (Unrefined), Five Color Flames(Refined)

Treasures: Heavenly Poison Pearl

Family: Orphan

Birth Location: Qingshan Town

Occupation: None(formerly), Cultivator, Alchemist Level Five (Limit by his Soul Power) Currently

System: Supreme System

Functions: Robbery(Five per day), Collect(Ten per day), Exchange (Golden coins: 50:1, Techniques, Pills, Monster Cores), Travel between Worlds and Universes, Lottery, Achievements, Shop, Storage, Copy, Login.

Storage: Good Fortune Cauldron, Divine Alchemist Manual, Falling Heart Flame, Ten Thousand Beast Flame, Three Thousand Star Flame, Five Color Flames (Unrefined), Dragon Transformation Scriptures(No Rank), Undying Soul Jue (No Rank), Extreme Elements Manipulation (No Rank), Fen Jue(Xuan Rank Peak)

Doupo Harem: Xiao Yi Xian, Xue Mei, Lin Fei, Qing Lin, Medusa and her twin sister, Xiao Yu, Xiao Mei, Xue Ni, Ruo Lin, Tang Huo'er, Yao Ling'er, Hun Yao'er (Youngest daughter from Hun Tiandi), Han Xue, Han Yue, Long Ziyan, Mu Qingluan, Feng Qing'er, Yue Mei, Lu-Man, Yun Yun, Nalan Yanran, Ya Fei, Gu Yun'er (Gu Xun'er cousin), Zi Jin , Zi Jing, Jia Yaoyue, Jia Yaoye, Hu Jia, Gu Xun'er.

Douluo Harem: Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuyun, Zhu Zhuyan, Hu Liena, Bo Saixi, Liu Erlong, Tang Yuehua, Xue Ke, You-Ji, Zi Ji, Bi Ji, Gu Yuena, Ah Wu, Ah Yin, Bing Bing, Shui Bing'er, Huo Wu, Xue Wu, Shui Yue'er, Xue Nu, Xiao Bai, Bai Xiuxiu, Life Goddess, Goodness Goddess, Angel Goddess, Xiao Wu.

TDG: Yang Xin, Shen Xiu, Huyan Lanruo, Long Yuyin, Sikong Hongyue, Xiao Ning'er, Ye Ziyun

ATG harém:

Blue Pole Star: Xia Qingyue, Xiao Lingxi, Cang Yue, Chu Yueli, Chu Yuechan, Gong Yunxian, Feng Qianhui, Murong Qianxue, Xuanyuan Yufeng, Frozen Cloud Asgard all Fairies, Feng Xue'er, Huan Caiyi, Chiyang Yanwu

Realm of Gods: Mu Feixue, Mu Xiaolan, Mu Bingyun, Mu Xuanyin, Shui Yingyue, Shui Meiyin, Zhou Suliu, Zhou Yunxian, Chi Wuyao and Nine Witches, Yan Wu, Yun Shang, Qianye Ying'er

others after...


Cultivation System

Soul Cultivation:

Mortal Realm

Spiritual Realm

Heavenly Realm

Emperor Realm

On the DouQi Continent, each realm is divided into four stages: Initial, Middle, High, and Perfection.

Superior Soul Cultivation (Great Worlds)

Trancedent Realm

Saint Realm

Divine Realm

Immortal Realm.


DouQi Cultivation









All of these are divided into nine stages.

Dou-Zun: Also divided into nine stages, but when you advance to the ninth star, you will enter the stage called "The Nine Changes Dou-Zun", which is nine more stages.

Ban-Sheng: Divided into three stages, Initial, Middle and Peak, to advance to the next stage you need to understand the mysteries of sanctification.

Dou Sheng: The pinnacle known today on the DouQi continent, divided into nine stages, each stage is as different as heaven and earth.

Dou-Di: The dream of every cultivator on the DouQi Continent, the absolute pinnacle known but impossible to reach for the last 10,000 years.

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