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66.66% Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse / Chapter 2: Chu Xiao

Chu Xiao - Unstoppable Journey in Multiverse - Chapter 2 by DanteSSSx00 full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chu Xiao

Jia Ma Empire, Qingshan Town, in a messy alley was a 15-year-old boy, lying on the ground, full of wounds, these wounds were not made by beasts, or accidents, but by several muscular men at the behest of a young man, after spanked the kid, threw him down that alley.

The reason for this? The boy was simply very good friends with the city's star, Xiao Yi Xian, and the young man who ordered him to be beaten was Mu Li, the young master of the Wolfhead mercenary group, Mu Li was simply jealous of how much Xiao Yi Xian got along well with a crippled boy, but always rejects him, so to get revenge, he left the poor young man half dead in this alley.

After everyone left, the boy stayed there, motionless, the wounds did not allow him to move

"It's been 15 years, I was just a student about to graduate from high school, I did nothing but study and read novels, I had no friends, no girlfriend, I was daydreaming, thinking about how good it would be to be reborn in a world of fantasy, until one day it all happened.

As I was walking home, I was reading a new chapter of Dragon-Marked War God, which had just been released, I was totally distracted, and I went across the street without noticing looking around, and the result of that? I was run over and killed by a car at less than 80km/h, the impact broke my neck as it threw me.

After closing my eyes and dying, I found myself in a huge place, of pure darkness, there was nothing but darkness, I don't know how long I wandered, then I heard a melodious voice, a few moments later, I woke up in this body, which was a baby at the time, no name, no family, no home, I was taken care of by a middle-aged woman, as she passed by, she saw me thrown and wrapped in a cloak, she looked confused at first, wondering if she would catch me or not, she passed by me and came back many times, but in the end, she took me with her.

I was taken care of by her for eight years, her name was Nangong Yunxin, she was a good person, treated me like a real relative, taught me the language, how to read, write, when she found I couldn't cultivate, she acted like if nothing had happened, i was glad i didn't get thrown out a second time, she gave me a name, Chu Xiao, but nothing lasts forever, one day, i woke up in the morning, and she was gone, no warning, no letters , nothing, maybe she died, or just returned to where she belonged, but I hoped I could see her again someday.

After her disappearance, I started going out, wandering around the city, doing any kind of work I could, everything to survive, in one of those jobs, I got injured one day, the man I worked for, not only didn't treat me. bad, as he also took me to the Wan clinic for medical treatment, it was there that I met one of the Goddesses of the DouQi mainland, Xiao Yi Xian, she was even more beautiful than described in the original work, she was short, 1.65, white skin like the snow, green eyes, light purple eyebrows and hair, she wore a plain white dress, but it didn't overshadow her charms.

After that, time passed, one day I ended up going with her and some mercenaries to gather medicinal herbs in the mountains, we talked a little, after that we talked whenever we could, so we created a friendship that only grew with the following years, she told me everything about her life, her secrets, even how she was held hostage by Wan Yao, the owner of the clinic that adopted her, I clenched my fists and said I would turn him to ashes someday, she just laughed because she knew I didn't I could cultivate, leaving me very disappointed in myself, I always wanted to be reborn in such a world, but not to be crippled.

A few days ago, I stopped caring about everything, and I declared myself to her, she accepted my confession, and we kissed and hugged for a few minutes, the problem was that Mu Li's henchmen saw it, and told it, so I ended up here, on the brink of death after being brutally beaten, i will probably die again, well at least i kissed a girl before that hahahaha, why did it have to be like that?...."

Chu Xiao was muttering while suffering from pain, broken bones, cuts, bruises all over his body, when he closed his eyes to accept his fate, a melodious voice sounded in his mind.

*Ding: The Supreme System detected Host compatibility, does the host wish to connect to the system?*

*Ding: The System detected that the Host is in a state of near death, starting emergency protocol, the system is connecting to the host automatically, starting the merger process, 3%...7%...20%... .45%...69%...98%...100%.*

*Ding: Host is unconscious... Initiating healing process, Reconnecting bones, veins, meridians, opening gift package automatically, initiating Physical fusion process, Bloodline, storing the rest in system space.

Ancient All Creations Body, Ancient Yang Divine Body, Ancient Dragon-Phoenix Body, Ancient Dragon-Phoenix Bloodline being merged with the host automatically, merge process: 1%...6%...10%...18%... 32%...45%...71%...97%...100%, merge process completed successfully, system detected that Host will wake up soon.*

Six hours later...

"Ahhh, what a horrible headache... Wait, I didn't die? What happened? Who saved me? Uh, my clothes look small and tight, what the fuck is going on? My hair, what color is this? My hair was brown, why have they turned dark purple? My body is different, what is this comfortable feeling? This is...DouQi, ahh shit, my bones hurt, I heard a very beautiful voice before I went unconscious, system?"

*Ding: Yes host, I am your Supreme System, I am here to assist the host on his journey.*

"What happened to me, why do I feel like everything has changed?"

*Ding: Responding to the host, as the host was almost dead, this system was forced to use emergency protocol, healing and fusing the gifts to the host's body.*

"Oh thank you System, I would be dead without you, now tell me your duties." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*Ding: The functions of this system are: Theft (Five times a day), Collection (Ten times a day), Storage, Copy, Exchange, Travel, Achievements, Shop and Login (Important Characters)*

"It really is a supreme system."

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