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Chapter 8: Difference

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Liu Se and Mo Xiang noticed that Chu Yu's demeanor was slightly different compared to when they first saw her. They were worried and fretted about getting closer. As they stayed over a foot distance and knelt by Chu Yu's side waiting for her command, it did not occur to Liu Se that Chu Yu would turn around to stare at Mo Xiang as soon they knelt down. She had ignored him completely.

Compared to Mo Xiong's elation, Liu Se was filled with resentment, but he could not show it on his face. In the past, he would always be on the princess's side with Mo Xiang on occasions such as this. Although Mo Xiang would constantly fight for the princess's attention, he was never ignored since he looked coquettish and more beautiful compared to Mo Xiang. But today…

While Liu Se secretly fuming mad, Chu Yu was still gazing at Mo Xiang. She did not have a closer look at their faces earlier as she found their color combination of pink and green funny. Now that she looked at him at a close distance, she felt a new kind of marvel come from the bottom of her heart.

Mo Xiang was elegant as if lights were twinkling in his almond eyes. He had a soothing fragrance that wafted out of his body. His skin was as smooth as congealed fats and there were no pores at all despite looking at him at such a close distance. It was rare to find such a beauty like him in the world. However, hmm… Did that not make him look a little weak? She had a feeling that his gender was off because here was a man who even more enchanting than a lady. She almost thought she was a man while the elegant young man before her was 100% a lady.

'So, is this what Princess Shan Yin liked?' Chu Yu thought to herself secretly while lifting her head to look at the rest present. She figured what she thought was inaccurate after looking at everyone there. Although Rong Zhi was also a male companion, his elegance and demeanor were completely different from Mo Xiang and Liu Se's. To be frank, everyone there all had their very own charisma and features.

The way the people treated Chu Yu was different too. For instance, Liu Se and Mo Xiang were attentive to her while some of them were not as passionate. Meanwhile, there were some of them who were resistant and had stiff expressions on their faces. One could tell they were forced to be male companions and were unwilling to yield completely.

However, Rong Zhi was the most different one among all. Leisure, comfortable, calm and gentle were the expressions that he wore as if everything around him had nothing to do with him. He seemed like he was taking a solo leisure walk in a quiet forest.

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"Princess." A soft call filled with resentment that came beside her reminded her of Liu Se's existence. She turned and saw Liu Se lift a glass cup charmingly and open his soft, delicate lips. "Princess, I was worried about you when you stayed in earlier. I didn't know what to do and got Rong Zhi to look for you. I hope you'll forgive me, Princess."

As she took a closer look, Chu Yu realized that Liu Se's appearance was even better than Mo Xiang's. She lost herself as she gazed at him. He was the brightest and most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Big and defined, his eyes were mesmerizing while his eyelashes were long, thick and black. His lips were dedicated and luster. She could see his looming beautiful collarbones and his fair clean chest in the shadow under the robe's collar that was slightly open. He was indeed an impactful beauty.

Fortunately, Chu Yu gained a little immunity from looking at Mo Xiang for a while ago, so she did not lose herself in that moment. She adjusted her expression and said casually, "So, it was you who got Rong Zhi to get me here. Why didn't you come to me yourself?"

Liu Se was stunned and quickly said with a smile, "Are you joking with me, Princess? How would we dare to intrude if you didn't ask for us, Princess?" His tone soon became a little plaintive. "That's not fair, Princess. Rong Zhi could see you anytime he wants, but I, Liu Se, would have to wait in agony."

Liu Se looked over Chu Yu's shoulder and saw Mo Xiang's teasing smile. They locked eyes while Mo Xiang lifted his head in disdain and spoke silently, "Do you think I've no idea what you're trying to do? Don't you want the same privilege as Rong Zhi does in the Imperial Residence?"

Mo Xiang and Liu Se had been fighting ever since they met. They knew what each other was thinking about, so Mo Xiang figured what Liu Se's plan was when he said something cryptic like that.

Liu Se ignored him while continuing to smile at Chu Yu as a demonstration to Mo Xiang. Chu Yu said slowly after giving it a thought for a moment, "You're right." She paused as she spoke, causing Liu Se's heart to race. He did not expect the same treatment as Rong Zhi. He only hoped his approach of taking a step back would gain some advantages for himself. However, hearing what Chu Yu said, she seemed to agree with him. Liu Se could not help but feel gravely nervous. Was the princess really planning to promote his position to be on par with Rong Zhi?

Chu Yu paused and proceeded to speak while having a playful smirk at the edge of her lips, "You're right. Indeed, I should treat everyone the same."

Just when Liu Se was prepared to show his great gratitude, to his surprise, he heard Chu Yu saying calmly, "All of Rong Zhi's privileges in the Imperial Residence are canceled from today onwards. Now, everyone is equal."

Almost everyone reacted to what she said as soon as she said that.

Liu Se was shocked and felt very insecure. Never had he thought what he said would not just gain any benefits but would also cause Rong Zhi to lose his privilege! Perhaps that would not affect Rong Zhi's position in the Princess's Imperial Residence entirely but would the latter hold a grudge against him because of this?

Moreover, Rong Zhi earned respect from many male companions in the Imperial Residence. If Rong Zhi was affected by this incident which he was the culprit of, most of them might boycott him in the future.

Liu Se was lost at the moment. What he did not only harmed himself and the others but had also made him their foes. He had completely miscalculated his plan.

As opposed to Liu Se's shock and insecurity, Mo Xiang was secretly laughing. On the other hand, the rest of the people had different reactions. Some of them were looking at Chu Yu feeling unjust while some of them were glaring at Liu Se in rage and some of them were snickering at his accidental misery.

A fleeting smile flashed through Chu Yu's eyes as she looked down. It was merely a sentence, but it felt like a giant rock that fell into the water and triggered a monstrous splash. It was hard for one to hide their emotions when a sudden change came out of nowhere. The variety of reactions could be used as a preliminary judgment of one's attitude towards the princess as well as Rong Zhi.

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