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Chapter 25: New Ninja Turtle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

To avoid too much attention, Chu Yu exited from the back door just like she had the last time. The four of them left and arrived in the alley behind the Princess's Imperial Residence. The alley was extremely quiet since nobody came here. However, the galloping of a horse broke the silence at that moment.

A person riding on a horse appeared at the end of the alley. As the horse paced, the person arrived before them like a blast of wind.

The rider got the horse to stop just as he approached her. Due to the ride, his clothes were a little messy while his hat had fallen onto his shoulders. However, he did not look ungainly at all. Instead, he looked high-spirited. There was no expression on his beautiful face. He looked at the four of them with a side-eye while sitting up straight. If she had to describe him in modern terms, he was what she would call "cool".

"Prince Consort," Liu Sang mumbled softly as he let go of his hand that was wrapped around Chu Yu's arm slowly.

So, this was the Prince Consort He Ji she had yet to meet, the legal husband of the person's body that she was residing in.

Although Chu Yu had enjoyed a feast for her eyes in the form of Rong Zhi and the rest in the Imperial Residence for the past two days whereby good-looking men were no longer a surprise to her, she must admit that He Ji's appearance was extraordinarily elegant. His face alone would make him qualify as the Prince Consort.

He Ji saw someone that he had never seen before when he arrived at the Princess's Imperial Residence. That person was standing next to Yue Jiefei, Huan Yuan, and Liu Sang. He raised his thick brow, thinking it was a new male companion that the Princess had just brought back. However, he thought the person was a little familiar, so he took a closer look and…

He had a slight change of expression and got off the horse when he realized it was the Princess. He bowed before Chu Yue and addressed her, "Greetings, Princess."

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Chu Yu thought He Ji would roll his eyes at her when she saw him. After all, no man could tolerate being cuckolded with so many other men, even more so when this person was Princess Shan Yin's husband. Even if he could not divorce her, he would at least display pride and disdain toward his wife, just like what Jiang Yan did.

However, what Prince Consort He Ji did was completely out of Chu Yu's expectation. She had no idea how to react at all.

Looking at the daze in Chu Yu's eyes, He Ji stepped forward to hold Chu Yu's hands while looking concerned. "Are you doing better, Princess? You were sick a couple of days ago, and I feel terrible for not being able to visit you due to my busy schedule." His eyes turned a little misty as he spoke. The concern he expressed appeared to be sincere.

Chu Yu snapped back to her senses, exclaiming secretly when he held her hands, 'Acting! What's acting? This is acting. The Prince Consort's acting is definitely worthy of an Oscar! Such detailed facial expression, and such a touching script. If nobody knew what really happened, an outsider would definitely think we're a loving husband and wife'.

She definitely did not think Prince Consort He Ji would not mind his wife having male companions. In reality, no man would tolerate such a thing. She even believed if she was not a princess, Prince Consort He Ji would have killed her over and over again for her alleged betrayal. However, he still managed to say something so loving when there were two male companions standing right next to her at that moment.

A faint chill covered her heart. Although the handsome man was holding her hands passionately, Chu Yu did not feel the warmth and love at all. Instead, she put her guard up for the worst. 'He tolerates something that people usually can't. There's no doubt that this person either has a high EQ or is plotting something dangerous.' She must be wary of this person from now on.

She smiled coldly and withdrew her hands from He Ji while saying, "I'm fine, Prince Consort. You don't have to bother about me if you're busy. I've got Liu Sang and Huan Yuan as company."

He Ji hesitated for a while. Looking at Chu Yu's cold expression, he muttered something short and caring, then walked into the Princess's Imperial Residence, insisting he had something urgent to attend to. He handed his horse over to the guard.

After the door was shut behind her, Chu Yu let out a long breath. Liu Sang then wrapped his hand around her arm again and mumbled with his head down, "Princess… Young Master, I don't like the Prince Consort."

Chu Yu smiled lightly and could not help but extend her hand to pat his head. She said while playing with his soft and smooth hair, "Why don't you like him?"

"I don't know." Liu Sang shook his head in confusion and rubbed it against Chu Yu like he always did. "I don't know why, but I just don't like him." His eyes were bright and pure with a light shining in them.

Chu Yu was stunned and subsequently came to a realization. 'All kids are sensitive. He could sense the hatred that He Ji disguised on his face, which, in turn, caused him to dislike He Ji.'

She patted his soft face as she chuckled out loud. Finally, she could not take how smooth it was and pinched his cheek. "It's alright. I don't like him too. Let's dislike him together."

Liu Sang giggled freely upon hearing what she said.

Chu Yu smiled but there was obvious concern written between her brows.

Although He Ji had an extraordinary appearance and a remarkable demeanor whereby it was hard for one to hate him, Chu Yu labeled him as a dangerous person just a level below Rong Zhi since the first time they met.

He Ji was the Prince Consort who came from a noble family and held a high position. Unlike the male companions in the Princess's Imperial Residence who had no support behind their backs, He Ji did not have to live his life tip-toeing around the princess. However, he tolerated her and appeared to be so loving. What exactly was he trying to do?

Annoyed by all her thoughts, Chu Yu decided to put them aside and stop troubling herself. She thought that although the Prince Consort was being cuckolded, he was naturally a great turtle. However, he did not only avoid flipping out and tolerated the princess's behavior, but also showed his love and affection toward her. He was like a god. To show some respect, she decided to secretly call him a Ninja Turtle.

It was also to remind herself to always be careful of the Prince Consort. He must be plotting something sinister to be tolerating her for this long.

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