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Untouchable Lovers

Untouchable Lovers

Author: The Windy Heavens

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

From the depths of a deep and blissful slumber, Chu Yu awoke to the vague sense of someone beside her. Her body felt heavy and lethargic as she tried to sit up. Slowly, she opened her bleary, sleep-laden eyes and languorously looked over to her side in a casual manner.

'What a pleasant nap!'

When she looked down, Chu Yu was taken aback. It was as if lightning had struck across her body, instantaneously dissipating the remnants of sleep from her body without a trace.

A young man, who seemed to be around the age of 17 to 18, lay beside Chu Yu. His inky-black long hair draped over his shoulders, lending him a graceful countenance. His arched eyebrows were dark and striking while the color of his lips resembled that of peach blossoms.

This young man's features were as refined and as elegant as a girl's, but no matter how outstanding his appearance was, he was still a man.

Any ordinary young lady would feel far from delighted after having awakened to the realization that a naked man was sleeping beside her despite how handsome and attractive he appeared.

After the shock to her sleep-clouded brain, her hazy mind suddenly became clear. At that moment, what astonished her even more was when it dawned on her that beneath the silk covers, she was also without a single thread of clothing! This explained why she had a niggling sense that something was out of the ordinary earlier.

Still shocked, the slight mortification Chu Yu felt gradually subsided. However, an abrupt intensity soon ensued, raking her body with faint shivers as a result.

'What's actually going on here?'

At this moment, Chu Yu noticed that the covers over her body were made from very fine silk. Even the embroidery was intricate and of elaborate craftsmanship while the bed she lay on was spacious and big enough to roll around.

'Who is this young man? Why is he sleeping here? And why isn't he wearing anything?'

Grinding her teeth, Chu Yu thought of shoving that young man awake, but she suddenly halted when she heard a sound from behind.

Her body clenched up rigidly.

She slowly turned her body and shifted her line of sight, catching a glimpse of the reclining figure of another naked man. At that second, Chu Yu could no longer control herself and lost all semblance of calm.

Dumbfoundedness, alarm, and mortification along with complicated and intense sentiments surged through her mind. Her state of awakening was overly sudden with such unforeseen circumstances that she found it far beyond what she could accept, even to the extent of considering falling into a state of standstill in oblivion. Though in the end, what came about was a hoarse and extremely constrained yell.


Both her hands firmly clutched the silken sheets to seek cover and shield her body.

Awoken by Chu Yu's yell, the men sleeping beside her quickly opened their eyes. After the two men sat up, she saw another three young men rising one after the other from underneath the covers. Their bodies were only wrapped with a thin layer of cloth. Following their rising motion, the fabric brazenly slid down to reveal the sleek bodies beneath.

Chu Yu was at a loss by the scene before her eyes and she nearly fainted. Fortunately, she had rather solid self-control and she strictly commanded herself not to lose consciousness in this absurd situation. Although that may be the case, she could not help feeling like she was somewhat in a trance.

'One, two, three, four, five! There are actually five naked men! What's the meaning of this?'

How could such an outlandish sight appear before her?

Chu Yu bit down on her lip hard. The unyielding teeth sinking into the soft flesh of her lip caused her faint pain, which calmed her and somewhat sobered her.

In the midst of her attempt to calm herself down, four out of the five men already tidied up and knelt at the bedside. The other remaining one was precisely the very first one that Chu Yu had laid her eyes on. He briskly extended his arm and pulled the loose coat that was hanging on the dressing screen, so it spread out like butterfly wings before falling dramatically to wrap around his tall and slender frame.

Then, the crash of something breaking shattered the deathly still silence.

The young man was the only one that could be considered bearably clothed in the room. Unsure where to rest her line of vision, she helplessly gazed towards him.

Just then, Chu Yu discerned that the coat had a very relaxed style. The exceptionally exquisite material was pure white which was striking in contrast to the one and a half-inch black hem bordering the neckline and cuffs. Subtle lines glided across the dull shine of the elegant pattern of it.

As the young man draped the coat around his tall stature, his physique was immediately exposed. He appeared to only 17 to 18 years of age while his looks were stunning with a tinge of innocence and childish pureness. Yet, his expression was one of refined grace.

Even with his eyes closed, one could perceive that his facial features were delicate. However, as he opened his eyes, Chu Yu could not help but notice the unrivaled elegance of his looks. He seemed to carry an air of supremacy that erased the gentleness and beautiful appearance from afore without a trace.

'Who is he?'

Using one hand, the young man held up the neckline of the coat while his other hand drew his hair to fall behind his neck. He inclined his head towards Chu Yu and smiled softly. Compared to the crouching pose of the remaining four men, the young man possessed an almost succinct open-mindedness. The others knelt while he stood there. He was the only one in the room at the same eye level as Chu Yu.

The young man leisurely walked forward and the hem of his coat lightly skimmed across the glossy dust-free floor. With his tender gaze upon Chu Yu, he spoke casually, "What's wrong, Princess? Did you have a nightmare?"

The air was filled with a luxurious fragrance that was relaxing and languid, and Chu Yu suddenly felt an uncontrollable chill rise within her. Even in the warmth of the room, she could not hold back her desire to quiver.

'Maybe… this is not a joke.'

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