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Chapter 26: Wine and Poetry Recital… Maybe Not?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After walking out of the alley behind the Princess's Imperial Residence, Chu Yu was sharp enough to notice that Huan Yuan's demeanor was a little stiff although he was wearing loose, comfortable clothing. No matter how much he tried to disguise it, she could see through him.

His handsome face looked like he was having his guard up. Apart from that, he had a sense of longing when he was staring at everything in gratitude as if he could not get enough of what he was looking at. If she were to best describe what Huan Yuan was feeling, he was like a newborn baby that had just arrived in this world. He was so keen to explore but sadly had the instinct to keep his guard up.

Chu Yu then recalled what Rong Zhi told her earlier. It had been two years since Huan Yuan stepped out of the Princess's Imperial Residence.

Ever since he was taken into the Imperial Harem after the princess picked him, Huan Yuan did not have much freedom. He was a sinner's descendent, which resulted in him being placed under house arrest by the imperial family. He constantly had to have an eye kept on him on no matter what he was doing and where he was going. Undoubtedly, he had been living on thin ice, barely blessed with the opportunity to walk on the streets like this.

The four of them were walking on a rather remote street. However, Huan Yuan's attractive looks drew attention anyway. Soon, a lady ran toward him while blushing and she tossed a bunch of peach blossoms at him.

Chu Yu sighed secretly for miscalculating. She only remembered to disguise herself but had totally forgotten about Huan Yuan who was even better-looking than she was. Fortunately, they did not walk on the major crowded streets. Otherwise, they might be dead from all the tossing of fruits and other items.

Huan Yuan caught the peach blossoms instinctively and looked rather confused. Chu Yu smiled at him with her head tilted. "Why aren't you happy? Someone admires you."

Surprise flashed on his fair, beautiful face. Ever since he was born, he had never walked on the streets so openly like what he was doing right now. All he ever experienced was going from one prison to another, from being arrested to being molested. He had never walked on the streets like this, let alone be admired by a young lady.

He grew up in an enclosed environment, hence he had a desire to break away from the cage more than anyone ever. Now that the endless sky was right before him, he did everything he could to suppress his urge to run away. He knew he could never escape. Although there was only one guard with Chu Yu, Yue Jiefei, he had witnessed the latter's ability before. He knew deep down inside he had not acquired the strength to fight him. As soon as he did something out of the ordinary, Yue Jiefei's long sword at his waist would be pinned against his neck right away.

A faint scent drifted from the peach blossoms and Huan Yuan went into a daze. He did not know what to do at that moment. Although the lady appeared ordinary, it was the first time in his life experiencing this.

Before he could think any further, an old memory flashed through his mind. He had a slight change expression on his face, and he tossed the bunch away like he was getting rid of big trouble.

He was not afraid that Chu Yu would punish him for accepting the bunch, but he was more worried about her harming the lady.

It had happened more than a year ago. The princess's cousin, who was close to her, was fond of Rong Zhi and had asked the princess to give him to her jokingly. The princess smiled as she rejected, and that was the last time Huan Yuan ever saw the lady. He asked around because he was concerned and found out that the cousin had been killed in an accident.

Alas, who would know if it really had been an accident?

Chu Yu was quick as she grabbed the bunch when it was in mid-air. She smiled kindly. "Why would you throw away the flower that the young lady gave you? If you don't want it, I'll take it."

The peach blossoms were beautiful. Looking at the bunch that was still fresh, the young lady must have just plucked it not long ago.

Huan Yuan was startled as he had no idea what she meant. Before he could think further, Chu Yu walked ahead while his sleeve tightened with Liu Sang pulling him along.


Mountain Pingding was not considered a famous small mountain as its name was not in the records. Although low, it seemed graceful and beautiful at a glance. Chu Yu saw a clear flowing stream when they first arrived at the foot of the mountain. The stream gurgled between the rocks in the mountain.

Although the paths were maintained, it was still rather steep. Fortunately, there was a breeze that occasionally blew, lifting their mood.

There were a couple of forks in the path while the trees were dense. They looked like they were wearing jade green clothing with winding paths whereby the path ahead could not be seen clearly. When they were at a fork, Chu Yu heard a human voice on the other path. The green screens prevented her from seeing the silhouettes. All she could hear was a light voice that came faintly. "Brother Yizhi, walk here instead! Be careful!"

The other person seemed to have replied something, but due to his soft voice, they could not hear what he said. The person who spoke first then walked further and further away.

A while later, they arrived at the top of the mountain. There was a huge platform on it, which was probably where the name was derived from. The edge of the platform had an octagonal pavilion built on a cliff. Clear spring water flowed between the mossy green and white rocks next to the pavilion. It was flowing from a foot-wide winding pipe that seemed to be manmade down the steep mountain.

There were one or two cushions on every seat every two meters next to the winding, flowing water. There was also a low, square table next to the seats with dried meat and cakes for the guests.

However, Chu Yu did not care about all those because she was in shock.

There were many people at the top of the mountain for the poetry recital. While it was not strange to see the people, it dawned on her that almost all of them were handsome men. Their sleeves were flowing as they walked, making them looked chic and lovely at the same time. Although a few of them did not exactly look outstanding, they had an elegant demeanor which made one want to get closer to them.

How was this a wine and poetry recital? It was more like a gathering of beautiful men!

Chu Yu was a little annoyed. If she had known this earlier, she would not have studied so many ancient poems diligently. All she would have to do was just show her face!

Compared to Chu Yu's shock, Huan Yuan and Yue Jiefei looked like they came to a realization. They could not help but peek at Chu Yu. No wonder the princess seemed to have changed recently. They thought she had become classier now, but this was it.

It seemed like she was a wolf that had blended within a flock of sheep.

Apart from sharing the same thought as Huan Yuan, Yue Jiefei was worried about something else that might happen. There were many premium beautiful men here. If the princess was fond of so many of them, how was he going to bring all of them back?

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