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100% Unwanted : a gifted prophecy / Chapter 14: Papa Stewarts

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Chapter 14: Papa Stewarts

"Unconditional love never fails any test.It may struggle but the bond can never be broken."

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After that very disgusting incident, the three culprits were taken for their punishment and we all left the office except Ryder. He was needed for some


Sometimes it is funny to think how a wolf needs to do paperwork but management is important in a pack. So yeah it all needed to be taken care of.

Mia was talking to Alpha Ashton about the upcoming conference and Lucy & me were silently walking.

Suddenly Angel came and hugged my legs with her tiny hands. That made all of us stop. I picked her up. She was looking pale and shivering slightly.

That made me worried , so I asked her if she was okay.

She shook her head and before any of she could say anything she made a pained sound and puked.

My entire t-shirt became dirty and as Lucy was near me a little amount fell on her.

"Geez. I need to clean myself. Take care of her."Lucy said and rushed towards her I mean Ryder's room.

But my main concern was Angel now.

I stroked her back rocking her body side to side , all the while aware not to touch her body with my shirt.

Alpha Ashton led me to Katy's room with Mia with us. Katy rushed to me and took her daughter to clean her. My poor baby!I asked Katy if she needs me which she declined and told me to change.

So I went to Alpha Ashton's `s room and changed my clothes.

I walked out of the room to see Alpha Ashton holding two mugs of coffee.

He handed me one and took one himself. We sipped our coffee in silence.It

was a peaceful silence not an awkward silence.

I took this time to stare at my handsom specimen of a mate. He was always that handsome and breath-taking like the first time I saw him when I was five.

I exactly remembered that day like it was yesterday. I went to the Alpha house with my dad as my mom was not home that day. I cried a lot missing my

mom and was really grumpy when I got there . Dad then went to the office telling me to sit at the bench near the garden with guards surrounding it.

I sat there alone watching as a lady was feeding her daughter. That made me miss my mom more. Tears were flowing down my cheek with a pout on

my lips. Just then someone sit beside me.

I looked with my teary eyes to face a very cute and charming boy with beautiful dark chocolate eyes. He wiped

my tear and hugged me all of sudden. That was my first time hugging a boy. Though I was still a child I blushed with the contact.

That was indeed a memorable day of my life as that day I met with the thief of my heart and surprisingly I let him keep it.

I didn't realise how long I stared at him like a creep but when he turned to me I was utterly embaressed.

Then he said, " You are drooling over me. You have drool at the corner of your lips."

As soon as he said that I quickly wiped my lips which made him burst into laughter.

I sure became a tomato then. Way to make fun of yourself Ely!

Soon it was time for lunch.The conference will be held tomorrow.

So now was the only time we saw everyone. As we were eating Lucy cleared her throat to take our attention.

We all looked at her questioningly.

"I have heard that we have ancient temple in the crown forest here."She said and Ryder nodded to confirm it.

Then Emma said ,"Yes. According to our ancestors , the temple can fulfill your wish if you go there." Oh really! Thats new.

"I want to go there to pray for my father."Lucy informed.

Yes,her father is ill from a very rare wolf disease. But it can be cured and our doctors were trying. Besides he is not that serious now but future is


"No,the forest is dangerous as it is near to the rouge territory."Ryder said and Alpha Ashton agreed with him.

Seeing that Lucy threw her fork and angrily glared at them.

I opened my mouth to calm her,"Lucy I think-"but she cut me off.

"No , Ely. Don't say anything. My father is my rock and I want him to be with me in my every happiness so I want to try.You will not understand that because You lost him at a young age and the bond is not really close-"She stopped after she realised what she said.

Listening to her was like a stab to my heart. I may have lost him early But I do miss him and I know how close a dad is to his children. I wanted to yell

and cry aloud.

But my dad always wanted me to stay strong!

Lucy started saying sorry but I shook my head," It's okay Lucy. I was just saying that we will find a way. One more thing The bond of a relation depends upon the feelings not time."With that I left the lunch table.

Why God took my dad ?

And the worst part was I had no idea where his grave was made . What kind of daughter I am!

Just then Dylan came to me. I smiled at him.

"Kiddo, don`t be sad!Your father was really brave."he said.

"REALLY?"I asked.

"Yes,he came here to help our pack with your alpha. We won that war because of his tactics. He sacrified his life to save your alpha. We are

really grateful to him."He said and that made me proud.

"Do you know where his grave is?"I asked him.

"Yes ,it's in the backyard of our pack house. We made his grave here in his memory and to cherish his deeds." he said and not waiting anymore I rushed

towards the pack house.

It took me 15 min to reach there. I asked one of the guard to lead me to back yard after informing who I was. He led me there and left me when I

reached my destination.

Finally after ages I found it ,the last thing that connects me to my dad.

It was beautiful with his name written in it.I looked around and found a bunch

of wildflowers. I plucked them & placed it on the grave stone.

I knelt down.



A beloved father and mate.

The chief warrior and gem of black stone pack.

☆The man who didn't give a damn to the enemy. ☆.

"Dada."I Called him what I used to call him as a kid. By now tears started flowing uncontrolably from my eyes. For once I wanted to be weak.

"Dada I miss you. See I am not a kid anymore. I hope you are happy there and watching me. Dada mom is fine and I have been a good girl I


Dada , I have good grades in school and I am doing good at training too. I found my mate Dada. He..He is our Alpha Now. What should I tell

you? you must have known everything from above."by now I was sobbing very hard.

"Dada. I am not selfish as you adviced me to think of others,I hope I am making you proud. I am sorry...SORRY that I took so long to reach

you. I miss you dada .

I miss your affectionate voice calling me princess ,I miss how you used to carry me,how you scolded mom for making me cry...I miss your presence Dada...AND I love you Dada.."I sobbed so hard and collapsed on the ground.

Just then Two arms drapped around me and by the tingles I know who it belonged to .

I couldn't care for once if he sees me this weak. I hugged him back and cried in his chest. He said sweet nothings to sooth me and after a long time I found solace in my mind.

aryaalpha aryaalpha

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