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Chapter 7 - Valkyeria Rozea System - Chapter 7 by PickledPlums full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Janus never had a pet in his whole life. There are a few reasons for it. First, Janus is too busy with his games. How is it possible for an irresponsible human like him to take good care of his pets? He cannot even feed himself on time and rarely used the shower room whenever he engrossed himself in games, so where can he find a time to take good care of his pets?

Second, Janus is allergic to pets with flurry bodies. If animals like a dog or cat approach him, Janus will instantly feel the itchiness in his nose and he will continuously sneeze for the next few days. His allergy pills are rarely doing their magic and it didn't reduce the itchiness he feels in his nose. Most of the time, the pills will never work for him and he will keep on sneezing until his face turns red with watery eyes and swollen cheeks.

Lastly, Janus decided not to get any pets. The idea of getting a lizard or a tortoise to be his pet crossed once in his mind. But he quickly dismissed that thought and branded it as one of the useless ideas he made in his life. Just like his first reason, how can he take good care of his pet if he cannot even take good care of himself properly? Janus does not want to wake up one day only to discover his pet lizard or tortoise is already a few weeks dead and their bodies are starting to decay. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Janus thought he will never get the experience of having a pet in his life.

So the existence of this huge two-headed lion that is swaying its tail leisurely is giving Janus some weird thoughts. Fortunately or maybe not, the talkative smile next to him is energetically explaining the answers to the unspoken questions playing inside his head. The smile told Janus that it was him who gave names to his pet. Janus discovered that Meluna gave them the names of Lele and Riri.

Lele means the left lion head that has a small scar on his forehead while Riri is the right lion head that has a scratch on this nose. Those are cute names given to a savage beast if someone will ask Janus's opinion about it. Apparently, these two-headed lions are both females. If Janus will apply the things he learned in his biology class back in high school, only the male tigers can grow a mane in their bodies. Right?

'AI001, what should I do with them?'

[You can throw a boomerang at them.]

'And where do you think I can find a boomerang here, huh?'

[You can make one.]


[Open your hand, imagine the things you want to create, and concentrate on it.]

'Is it going to happen? For real?'

[Try it.]

Though Janus is hesitating, he still followed his system's instructions. He slowly opened his hand and tried to think of a red boomerang. After a few seconds of concentrating on the image in his mind, a real boomerang is starting to manifest in his hand. The hazy image of a boomerang on his palm became solid until he can finally touch it.

'Holy moly poly! I...'

[Congratulations, Janus.]

Janus ignored his system and stared at the red and shiny boomerang in his hands. He really made a boomerang using his mind! He tried to close and open his eyes several times before he stared at the boomerang in his hands. He is not just imagining these things.

[Now throw it somewhere and your pet will find it for you.]

'Ah? What pet—Oh...'

Janus looked at the two-headed lion in front of him. He saw the excitement in their eyes while looking at the boomerang in his hand. Even their tail is swaying too fast. Without thinking too much, Janus throw the boomerang to the open door and the two-headed lion quickly followed it.

Janus let out a soft sigh and wait for the two-headed lion to come back. But after waiting for almost five minutes, the two-headed lion is still nowhere to be found. Where is that huge creature now? He just threw the boomerang casually and with that lion's speed, he can quickly catch it.


[What is it, Janus?]

'Do you know what happened to that lion?'

[The Ferbeluz is still looking for the boomerang.]

'Ah? But I just casually threw it though?' Janus mentally replied before reaching for the cup of wine placed on the small table near him.

[You threw the boomerang at 50kph, Janus.]

The wine glass accidentally slipped from Janus's hand and it made a crashing sound on the floor made of marble. The slime beside him quickly move towards the broken shards and swallowed them with his jelly body. Janus saw how the broken glass melted slowly inside the slime's body until it turned into a transparent liquid.

'Damn. Even this slime is too OP for a normal human. What kind of godly game is this?!'

Janus suddenly has the urge to lay his body on a soft mattress and covered himself on a soft and fluffy blanket. For a normal human like him who did not achieve anything that can be called a contribution to his society, everything that is happening to Janus is too much for him to handle. What did he do in the past for him to deserve this experience? Sure, being an OP character is awesome and cool. But he lived a life where all of these things are just happening in fantasy and TV shows.

'Hey, A1001.'

[Do you need anything, Janus?]

'Are you really sure that I am now dead and I am not in a comatose state?'

[My system will never give you a piece of false information, Janus. Your human body died because of hemorrhage and excessive blood loss. Your spinal cords are also damaged and a huge crack formed on your skull.]

'Damn. I really died tragically, huh...'

Janus really thought he will die because of a mysterious disease or sickness. He knows his daily bad habits so well. Who would have thought he will die just like that because some crazy man tried to steal the cash reward he earned after playing the Valkyeria Rozea for six months? His dead body needs justice!

'Glob... Squish squish glob glob squish...'

[My lord, do you want me to continue my dancing now?]


That's it. Janus had enough. He stood up from his throne and rolled his neck. He does not want to stay in one place anymore. If Janus will be stuck in this world, he might as well explore this place. Janus is confident that he can easily navigate this dungeon even with his eyes closed.

'AI001, I can do anything I want now inside this dungeon. Right?'

[Of course, Janus. You are the rightful owner of this place.]

'And nothing will change about it. Right?'

[Yes, Janus. You are now Meluna, the strongest Valkyrie that ever existed in this world.]

'Good. I guess.'

Since Janus cannot do anything about it, then he will just accept it. He is the type of person who can accept things as long as he can see that nothing will change about them. Instead of denying the things that had already happened, he will just try his best to understand it more and make another plan for the future.


Janus rolled his shoulders and readied himself to step out of this room. He suddenly has the urge to see this place from a different perspective. He wanted to explore this dungeon without using his game avatar.

'I think I can also try some tricks to know how OP I become.'

With that simple plan running inside his head, Janus secretly let out a sigh before he walked towards the door without showing any signs of hesitation.

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