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13.72% Vampire's Obsession / Chapter 6: Red fair 4

Red fair 4 - Vampire's Obsession - Chapter 6 by pixiepiu full book limited free

Chapter 6: Red fair 4

In the carriage, Elsa and Iris started singing, and a joyous atmosphere created inside the carriage. Robert and his wife couldn't help but smile seeing them so happy, especially Elsa, whom they had never seen before.

"Robert, I wish Elsa to be like this all her life," his wife said with a smile.

"Don't worry, she'll stay that way. We'll keep her," Robert gently squeezed his wife's hand.


Not too far away, in a carriage that has Gabriel in it, it is now shaking violently for his incessant punches because his heart is crunching in pain for no reason.

He clasped his chest tightly as if his grip was loose and his heart would come out in a moment

''What happened Majesty, is there any problem with your chest?" Gramson asked because his Majesty's condition did not look good.

''Gramson, can you feel something wrong around me? I feel like an invisible force is pulling me towards it, and the force is increasing with time. Gramson asks our coachman if he has seen anything suspicious outside the carriage," Gabriel said in a painful voice.. His heartache is increasing over time, "And the same thing happened to me 50 years ago."

Gramson asked the coachman, but he said he saw nothing, just two more carriages like them were going in the same direction, and Gabriel heard the same thing.

So, he raised his ears and tried to listen to other passengers, and slowly he heard in one of the Carriage there is a husband, wife and their small kid who was talking about their kid's future and the other carriage, he heard two girls humming a tune and their parents laughing at something…

''Majesty?" Gabriel stopped him from talking by raising his finger.

In a minute Gabriel took control of himself, "Gramson do you think there can be any witches in those two carriages''.

''Yes, Majesty, nothing is impossible. Maybe they are waiting for a better opportunity to attack us''.

''Hmm keep your ears open Gramson, I think we'll have a lot of fun today," Gabriel snickered.

'CLUCK! Again a chuckled left 'His Majesty's mouth, 'I guess I'm losing my terror or how dare those bold witches to think that they are superior to me. Must be. Kidding! ' Gabriel viciously narrowed his eyes over his thoughts.

'After announcing my existence tomorrow, I will go to that stone village and give them my special visit. It's time to bind the rope.'


It's been about four hours, all the carriages will reach their destination suddenly then a carriage between them hit a rock and shook violently and their carriage's wheel got stuck in the roadside mud, "Elsa, Iris are you, alright," Elsa's mother asked.

''Yes, mother."

''Yes, auntie," they said together.

''But what happened?" Elsa asked.

''Nothing love, it is a muddy road and such thing happens so sit inside, and I'll go outside and see how I can help the coach uncle."?

They saw one carriage already passed by them without glancing at them.

''Sir Besto, let's try to pull the wheels together," Robert said.

''One, two, three, pull ahh!" But instead of coming out, the wheel went deeper into the mud.

''Damn! Sir, I think we should seek help from that coming carriage."

''Yes sir Besto, there is a carriage coming towards us. We should ask them to help us and I will ask my wife and child to come outside the carriage, so it will make the carriage lighter," Robert said.

But before leaving the carriage, Elsa's mother put a scarf on Elsa's head and said, ''Put it tightly, Elsa."

Elsa understands instantly because not everyone has silver hair. Her looks may attract unwanted problems. But Iris was not satisfied because why Elsa's mother hide Elsa's face with a scarf, but she held her mouth for now because the time is not proper for her questions. They came out of the carriage and stood on the grass aside the road.

Gabriel's carriage was getting a lot closer to them, suddenly their coachmen said, ''Sir! The other carriage stuck in the mud, will we help them."?

When Gabriel heard him, he gritted his teeth in anger and ordered Gramson not to stop the carriage; He is very frustrated for this long journey, especially when he has teleportation ability, but he can't use it now, or it will alert so many other creatures because only vampire king knows the teleportation.

"I don't have a single fucking time to make God happy by helping others."

Robert and Besto trying to stop them, but the carriage coachman didn't stop or look at them, but then suddenly a gust of wind blew Elsa's scarf away from her head and her silver hair has the power to take away anyone's eyes.

As it was supposed to be from the carriage, Gabriel saw everything between a slight partition that how two old humans try to stop their carriage and all. But the thing that made him stop was the girl.

The girl has silver hair, it's beautifully fluttered with the wind, and she ran towards scarf where the wind blows it away

''Stop the carriage," Gabriel punched the carriage hard.

The carriage stopped immediately. The coachman didn't want to break his carriage for these two crazy people.

''His Majesty needs something," Gramson asked.

''Nothing, just got off the carriage," Gabriel said hurriedly.

When they took the curtain off and jumped, Robert and Besto fill delightedly, but Gabriel's eyes linger on the girl only. He saw nothing; he didn't even care. Gabriel feels that same energy again, it's pulling him, and the strange energy source is this girl.

''Majesty, they are all watching us. The girl is their daughter. Please move your eyes, majesty. Now we are normal humans for everyone, majesty." Gramson constantly tried to divert his majesty's attention, but he failed.

He saw how his majesty slowly walked towards the girl and, 'A big clap to the wind because of it that, the scarf flew away and got stuck on his majesty's face.'

Gabriel inhaled the girl's scent from that scarf, he feels it was more intoxicating than blood. Gabriel closed his eyes and inhaled more and more. Suddenly, a girl's soft voice broke his trance, ''Sir, can you give me my scarf?"

Gabriel took Elsa's scarf off his face but, under his nose to the jawline, was covered with cloth, so Elsa didn't see his face. But Gabriel studied the girl's features: a small face, small nose, fuller pink lips, and those blue eyes. ''Such an alluring beauty," he muttered under his breath.

''What, sir? I could not hear you clearly," Elsa asked.

''Nothing, what is your name?" Gabriel asked.

When Elsa was about to tell her name, she heard her mother's angry voice. ''Elsa comes here now."

Elsa, without a moment's delay, ran towards her mother and that's what angered Gabriel, "That old woman interfered my sweet time''. He ground his teeth in anger.

Then he ordered Gramson, ''Help them.''

''Yes, Majesty," Gramson replied. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-obsession_20683122906929905/red-fair-4_55725783141900785">;s-obsession_20683122906929905/red-fair-4_55725783141900785</a> for visiting.

Gramson came to them. Eventually, he can pull off the wheel from mud, but he behaved like a normal human, so together with Gramson they successfully pulled it off.

After that, they both thank each other and left, but Gabriel's eyes linger on the girl until she goes inside the carriage.

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