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100% Vanessa Dutchwell: Adopted to the Dutchwell Family / Chapter 8: CHAPTER 7 : Decision

Read Vanessa Dutchwell: Adopted to the Dutchwell Family - Chapter 8 online

Chapter 8: CHAPTER 7 : Decision

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"Do not make many selections and gather them onto your plate, keep your elbows off the table while eating, do not belch or spit at the table, do not stuff your mouth full... Ms. Vanessa are you listening?" the grey-haired instructress asked the younger female with concern. "You look like you're still exhausted... Did you not get enough sleep?"

"S-sorry Ms. Matilda and..." before she continued, a yawn escaped from her mouth. "Don't worry, I'm fine... Just, been thinking about something" her eyes drooped low, but she mustered up all her remaining strength to stay awake.

The older woman smiled. "Let me guess, this is about you visiting the Light Realm for the very first time, isn't it?" she chuckled heartily, she had always been fond of the girl that she secretly considered her as her own child.

But even with the middle aged instructress's gentle voice, the female in question retorted back with a rather negative reaction with her widened eyes.

"Yeah... Kind of... Wait, how did you know? When it was just me, mom, and my siblings that day? And, Light Realm? Wha-... What did-" the student bombarded the teacher with questions one after another out of shock, confusion, and disbelief. But the other female cut her off with a light scolding.

"Now what did we discuss about appropriate conversation manners again? Seems like you have forgotten what I repeatedly taught you last week, young miss" she effetely narrowed her eyes. "I-I'm sorry Ms. Matilda" the young student lowered her head in shame.

The instructress sighed. "Because of this, I'll slightly deduct your grades in conversation manners. But as for your questions, gossips spread fast in this household young miss. Especially with how talkative the maids are, the butlers are too, according to William. It should have been obvious for you". She explained.

"I, I see... Um, what about the Light Re-" the brunette was cut off once more by the buzzing sound of the timer. "Oh will you listen to that, looks like tonight's session is over! We'll continue this topic tomorrow. Your lunch should be waiting for you in the dining room right about now! Then if you'll excuse me I'm quite in a hurry tonight" the grey-haired woman spoke in a rushed manner.

Vanessa was about to call her back but it was too late, the teacher already disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The chocolate brown-haired lass walked through the wide corridors in a not-so-good mood. She sighed in frustration, it was always like this whenever she seeked answers to questions they don't prefer. They just suddenly disappear then appear again whenever they wanted.

She was taught not to be too aggressive when people refuse to speak, but she can't really help it but feel offended, for they can't even grant her at least one clue. The annoying curiosity was devouring her. It was only a matter of time before she couldn't take it anymore and just burst out.

'Tsk. If only I can also do what they can do', she internally complained. She tried confronting it to the others before but they always end the topic quickly by saying that she miraculously turned out to be a "special" child. Or just avoid the question by disappearing into thin air again.

Nonetheless, her guts keep telling her that it is still somewhat suspicious, there's gonna be more to that than just some unexpected coincidence.

She happened to pass by an oldfangled pendulum clock. It still shone in neatness even with its old age. The estate maids are to thank for that. She was admiring its intricate, antique designs when she finally noticed that the time was still 11:40 in the evening. Ms. Matilda's class was supposed to end at 11:45 PM. Then how come the timer buzzed at the wrong minute earlier?

"Wait, is it possible that... Ms. Matilda altered it somehow because of my question?" she asked herself in disbelief as she figured out the truth. She felt even more pissed off. But she knew better than to lash out on an older woman. In the end, respect is respect.

It seems like the instructress taught her well. But she WILL talk to her about it again later. She'll just have to do her best to keep reminding her brain. She still couldn't get over it after all.

Even if she now arrived in the dining room where her scrumptious meal will also do its best to tempt her into forgetting her plan with its irresistible flavor and aroma.

Sitting on a dining chair, Vanessa awaits her lunch. Still a bit grumpy, but she chose to hide it with her smile. A few minutes later, two maids entered, each of them carrying a tray with her anticipated comestibles.

The human thanked them and they replied with a respectful bow and inaudible echoing loud whispers that probably meant, "your welcome", before they became one with the shadowy abyss of the void.

She faced down her food consisting of a rice meal. Rice with a bowl of pork Sinigang and a glass of water. She enjoyed the juiciness of the meat and the homely taste of the soup. However, she felt like she's forgetting something. Something other than asking Ms. Matilda about the Light Realm once more...

She nearly choked on her lunch.



"... Really?"


"Like, one hundred percent sure?"

"Ten billion percent sure. Period. No erasure required."


"O-M-G WONDERFUUUUULL!" Evangeline lifted the girl up gleefully with her icy cold arms then swung her around in absolute joy. The brunette giggled along with her, for the dark auburn-haired female's laugh seemed to be contagious.

She ran like a child (still carrying the real child which is Vanessa) through the hallways where their loud voices became the only source of noise in the entire manor.

"SHE SAID YES EVERYONE! COME OUT AND CELEBRATE WITH US!", her resonating screech ended when they finally stopped running and showed up in the main entrance hall, where a classy suite of antediluvian stairways and a foundation of medieval, urbane pillars assembled.

Various ancient paintings, sculptures and other forms of artworks decorated the place, but they were barely visible due to the dim lighting of the chandelier. There were numerous suppliers of illumination up on the ceiling, but for some reason only the predominant one (which was also the largest) was used.

She carefully puts down the young human, then fixed her messy hair with her grayish fingers from all the running. The human brunette also adjusted her own disheveled state into a more presentable one.

Subsequently thereafter, black, cold mist scattered across the polished, marble floor. The light of the chandelier above flickered several times, but it went back to normal when continuous footsteps could be heard, closing in their location. The two girls faced the direction of where they heard those footsteps to see from whom they were. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mrs. Meredith and Christopher.

"Must you really be that loud Ev? You know we can all hear you even if you announce it with a softer tone in this dead silent house. You're being a bad influence to Nes" the light auburn-haired male irked its rose pink eyes in irritation, referring to Vanessa who had two nicknames (Nes and Nessy).

He halted his tracks when he was now in the middle of the hall where both the "talked-about" girls were also in.

"Yeah yeah whatever" the female being scolded rolled her eyes.

"Christopher does have a point though sister, perhaps its also because of your horrible influence that Vanessa interrupts a story while it's still being told. You're a horrendous example" multiple golden locks of hair swayed with the chilly breeze as its owner crossed her arms while playfully glaring at the back of Evangeline's head since she was standing behind them.

A few meters from the said blonde, an auburn-haired male who possessed the name Benedict simply leaned against the pillar, silently observing everyone like the introvert he is.

"Ugggghhhh enough about me already the center of attention here should be sweet Nessy! She said YES ya'll! Isn't that right?!" She squealed and giggled happily then placing her hands on the human's shoulders.

The little lass in question shivered slightly at the cold touch first before timidly nodding her head. "Yeah... I thought about it and... I decided I want to do it. I wanna go out there and attend school, make some friends around my age, and basically experience new things" she concluded.

"That's marvelous dear, this is truly a wonderful news!" the mother softly clapped her hands before she went on.

"I just knew you would always make the right decision! Then if it's alright with you, we can start right away! Benedict already prepared everything after all just in case you would say yes, which in this case you did" she laughed gently.

The young girl gasped. "Really? Right away?"

"But of course! How does tomorrow sound?"


"O-M-G YES!"

Goldilocks glared at Evangeline again. "See? Now she's copying your ugly slang terms, this is most definitely atrocious". But the eldest daughter showed her she didn't care by sticking out her tongue and came face to face with Vanessa, both of them giggling together.

And to piss off the blonde even more, they squealed in excitement before they said the despised term once again.




Unbeknownst to all of the inhabitants in the estate, a pair of blood crimson eyes has successfully memorized the information and automatically reported everything to its master.

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