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Chapter 5: Lolicon Warning

"You'd best be thankful, okay. I'm not exactly sure what your world thinks about slaves and shit, so just read it and be thankful I slaved away at this in a single night." Inks started as if this was about to be a tsundere skit.

"I still don't really know what to think about-"

"Please just start reading the primer. This sort of stuff gets heavy really quick so that's why I wrote it down for you to get a quick idea about the whole problem with vampires as a quote-unquote race."

Reading through it in the hallway outside my room reminded me of waiting outside an exam.

"Aside from the whole bloodsucking thing?"

"It's not the bloodsucking, it's- just read the damn thing."

"Mmm, yeah sorry."

"Don't worry about it," Inks said playfully fisting my shoulder, "I've seen more than my fair share of first times and honestly you're doing a lot better than most. I'm not saying you should be proud but…"

"I should be fine as long as you're around." I said in a Freudian slip of sorts, combining Inks knowing her stuff and that I was doing relatively fine.

Inks took it another way as she chuckled the idea off. "Are you sure you didn't ever talk to girls in your old world?" She said, recovering her demeanor.


The Slavery of Vampires

By Ynqths Hereids Seraein

Demons suck blood publicly.

For a long time, before the first Vampire Kingdom, Vampires did not for the sake of saving public face, as replicating the acts of common pests is not necessarily the most productive measure in creating support for your kind.

Witches and Wizards alike sought them for their regenerative power. Both parties took many routes to deceive and wound the other, but Vampires were always outnumbered. Blood is impossibly powerful, not only in the sense of family, but also in magic, and many vampires were corrupted from that sacred substance during those dark hours to find a cure from prying eyes.

Then Elven Witch Hunters took notice of Vampires, and for the first time Vampires were truly at a loss. They knew nothing of themselves and their quickly apparent curse, so they looked to their cousins, Demons, for aid.

Demons, as you have experienced personally, have a weird sense of humor that few sentients appreciate. Their aid in creating the Vampire Kingdoms was practically charity, although the question of blood sucking quickly reached a crescendo following the numerous lovespats that obliterated the trust of the people of Relje. Demons and Vampires gained nothing from sucking the blood of each other, outside of excruciatingly specific and niche rituals, and they were very quickly running out of potential livestock outside of the literal sense. Humans populate nearly every surface of the world and they are the primary prey of Vampires, but they breed slow and form tight social bonds. They would obviously have their place in the Vampire Kingdoms, but Demons suggested something else.

In Imperial Elven they were called the Pestial Races, humanoids whose classification is broad to the point where the inverse is far more interesting, loudly exclaiming the exclusion of Elven and Human Allies like Dwarves or Ogkrics from the term. An undeniably dirty word among freemen, using this word in public and non-academic spaces will rightly get you socially ostracized.

What Pestials do however, is form their own tiny cliques that inevitably compete for resources. For Vampires to properly control their domain, these cliques must be quelled before they reach an appropriate size before the entire Kingdom is at risk. Rema failed long ago to prove that such a strategy cannot provide an empire, but for the specific niche needs of Vampires, these bands of Pestials that dot the countryside do more than enough to sate our thirst.

After all, most would prefer a life of intimate servitude to genocide.


"Definitely reads like you did this in a single night." It even has a generic exposition dump and a poorly written quote at the end. Sugoii.

"Vlad pulled a fast one on me, okay? I was catching up on a lot of Golemic duty and the campaign got complicated with some Rodiens."


"Rodien Outcasts. Ended up allying with the Harpies a little to make it a bit complicated. None of our boys died though so it went fine."

"I don't think you got what I meant by campaign."

"Don't look at me like that! You read the primer didn't you?"

"It's not like I don't think it's wrong."

"Well your world is 500 years in the future so it's not like you're used to this stuff anyway. Besides, who can say no to a cute girl?"

Inks was working her way around the question again. Trying to explain things to her would be something of a lost cause. Sigh.

Besides, I was required at the training grounds at midday. Better late than never but early is best, especially with that look he'd given me. Didn't want to unnecessarily piss someone like that in the first week.

I'd also started to feel the Thirst coming on, the irritated feeling in my canines and my body feeling literally out of itself. Vampires slowly diffused their magic aura into the environment in the same way an electric eel might. It was a hunting mechanism.

Look, the only thing I could bring in my isekai was all those animal documentaries I binge watched so give me a break here.

In any case, if I didn't do this now I had no idea when Inks would be free again to guide me through the complex idea of biting into someone's neck while also not biting it at the same time.

"In any case, go through the door and you'll see what I brought."

Inside the room where I had first woken up, two girls sat on the bed.

Two Harpy girls mind you.

Both had brown feathered wings and tails like sparrows and were draped in a white Roman one-piece dress that went down to their human knees, their beige skin untouched and unharmed save for a ring of bruises above their ankles from something heavy.

The older probably would've been the Ojou/nee-sama in any harem anime with a heavy heaping of ice queen to boot. Her glare at Inks and I was tinged with a noble stubbornness that seemed so forced or naive that a gust of icy wind would snap her composure like a matchstick.

The younger though…

She was probably a high school senior. Her plumage was slightly lighter in color than the older girl, although that might have been in part to small tufts of white fluffy down dotted throughout her wings and her fairly short hair. She didn't look scared though, rather…

I knew what it was. I knew it well. I knew it too damn well.

I sure as hell knew that there was no true way to deal with it at all, but I knew what I damn well wanted from someone when I felt like that.

"So which one do you want to suck?"

"I'll… take the younger one." I said, my voice lapsing away into the quiet room.

I walked up to the bed, my footsteps almost like impending thunder to the older girl, but the younger probably couldn't even hear them. She was too far away, locked in her mind and simply waiting for it all the end. For this joke of a life to come crashing down and hurt her already. To drift for eternity and never wake ever again.

I threw my arms around her and wrapped her body into my chest, my hands firmly cradling her back and tense shoulders to gather as much of her into me as I could. She froze in place, but my body curled to warm her up. I couldn't even see her eyes, but I knew what was inside them. I had no idea how much pain she had endured but, at least here and now, she was safe.

Her tense shoulders softened as she leaned into me. The worst was behind her now and my gamble had paid off.

"So… can we begin?" Inks asked.

I glanced down, the girl's face in my chest. I gently uprighted her.

For a moment her eyes danced when they met mine.I think she knew what was going to happen to her, but she timidly nodded regardless, exposing her young neck.


We both jumped at Inks interjection during our intimate moment.

"I mean, that's the way vampires assassinate people, sure, but if you actually want them to live for a bit longer then you go with the shoulder."

"Why the shoulder?"

"The neck is too conspicuous and if something goes wrong the squirting blood gets awkward real quick. So you should go for the muscle instead because at least that's supposed to fail or something, I never really got the biology of it all. In any case, it's safer for the concubine in both the physical and social sense."

"I guess… honestly I feel like it'd be even more embarrassing if I were to loosen her dress a bit."

"Do it."


"Do. It. I'll show you how it's done using Diana." Inks said, proceeding to take her place besides the spooked older girl.

"Wait, why didn't you say that they had names?"

"I couldn't exactly say much since you straight up walked over to Téa and was like don't worry my princess, for I am here or something."

"Shut up." I playfully pouted to lighten the mood. Téa had reserved herself after Inks had started talking and I honestly wanted to make sure she knew that she was safe.

So her name's Téa? I guess you could probably write it as Teia, say it like Leia. It's… pretty cute I guess.

"Okay so," Inks said as she unloosened the top of Diana's dress, "You line up your canines along their shoulder muscles, but don't bite down. The important thing here is skin contact, not thinking about your teeth as knives or daggers. What's going to happen then is that you're going to be siphoning off mana from them in layers…"

"Like an onion?"

"Not really, it's more like the difference between milk and water. There's some overlap between the first two layers, but then it becomes pretty obvious that there's a different density to it once you feel the blood running along your teeth." Inks said, barring and stroking her elongated Demon canines.

Diana's breathing became audible at that, each breath staggering twice at the thought of being bitten into, while Teia's feathered grip clung even deeper into my shirt.

"By the way, you remember what I said about sucking being even better than sex?"

"I remember the way you disparaged my virginity."

"Yeah, well it's more of a sidegrade honestly." Inks said before latching her mouth into Diana's exposed left shoulder. Teia snapped her head away in fright, quietly grieving for what seemed like the death of her sister. Even I couldn't stand to watch Diana's grimacing face for more than five seconds.

Then the tension in Diana's body ceased, quietly fading away to a sort of trance that made her eyes grow heavy. Inks supported Diana's smaller body as the Harpy went under. A minuscule droplet of blood ran down Diana's shoulder and began to slowly stain her white tunic, but her face and mind looked like they were in the clouds. Diana lethargically moved her left hand up to Inks' head, halfway between clenching and cradling it at the same time.

A minute passed in what seemed like an hour as I watched on with morbid fascination. Even Teia joined me in my gaze after she calmed down after the shock of Inks' sudden action.

The way her large breasts heaved with every breath, her face contorting in romantic desire and her tunic accentuating her physique, they all made my blood rush into my cheeks. I wasn't supposed to be watching this. Before I realized it, my hands were even blocking Teia's eyes from the scene before us. I really had no idea whether or not I should even let her watch this, but I knew that it was too late anyway.

After another minute of regular time, Inks had her fill. Slowly withdrawing her lips from Diana's neck, every drop of blood had been lapped up and there was barely even a wound, save for the four red marks from Inks' canines that looked like the blood had passed up through the skin itself.

Slowly lowering the exhausted yet satisfied Diana onto the bed, Inks looked towards us with the smuggest fucking grin in the history of smuggest fucking grins.

"Now it's your turn."

Teia and I both glanced into each other's eyes.

Even though she had been unnerved by Inks' demonstration, she was ready.

I, however, wasn't.

I only had maybe three thoughts in my head, the anxiety of commitment, the thought of virgin intimacy and the excuse of her young, naive age, but they all intertwined and wrapped in each other that every single thought could be strewn across an entire horizon and into the next, with every second I took measuring the incoherent spider's web drawing me into an encompassing abyss. This was not supposed to be what I deserved. I deserve nothing. I deserve nothing but hate and mockery and hate and mockery and hate and mockery and hate and mockery and hate and mockery and…

Teia's soft wings brushed against my sides, burrowing her way back into my chest.

As she withdrew from me, I gazed into the eyes that danced in the morning sun, her soft face as convicted as she could be.

She was young, but she was fine with me.

The least I could do with this situation was just get this over and done with to get Inks off my back until I did it with Diana.

I cautiously stroked Teia's tunic away to reveal her soft, bare shoulder and moved in, guided by her wingtip that clutched to the back of my head. Latching on to her with my mouth and my canines resting against her flesh, for a moment it was just that, an awkward Halloween vampire joke.

Then I felt something wisp-like stir in my mouth, something naturally sweet with a hint of vanilla coiling around my fangs before I felt it aromatically find its way up and through my teeth. It definitely wasn't her blood, as I felt that sweet iron tang a few seconds later slowly finding its way around my gums. Teia was definitely feeling it, her steady breathing matching that of Diana a few minutes ago, my hands holding her close and steady as I continued to-


"Sir Ash, Captain Herzt requests you down at the-"

The casually-dressed knight stopped in the doorway once he saw the scene of me biting into a highschool harpy, Diana's slumbering body and Inks' perverted smile.

"I'll wait outside for you to finish." he said as the door slowly returned shut.


"Lol, don't worry, it happens pretty often here." Inks laughed it off in Runic.


"You're pretty much done with her anyway. She's still pretty young so it's fine not going to level three like you were just about to do."

"But isn't that the problem?! She's still a kid! And now he saw me doing it with a kid!-"

"Get the idea that romance and sex are identical out of your head please. It's an important concept for vampires since 90% of the problems that people had with us was that we were taking their partners and children away and doing dirty things to them. Legally speaking, she's at the age where it's safe, although it's still a matter of not going too hard on her first time. I almost went to four with Diana but that's usually where the hardcore moaning comes in so I thought you'd prefer not to have that happen. All you have to do is just not stick your dick in crazy and you'll be fine. Guy probably got a bit embarrassed since butting in on one's meal is just plain rude."

I just stewed in my embarrassment, knowing that Inks had the ideal retort for every question I had. She was "in the right" and it didn't matter what I and everyone else back home would think.

Teia clung onto my sleeve with both of her wingtips, as if wanting to say something to me. Letting her pull me close, she said something in a quiet voice before her tiny smile eclipsed the world itself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Thank you Sir."

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