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Villainess 101: The President's wife is a vengeful devil Villainess 101: The President's wife is a vengeful devil original

Villainess 101: The President's wife is a vengeful devil

Author: Avalorian_

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The bloodthirsty queen

Leo Qin opened the door to his office. As soon as he walked in, a swish resounded as a pair of hands grabbed him and pushed him against the wall, pressing the cold, sharp knife against his neck. A thud reverberated in the office as a result of his back bumping into the wall, and the documents in his hands dropped onto the floor, scattering in different directions and at his feet.

What met his eyes was a pair of icy eyes as dark as the night. "Speak! Where's The Heart of the Goddess?"

The man was stunned by the sudden cold and sharp sensation on his neck. He looked back into those chilling eyes. "You may want to loosen your hand a little. I don't like speaking with knives on my neck."

The woman narrowed her eyes condensingly, a murderous intent washing over them. Anyone who saw that icy blue pair of eyes would have nightmares every night for half their lives. It was as though she had been possessed by a devil - but in this case, she was not possessed. She was the devil.

Her voice sounded like the arrival of several centuries-old demons: eerie and full of bloodlust. "This is your final chance. If you do not treasure it, my knife will draw blood."

Leo Qin chuckled, as though his life was not being threatened. "You can go right ahead. Then you will not have the Heart of the Goddess."

"Heh...." Her chuckle was like the sound of thunder, the final warning before a raging storm wiped out the earth.

She looked at the man before her. He dared to defy her? Who the heck did he think he was?

He was so not keeping his life.

"You have used up all your chances." Her grip tightened on the knife before she pressed it into his flesh.

Leo Qin raised a hand immediately and hit her wrist. The knife fell onto the floor following the sharp pain in her wrist.

"Good fighters don't need weapons." He taunted.


Thirty minutes later.

Leo Qin slumped into the sofa in the office and so did she. They both gasped for air, the rhythms of their heaving chests almost identical.

"Shera Black, is it? More formidable than I thought."

"How did you know?" the woman straightened her clothes that had gotten disheveled from all the fighting.

"Wasn't hard to guess. Not many people can spar with me, much less women."

The woman's lips twitched. Not many people could keep their lives after a fight with her either. And this man... just how gutsy was he?

"The terrifying queen of La Rose Noire came to find me for a mere piece of jewelry. Should I be flattered?"

Shera Black coughed. A mere piece of jewelry?

Fine. It was just a necklace and although it was one of the most valuable masterpieces of The Qin Empire and was about to be launched to the world the next day, it wasn't truly worth all this effort. She could have simply sent a lackey to steal it. As for why she wanted it....

"Why do you want such a cold and lifeless heart anyway? I have a better heart to offer." Leo Qin's taunting continued. "On second thought, I'll give you the better heart and The Heart of the Goddess can be considered a bonus. No need to thank me too profusely!"


A punch assaulted his chest.

"La Rose Noire doesn't need your charity." She stood up and went over to the spot where her knife had fallen earlier, and picked it. Leo Qin's eyes bulged as he saw her flick it and retract the blade then fasten it on her belt.

How the hell did she get into The Qin Empire with that?

"See you tomorrow. At the official launch banquet for The Heart of the Goddess. I'll steal it then."

In the next moment, she opened the window and jumped right out.

Leo Qin felt his face and chest that had been punched swollen.

"Shera Black... Intriguing."




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