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49.09% Villainess wants to go home / Chapter 27: A Promise that's set in stone

A Promise that's set in stone - Villainess wants to go home - Chapter 27 by Parry_Uchiha full book limited free

Chapter 27: A Promise that's set in stone

"W-what are you talking about" Ariana yelled out, guilt written all over her face. Diana rolled her eyes already losing her patience towards these fools who thought they could trick her in taking half the money she was promised. Diana snatched the brown pouch and pulled the blue ribbon open revealing a shimmering gold that resisted in the bottom of the pouch. She turned it upside, and gold came rushing down like rain droplets. They fell down, bouncing off the wooden table with a clatter.

The two were dumbfound, not able to utter a word to support themselves.

Diana pointed with her long slender index finger with a long almond nail to each gold coin on the table, counting each one making sure she didn't miss a single one. "23,24 and 25" she stopped at the last coin.

"I thought the agreement was 50" Diana cocked her head to Ariana, fierce blue eyes glaring at Ariana like she was some meek prey to her. Her eyes were like a hungry wolf starving to snap the rabbits neck into two.

Ariana staggered back. "Th-that's b-because... We were sure we counted 50." Ariana shot back, trying her hardest to back herself up.

Diana marched towards Ariana who stumbled back, fear written all over her eyes. Diana glanced at her, her eyes glittering with a psycho manner.

"Don't give me a shitty excuse." she hissed crossing her hands.

"MY LADY." Isabelle cried out. "If you don't want things to get messy, give me the other half" Diana smirked an evil grin, the leaf shaped metal point resting upon her chin.

Isabelle was panicking, her eyes shifted towards her lady who was on the floor, tears falling down her pink cheeks.

Ariana was crying and her heart was racing in terror, she was scared to the core. This wasn't the same Diana she used to know. This one seemed cold, cruel, and smarter. Definitely smarter.

"Here take the gold. Leave my lady alone" Isabelle yelled throwing another pouch at her legs not wanting any harm done to the precious lady of the Glacies.

She looked down at the gold pouch then back to Isabelle then to smile innocently like what she did never happened.

"Good girl" she picked up the pouch filled with gold, she shook it and then weighed it on her palm.

"that's more like it" she placed the pouch in the pocket of her brown cloak and patted it to make it secure then strolled her way to the coffee table and picked up the gold coins she poured back in the pouch one by one.

"It was great doing business with you fools" she chuckled and walked towards the door.

Isabelle ran towards her shaking master on the floor. "Isabelle" she hiccupped hugging her tight. "It's ok. The grand duke would punish her for trying to harm you".

"I want her to get punished, punish for trying to steal Damon, punished for trying to harm me."

Ariana knew deep down that Diana wasn't Diana at all. She would never dare to do what she did now. Something was going on here and she wanted to know exactly what.

~Artemis P.O.V~

I slid the crates out of my bed, picking the long crate and dropping it on my bed and doing the same with the other small crate then to slide out my white and dark teal boots out.

These boots have blades hidden inside just for emergencies. Anything can happen to a woman in the ancient world.

I then slid my kimono out. I gazed upon the beautiful attire I designed to go with me, the top layer of the Kimono was white, but the obi was a black colour with the Obiage being a dark teal colour. The silk that was used to make it was smooth and I liked it. The Haori on the other hand a dark teal colour with a white Japanese dragon on it. The skirt was also white, yet it was split into two, the front piece lapping over the second one.

I was proud with my designs. 'I wonder if your proud, mum'.

~30 minutes later~

I was in my outfit. The white kimono, with the skirt reaching to my thighs and the Haori a little longer down my ankles. I wore long black socks reaching to my thighs but to have straps buckled to black bike shorts under my skirt. My katana was attached behind my back, and my pouch attached to my waist. Two kunai knives was tied around both my thighs and not forgetting my hidden blades of course.

My whole attire was covered by the brown cloak I stole from the knight.

I patted my pockets containing 6 total pouches of gold coins, each one having about 100 pieces of gold coins in it. Yep, I collected a lot.

I went to the vanity desk and pulled out the drawers. Valuable jewels, pearls and jewellery were laid perfectly. It would be a shame if I let them lying around for someone else to take them for themselves.

I picked one and examined it. The necklace was just plain, a giant square emerald surrounded by dozens of small diamonds. I wasn't mesmerised by the shiny jewels, I was never interested in jewellery, in fact it was never my thing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-set-in-stone_55522364095524783">;s-set-in-stone_55522364095524783</a> for visiting.

"I wonder how much I can get out of you" I rubbed my chin.

"Meh who cares?" I shrugged. "In you go" I shoved into a spare pouch I had.

I snatched everything from the drawer and shoved in the pouch. When I filled it up, I tied it and shoved it back into my overfilled pockets.

My plan is to just buy my food and medical supplies at the town and a bag as well to store everything in then go the blacksmith for my needles.

I looked myself at the mirror one last time. Admiring my new look. I'm not planning to escape through the night, I already made enough trouble with Ariana, I don't want the duke returning and hearing his 'Precious daughter nearly getting the shit beaten out of by Diana' *cough cough* definitely not me.

The plan was simple go to town, collecting what I need, stay at hotel for the night then leave in the morning or whenever my needles are done.

One last glance at myself before turning around and making my way to the balcony.

Swinging the doors open, I felt the fresh afternoon air brush my cheeks as I breathed a lungful of air. The only good part about ancient worlds is that the air is always clean.

I walked towards the end of the balcony and looked down at the stone covered floor.

In my original body I would have land on those stones without feeling any pain but since Diana's bones are still fragile it might not be a good idea. Landing on grass was a different story but stones.

A grin crossed my face. 'Never hurts to try' I ran at full speed, leaping over the banister and falling straight down very fast, feeling the wind prick my cheeks.

I landed in a superhero landing, I winced when I felt a little sharp pain through my ankles.

'Maybe I should avoid landing on rocks for now' I mentally told myself.

I turned around and glanced back up from where I jumped, Diana's room.

I wonder who will occupy that room while I'm gone. Maybe stella and Lilly would be glad to finally work with Ariana and Marcus would he feel when he comes back to see I'm gone. I wish I could see his face when he figures out, I fooled that douche bag. I chuckled to myself.

A long sigh of relief left my mouth. It felt good to be leaving that place, I thought I would have spent so long in that place before I left. I mentally slapped myself again 'come on Artemis, there is no time to be pondering over useless thoughts. I have to leave before someone catches me.'

I jolted off. Sprinting forward and dodging any garden decoration in my way and leaping over the garden beds and making my way to the white brick gates that circled the mansion. I stopped and lifted my head up as I shaded my eyes from the sun. The brinks were a little old and vegetation was growing through the cracks, but it still looked like it was cleaned every month.

Looking at the wall, I estimated that the wall was about 6 to 7 metres high, and I only can jump 4 to 5 metres in the air with this frail body of Diana's but with my original body, pfft that's a secret.

I took a few steps back and got ready to make run. '1' I counted in my head. '3' skipping two I ran, I pushed myself up leaping in the air, I knew I wasn't going to make it so instead I stretched out my arm and grabbed hold on the edge just in time.

With force, I swung my whole body up and landed perfectly on the roof of the gate, I warm air caressed my cheeks and made my cloak and Haori danced in the breeze, my silver locks flowing with the rhythm of the light wind. 'I made it'.

Glancing over the horizon there was forest of trees and a stone path leading to the town I could make out in the north not so far here maybe an hour walk. Looking further up I could see the palace of Aurum, shining exquisitely under the sun.

I smiled to myself, proud that I had gotten out of that mansion so easily.

Looking behind myself at the Glacies Mansion standing magnificently, surrounded by gorgeous flowers and marble statues, I frowned. 'It's a shame I never got to kill Lilly, Stella and the Duke. I was planning to kill Ariana, but she is going to Alphyria's saviour. Maybe I can return and kill them just for Diana's sake and mine not like they did anything to me. I just want to kill them because they pissed me off and tried to ruin everything I had planned'.

Thinking about it now, I might stumble upon Ariana in the near future after all she is going on a mighty quest to save Alphyria after the prophecy would be announced and she reveals her light magic, Yet I pray I don't see her two-faced face on my journey and her loyal dogs. It will just piss me off.

But right now, I mustn't worry about the future ahead of me but my journey.

I jumped down, landing silently again but painfully. I started running and running feeling the breeze against my face. I ran into the forest, hiding away from the people that might be walking down the stony road.

I was excited to go on this quest for home.

'Daisuke, dear older brother. I don't know how many times I have said this but from now on my mission is to return by your side a promise I making to you, and I will not, I mean will not break that promise. I promise you. For now, just wait for my return'.

With that, the Assassin ran through the forest with her heart set on finding her way home back to the brother whom she promised to stay with forever.

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