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65.71% Villainous Novelist / Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Arkhin's suspicion

Chapter 23: Arkhin's suspicion - Villainous Novelist - Chapter 23 by Tableux_xie full book limited free

Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Arkhin's suspicion

Lilith's P.O.V

I squinted my eyes as it followed the Crown Prince as he walked back and forth in front of me. I'm currently washing the curtains the head maid gave to me, it should be cleaned until tomorrow. I tied the hem of my skirt as I step on the slippery basin. This should do I guess? I just need to hang it up and the heat from the scorching sun will do the rest. By the way, Larkhin Crest is the assassin. Why is he here? I saw a glimpse of him a while ago, and up to now he still hasn't moved from where he is. But what's his business here? Is he here to kill me? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-suspicion_54317475193472530">;s-suspicion_54317475193472530</a> for visiting.

"Till when will you hide behind that tree?" I said in a low tone, I should be careful. You would never know if someone is watching us here.

"Ah, you caught me. I'm amused." Finally, he showed his self. He's still wearing his usual black outfit. I'm sure it's for hiding in the dark? So he would be less visible? It good thing he didn't carry his sword this time, my heart suddenly jumped for a moment.

"I wonder why are you here? Are you here as a spy?"

"What do you think I'm doing here then? Going for a picnic?" He muttered but enough for me to hear.

"I can hear that!"

"Of course I meant for you to hear that! Idiot!"

A moment of silence after that. We were just staring at each other's soul

"So... what the fuck?" I looked at him with disbelief, sometimes characters can be this pointless. "What is it that you've been watching me for four hours straight? Mind to explain?" I walked towards him, he's not harmed or anything so it's safe.

"Tsk, I...Uh..." He looked away.

Eh? Is he shy?! This is a sudden turn of events! My eyes widened in shock. In the novel Larkhin is known for being a hot-blooded person, he would kill everyone who gets in his way. Perhaps this is another plot change since I got here and met him first before the female lead? Ah! I have weaknesses when it comes to soft boys!

I smirked, should I tease him? "Eh? I thought you're here to confess that you fell in love with me in first sight." I said in a dramatic tone. "You should've said that before, I would've accepted your love." I can't with his facial expression now! He's turning red like a tomato!

"Seriously?! That made you blush?! What the hell? You're way better than that!"

"Tsk! What? You? I like you?" He scoffed and rolled his eyes before occupying the gap between us.

"It's because when I met you at that shitty rose garden," His eyes are now staring at me. No, not to me. But behind me? I immediately turn around, but no one was even behind me.

"What are you looking at?" He's weird.

"I can sense and see a black shadow around you." The atmosphere got serious. The tension between us is suddenly getting intense. I'm so stupid, I scold myself.

I forgot that he can see what aura a person's mana is.


"You use black mana?" We're currently hiding behind the tree just beside the laundry. I nodded in response. His stares are slowly melting me up, like butter in a heated pan.


Why? Why... There is really a reason why I use dark magic.

"Because I can't use light mana, that's all," I answered, but he seems to not buy my excuse.

"Because you can't?" He titled his head in confusion. "If you don't have any amount of mana, don't be greedy and stay like how you are. It's easy, why would you even want to handle this kind of mana? To tell you, this aura of yours... Is much darker than other dark mana I even encountered." Whew, that was such a long speech.

"I see, but you don't get me here. I'm not here to use it for personal use, I have reasons. But that, Is what I can't really say." I stood up, "even if you kill me."

"Well then, here. If you really won't listen to me. If you won't want to exit that dark path you're walking to right now, this will help." He grabbed my arm and forced my fist to open, and placed a cold silky texture thing to my palm. It was a silver necklace, a silver necklace with a clear teardrop-like pendant. If you would look at it, it looks like a normal necklace. But maybe it's something more than that? Why would he even give me one if doesn't have anything to do with me right?

But this necklace never appeared in the novel, and I didn't mention any silver necklace in the novel. So this necklace is from a part where the novel changes. Because the villainess didn't debut as herself, some tragedy that was supposed to happen to me didn't occur.

"It will hide your identity, once you wear that and applied your own mana in it, it will be your own guide." He pointed the pendant. "But be careful not to let others see even a glimpse of it because the mana you hold will be visible on the pendant."

"What do you mean by 'visible'?"

"You use dark mana, so the pendant will turn to black, if it's a saint that's wearing it, it will stay clear. If someone who uses light mana, it will turn aqua blue." Oh, I see.

"I get it, but why are you helping me?" I tied my hair and wear the necklace, I applied some of my practiced mana into it, and it turned... Eh?

"Why did mine turned red?!" I gasped, is he just fooling around me?!

"Red... That's new." I look at him and his face is full of amusement, there's nothing amusing here! What the heck is this?!

"You're only a beginner when it comes to magic, but you hold strong dark magic. How amusing." He smirked, what's so fun about this?

"Red means... Overpowered mana, it means mana overflows from your body, your body can't hold such plenty amount of mana so some of it transferred to the necklace, it means... the necklace becomes your own dark magic tool." He's like a professor, and I'm like his student with the way we talk right now. "It only means that you and the necklace become one. If that necklace broke because of being destroyed by powerful mana, you will die." Die?

"And if you died, the necklace will also break into pieces."

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