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0.4% Villainous Young Master's Otherworldly Harem / Chapter 1: To A New World

Chapter 1: To A New World

It was already late night. However, one could see the colorful city lights illuminating the sky.

The night sky looked clear as the area was less polluted due to the surrounding mountains and forests.

The stars looked like jade-like fireflies, illuminating silver light across the sky.

The lake water rippled as the wind blew. But no one knew that someone already drowned in the lake.

" How? How did this happen?"

With a gurgling sound, a young man already reached deep inside the lake.

He was an ordinary graduate who returned to his hometown for the Spirit Returning Festival.

His town was a famous tourist spot with beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers.

There was Star Mountain, where people came for hiking. What's more, there is also a giant lake named Enlightenment lake.

The legend was that the Star Mountain descended from heaven, and the lake formed because of it.

Many sages of the past sat beside the lake to get enlightenment. Even in modern times, many artists and poets come here to take inspiration.

That's why it is called Enlightenment Lake.

The young man was just passing by there as he was suddenly fascinated by the scenery at night.

" Fuck, I felt so strange when I looked at the lake surface. There wasn't a single ripple.

"It looked like a giant mirror, reflecting all the stars and constellations of the starry sky."

" Unfortunately, I got careless and fell into the lake. But why the fuck there was a whirlpool inside it?!"

The lake was usually harmless. However, when he fell into the lake, he felt a giant suction dragging him to the bottom.

" Finished! My life is finished!"

" To think I will die virgin and penniless." The young man sighed.

As he was about to faint, he saw a pale golden light flashing beneath him. He subconsciously stretched his hands to grab it.

" Wh-what's this?"

He mumbled. But only bubbles came out of his mouth.

Suddenly, he felt the water around evaporating as soon it turned into nothingness.

His mind went blank as suddenly, multicolored lights brightly flashed, making his brain stop for a moment.

He again felt a sucking force, like a colorful blackhole trying to swallow him.

" Whe-Where am I?"

The young man opened his eyes as he was stunned.

He was floating. Surrounding him was a vast expanse of limitless starry space. He could clearly see the arrays of stars and constellations.

The chaotic space was filled with colorful lights as the young man felt like he was traveling a million miles per breath of time.

He was all alone in the never ending space filled with stars.

" Huh?"

He saw there was something in his fist. When he opened his fist, he saw a small golden cube.

" How absurd. First, I was drowning in the lake, and now I am floating in space.

" Wait, How can I breathe here?"

There was an even more important thing for him to think about, though. He wondered how he was going to escape.

" This thing, What is it?" He carefully looked at the golden cube.

Suddenly, the golden cube moved as it turned into a ray of light. It shot at the forehead of the young man. It disappeared when it hit his forehead.


[Host detected! Compatibility checking!]

[Unique Nine Reincarnation Dao Soul detected!]

[Compatibility Matched! Activating the God Box]

[DING! Randomly choosing a World]

[ World detected! Transmigration begins!]


Panels after panels of light appeared in front of him as the young man became dumbfounded.

" I am getting a golden finger?!"

" System? Wait, Let me process this shit-"

Before the young man could think anymore, he again turned into a ray of light as he crossed the space.

When the young man opened his eyes, he saw a giant city beneath him. It looked like a modern city, flashing with colorful lights.

" Wait, I am back??"

Suddenly, he saw three pillars of golden light shooting out from the city.

[Fortuitous Encounter Detected! The host may choose any one out of three special bodies to transmigrate!]

A system panel appeared, startling the young man.

" Hmm, This is quite difficult. Generally, I should choose a body of a genius who comes in a thousand, no, ten thousand years."

But all three pillars of golden light looked the same, confusing the young man.

" Well, I choose that!"

He pointed at one pillar.

[Warning: Unexpected Occurance!]

[The World Law is interfering! Emergency Transmigration Starts in three seconds!]

[ Selecting random body to transmigrate!]

" Wait! I want a protagonist's body!"

" Get me one of the golden pillars you bastard system!"

The young man screamed, but his vision blackened again.


" Fuck, Boss! It seems we got the wrong guy!"

A voice spoke with a panicked tone.

" What? After stabbing him three times, you are saying that we got the wrong guy?!"

Another voice replied furiously.

" Look here, This kid looks more fat than our target. But he wore the same cap as that bastard."

" The lights in the alley were dim, so I was mistaken." The first voice replied.

" Fuck! Fuck you! It seems that bastard tricked us!"

*Cough! Cough!*

There was a bloodied body lying on the ground as it quivered slightly.

[ Transmigration successful ]

" Fuck! Where am I?"

The body mumbled. But a terrible pain assaulted his mind.

" Eh? There are wounds on my stomach and chest?"

He looked beneath and realized that he was lying in his pool of blood.

It was the worst pain he ever felt in his life. He felt that his eyelids are getting heavy.

[ Warning! The host's body has received fatal damage! Immediate action required!]

The young man finally realized that this wasn't a dream. He has somehow transmigrated into this little fatty's dying body.

" Boss! I think he is still alive! Should we..."

" Help? Are you fucking out of your mind? He has already seen our faces. Let him die!"

" Tutut, Poor boy! I am really sorry, I accidentally mistook you for someone else. May you find peace in the afterlife."

The voice spoke with a chuckle.

" Jun Tianyun, So you are Jun Tianyun, eh?"

The young man mumbled. " I didn't accomplish much in my past life, but you gave me this body."

" From today, I will live as Jun Tianyun!"

He opened his eyes as he glanced at his surrounding.

Jun Tianyun saw two hooligans standing not far from him.

One of them had a bald head with a large scar. The other one had a crooked face. He held a bloodied knife, with blood still dripping from it.

" So you two are the bastards!"

He cursed in his heart. But now it isn't important.

" How do I get out of here? Fuck! I can't even crawl."

Jun Tianyun realized his body was almost immobile as the blood loss was too much.

[ Healing function isn't detected! System starting emergency treatment]

[ Energy deficiency detected! Host's Destiny point detected!]

[ Whether the host chooses to spend all his Destiny points to heal?]

" Yes." Jun Yianyun spoke weakly.

Although he didn't understand what is Destiny point, his life was more important.

[ Low amount of Destiny Point detected! Consuming all Destiny Point!]

[ Healing body by 60%! Burning body cells and bloodline! Body healed by 80%]

[ Buff activated: Body power enhanced by three times for one minute!]

Jun Tianyun clenched his fist as he felt a burning sensation through his body. But slowly, his wounds started to heal.

What's more, his body fat was also burning, making him thinner and thinner. A strange kind of power filled in his body.

" Three times of my strength?"

" Hehehe."

A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he gazed at the two hooligans in front of him.

[ 59...58...57...]

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