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100% Vixen in the Night / Chapter 15: Finally that’s over

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Chapter 15: Finally that’s over

Kiara walked into her apartment and plopped down face first on her bed, she let out a deep sigh, thankful the night was finally over. She had managed to teach Hank how to not be terrible at kissing, but then somehow ended up in his bed not long after. If his kissing skills weren't great, his moves in bed were even worse, plus at one point he started crying over his ex again. She let out another deep sigh just thinking about it.

She decided to take a hot shower to help settle her down for bed, and get rid of Hank's lingering cologne. As she lathered her naked body up with citrus smelling bubbles, she felt a little guilty about breaking up with him before she left, but they just weren't a good match. She was also feeling guilty for ending up in his bed at all, but after she had talked about living in the moment instead of feeling sad over his ex he picked her up and carried her there, and she unfortunately went along with it.

Thinking more on it, equines just weren't really her type, she was more of a canine girl, and was always drawn to the hot wolf guys hanging out at the club. She tried focusing on that thought as she let the hot water wash over her, the bubbles trailing down her body until they vanished.

As she stood there she thought it was time for a change of pace, do something different. She had a paper coming up soon, and thought maybe a trip to the local museum might inspire her paper while also getting her out of the strange routine she had recently fallen into.


The next day she sat on a museum bench, a notebook and pen in hand as she scribbled tidbits related to her paper. She didn't notice at first, but someone sat on the next bench over, staring intently at a picture on the wall. He had bright fire engine red hair with red fox ears sticking out, and a bright red tail. He was so small he probably only stood as high as her mid-thigh, which made Kiara think at first it was a child sitting there. After a while she had finished writing in her notebook all she could until she got home, so looked around the room, taking in the sights.

She realized she hadn't seen this kid's parents and was a little worried, "Are you lost little boy? Do you need help finding your parents?" The red haired boy looked over at her, tilting his head in confusion, "Are you talking to me?" He asked in a high pitched, squeaky voice similar to a child, while motioning to himself. Kiara nodded and got up to sit on the bench next to him, "It's ok, tell me your name and I'll help you find them."

He began laughing, "My name is Benj, but don't worry, I'm not lost!" It was Kiara's turn to look confused. Benj had a wide grin on his face as he spoke, his yellow eyes gleaming, "I'm actually an adult. I'm a miniature fox, my species never gets any larger than this." Kiara gasped, "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! I didn't know! I hope I didn't offend you!" Benj continued to smile, "No no no. It's ok, I'm not offended at all." He could see how nervous she had become so offered his hand in greeting, "I'm Benj, who do I have the honor of meeting today?" Kiara shook his hand, "I'm Kiara."

Before they knew it, they were having a conversation about the museum, and places Kiara could go for information on her paper, which turned into fun places in the area to visit, and ended with exchanging numbers so Benj could message her a bunch of the suggestions.

They ended up walking around the museum together for about an hour, before finishing up at the exit. "Before we go, have you been to that photo gallery down town yet?" Benj asked. Kiara shook her head, "No, didn't it just open last week?" Benj nodded, "It did, it did! I haven't been there either." Kiara then replied back with excitement, "Do you want to check it out this week? What's your schedule like?"


It was nice to finally find a friend who had more interest in checking out museums and galleries than hanging out at the club or wanting to go to bed with her, not that she minded being naughty, but sometimes she just needed a break from everyone being naughty, she thought to herself as she drove home.

They had planned to get together later in the week to hang out, and she was looking forward to it. She also had found out Benj enjoyed taking belly dancing lessons, so had invited her to come join the class whenever she was available if she wanted to try something new. She wasn't sure if she would take him up on the offer, but it did sound interesting.


As usual Lupe had her back at the club the next night, she decided to keep things simple by wearing her skirt and tight shirt, stripping down to her bra during her performance. She only had one guy watching her tonight so didn't have a very long routine and instead felt like having some fun out on the dance floor. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She wasn't by herself long, she soon had a guy by her side. He had black unkempt hair with black canine ears, and a black and white husky tail, which was wagging happily to the music. She didn't pay much attention to him, but he soon tried to strike up a conversation with her, "Hey, how's your night going?" She gave him a thumbs up since the music made it a bit hard to have a decent conversation, plus after the crazy date with Hank over the weekend, she wasn't in a hurry to jump into anything.

The guy decided to persist though, "Can I buy you a drink?" he said, grinning at her. Through the flashes of light from the overhead strobes she could see he had a round face, dimples popped up on his cheeks as he grinned and blue eyes staring back at her as he tried to dance along with her rhythm. He seemed kind of cute, and was definitely friendly, but Kiara wasn't sure if she was in the mood for this tonight. She bit her lip for a moment, not wanting to be rude, before nodding, "yeah, fine."

He immediately took her hand and led her through the crowd to the bar, she looked at her hand in surprise as she followed along. They ordered their drinks and the guy told the bartender to put it on his tab, then before she knew it, they were sitting across from each other at a 2 person table upstairs.

As she sat there sipping her drink, wondering why this guy was so persistent, he grinned at her and spoke, "You pole dance here a lot, don't you?" Her eyes opened wide in surprise as her body tensed up, she opened and closed her mouth a few times before speaking, "Y-yes… have you.. been watching me?" He nodded happily, "Yeah, I've seen you a few times. I have been coming to watch the DJ routines." He paused to sip his drink, "I'm interviewing for the open DJ position at the end of the week, so was checking out the other DJs to see how they do things."

Kiara immediately relaxed hearing his explanation, at first she thought he was being creepy by watching her, and wondered what he wanted from her, but if he had just noticed her here while watching the DJs, that was alright. She still wondered though, what had prompted him to speak to her.

"Oh, I see. That's cool. I hope you get the job." She said casually, taking another sip of her drink. "So what made you decide to come dance with me if you have been watching the DJs?" He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hmm, I think it's because you didn't look very into your routine tonight, and went to dance out on the dance floor by yourself instead. You seemed.. unhappy maybe?" He tilted his head slightly as he said it, looking at her face for sign of a reaction.

She bit her bottom lip as she looked away, "Yeah, I guess it just wasn't my night. I guess I didn't really feel like coming here tonight, but my friend insisted." She shrugged. He nodded in understanding, "So, if you don't want to be here, want to go somewhere fun with me?" She looked at him, his voice sounded so kind as he said that, but she didn't even know this guy's name. "Uh, that's nice of you, but I don't know anything about you, or even who you are, so I really would feel weird going home with you."

He chuckled back, "The name's Cloud, and as much as I wish you were coming home with me, because honestly you are pretty cute, that's not actually what I meant." Kiara looked at him confused. He reached across the table and gently grabbed her hand as he stood up, encouraging her to follow, "Do you like to ice skate?"

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Due to the holidays, I will not be able to post daily, but will try not to leave you waiting too long for the next chapters.

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