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100% Void Eyes Douluo / Chapter 6: Wake up call

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Chapter 6: Wake up call

"Now, will you have a small chat with me?"

"... No, I still have something to do." Bohai answered with a straight face.

He then turned around and walked up to Tang San who was carrying Xiao Wu on his back while Flender sighed and just shook his head.

'This kid's a real pain in the ass. Whatever, I'll talk to him some other time." He thought silently to himself.

"Is she alright?" Bohai asked with some worry on his face.

Tang San smiled and nodded, "It's just a small backlash from her ability, she should be fine.

Bohai looked relieved then tilted his head. He stared at Tang San for a while before asking, "Tang San, is she really your sister?"

Tang San didn't expect this question but still calmly replied, "not by blood but she's my sister none the less."

Bohai stared at Tang San for a while as he pondered his answer before he asked a really unexpected question, "do you like her?"

The question really caused Tang San to almost drop Xiao Wu for a second but he very quickly regained his composure.

He looked away from Bohai as he answered unclearly, "Yes, I like her... as a little sister..."

Unknown to Tang San there was a little twitch from Xiao Wu's ears when he answered the question but Bohai managed to catch it.

"Little rabbit, why are you pretending to still be unconscious?" Bohai asked without any reservations.

"Little rabbit? Whose that?" Tang San asked.

Bohai just pointed to Xiao Wu and replied, "she's a rabbit and she's small so I call her little rabbit.

Tang San freaked out when he found out and almost dropped Xiao Wu again while the person in question herself bit her lip and continued her act.

Her face was a little pink but she didn't make any movements at all but it was all for naught as Tang San also realized at this point that she was awake.

"Um... Bohai, could we be left alone for a while?" Tang San asked while scratching his cheek with his index finger.

Bohai wondered if he did something wrong again but still accepted Tang Sans wishes, "Alright, I'll see you guys later."

Leaving the two alone, Bohai walked away confused as he scratched his head in confusion.

Ning Rongrong who stood alone like an outcast was nervously pulling at her dress as she watched Bohai pass right by her.

As he got closer, she lowered her head bit by bit untill it was completely down and just as Bohai brushed passed her there was an inaudible whisper, "...sorry..."

Being distracted by his thoughts, Bohai completely missed what she said and walked right by her.

On the other hand Ning Rongrong who thought everyone hated her, bit her lip as small drops of tears escaped her eyes.

This was her own doing and she would have to fix it herself. She wasn't in her clan where everyone treated her like a princess anymore.

Within her mind a small resolve grew as she clenched her small fists. She was going to better herself, she was going to change.

Later that night as Bohai was looking at the stars shining brightly in the night sky, his vision suddenly went dark as he flew back and hit the door.

Bohai groaned as he sat up but once he saw who it was his eyes brightened and he quickly stood up.

"Little rabbit! Why'd you kick me?" Bohai asked curiously with no resentment for the attack he received.

With a sweet smile Xiao Wu asked, "why'd I kick you? Do you seriously not know why I kicked you?"

Bohai immediately nodded like a pecking chicken as he honestly didn't know why he was suddenly kicked.

With a tick mark on her forehead, Xiao Wu suddenly went crazy and started kicking at Bohai aggressively.

"You don't know? You don't know?! How about now? Do you still not know?!" Xiao Wu yelled as she sent a barrage of kicks at Bohai.

Cold sweat formed on Bohai's forehead as he doged the kicks left and right but he didn't fight back.

"Little rabbit wait! Let's talk this out?" Bohai was actually a little afraid of Xiao Wu right now.

"Talk to yourself!" Xiao Wu didn't listen and continued her attacks.

"Do you know what you almost did? What if Tang San found out who I really am? What if anyone found out who we really are?!"

Xiao Wu was truly angry right now about how Bohai almost revealed their greatest secret.

"Do you understand what the consequences of humans finding out what we are? They'll hunt us down! They'll kill us for our rings! Tang San will hate me!"

As she let out all her worries, Xiao Wu suddenly broke down and stared crying.

Bohai was backed against the wall as he stared at Xiao Wu. He thought about what she said but he couldn't find anything to say at this moment.

He just slid down the door and hung his head low as he continued thinking about Xiao Wu's words.

The room at this moment was pretty much silent except for the quiet sobbing sounds coming from Xiao Wu.

It was a long night as the two of them sat in silence untill Bohai broke the silence with a question.

"Little rabbit... If what you say is true... why did you become human?"

After a brief pause Bohai asked another question, "I became human because I was lonely. Out there... everything's trying to kill me... I hated that... If it's the same here, for what purpose did I change?"

Xiao Wu remained silent, unlike Bohai she understood humans better than humans understood themselves.

She knew the terrible things humans could do and also the good that they have in them.

"... I want to be with Tang San forever but I can't... I'm sure they'll find out eventually, humans are smart." Xiao Wu quietly said.

Once again the room fell into complete silence as they both were dwelling in their thoughts.

"... What if they accept us even after finding out?" Bohai suddenly asked.

"Accept us? That would be nice." Xiao Wu comented.

"No, they will... we just need to make them care about us enough to accept us!" Bohai suddenly exclaimed.

There was a little gleam in Xiao Wu's eyes as she heard this and she asked, "how?"

There was an akward silence... Bohai looked lost and replied, "I don't know... I thought you would know..."

A visible tick mark could be seen on Xiao Wu's forehead again as she glared at Bohai.


Bohai immediately ducked down and dogged it while Xiao Wu dusted herself off then headed towards the window.

"Don't say or do anything that will reveal us!" Xiao Wu said solemly before jumping out the window.

As she hit the ground, a small smile formed on her lips as she mumbled, "make them care about us enough..."

Bohai peered out the window and watched as Xiao Wu disappeared into the darkness.

'I have a lot to think about tonight...'

8BallPool 8BallPool

This chapter may be a little boring but it'll help you guys understand Bohai better and his future actions weather dumb or smart, they have reasons.

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