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23- 4 Months - VRMMO: Alter Online - Chapter 23 by LazyTanaka full book limited free

Chapter 23: 23- 4 Months

A few days has passed since then, Mark had focused on mining for now, the utmost important right now were materials, upgrading their armors, tools and weapons.

Mark's items right now were just some items that doesn't give too much protection, tools are also essential for their everyday work, weapons are also important, right now, monsters were increasingly getting stronger as the days goes on.

Their levels were increasing and their numbers are also expanding, of course, this was not a problem for Mark but it was getting pain in the ass to deal with the monsters.

They were much harder to kill and their all over stats were doubled from the early stages, and the thing Mark also noticed that they were getting intelligent.

New monsters also started popping out such as creepers, those green like d*ck thingy things explodes when they get close to a player, there are also phantoms which were undead monsters flying in the skies and they were like eagles that will hunt every player down.

There are also some powerful monsters, and Mark met one of those things, it was a monster called Frostmaw.

Frostmaws are dangerous beasts found rarely in snowy areas. Their massive size, impressive speed, and powerful ice breath make them near-impossible opponents.

\Mark still remembered how he fought that monster with one hand as his other arm was frozen from its ice breath, it was an intense battle that the viewers watching the stream at that time didn't even spam comments as they were holding their breath from the battle.

Mark won the battle with 40% of his health bar lost, and it was also hard to remove the ice that froze his arm, it lasted for 2 days before the ice melted and Mark being able to use his other hand again.

Mark really did underestimated the Alter Online but he now have a gist of it,.

Everything changes as the time goes on, it was like the game was on going its evolution and slowly would approach its final form, which is the realistic game.

The first continent was really just a kids game, it was like an introduction for beginners but just because it was treated as a kids game doesn't mean it doesn't have any importance.

First Continent was the preparation phase for the players who wants to stand on top of this game, the professional players and guilds to be precise, for them standing on top meant their life long achievements.

This was also the same for Chris and Mark who wanted to create a guild like laughing shadows.

SO far, Mark had hunted down the materials that was within his reach, respectively it was the monster head, and he still haven't found anything, it was really difficult to acquire these monsters head as there was a specific condition. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He needed to find a charged up creeper and use it to kill the monster that Mark wanted to kill, but finding a charged creeper has a low probability of 0.0001% according to the Alter Online Forums and no one has been able to find one.

Well, there is another way of finding one and that is to make one but Mark will need a trident with a special enchantment.

Speaking of enchantments, and new monsters, DreamTech Games, the company in charge of Alter Online announced that the Second Continent will come out 4 months later, it also explained what will happen after the coming of the second continent.

New monsters, NPC's, the emergence of Kingdoms and Towns, new gameplay will be released, the increase of player limit of the game, the world expansion, as for the others, the DreamTech company said it was a surprise, but Mark knew there will changes in the realism of the game.

Right now, physics of he game was almost non-existent, there were floating blocks, gravity. all in all, these disastrous physics of the game is enough to make Newton rise from his coffin.

Anyway, from this was only a deduction Mark made after he put some thought into it, as an intelligent poor broke orphan, Mark had learned many things from the society, especially in a school full of rich people.

Mark then shook his head from his thoughts and continued searching around the cave that he found, its been a week since he started searching for rare ores, well, so far, he only found some gold ore and red stone.

This cave that Mark found was very deep, it goes 34 blocks away from the surface, and it also have many branch caves and tunnels.

Mark had been around this cave for 2 days already and this was the riches cave he had ever found, it has many iron ores.

Yes, just iron ores.

Still, Iron ores are very needed materials, Mark had already collected 3 stacks of iron ores, and also found some rare material called lapis Lazuli, it has an appearance of a blue gem, and it was also an item needed for enchanting!

Mark was very excited that he found one, now he only needed an enchanted table, well, it was very hard to craft, since the materials are also very rare, he needed a diamond, an obsidian, obsidian could only be mined with Diamond Pick-axe.

Mark sighed, after he remembered that but nonetheless, being able to find a rare material like that was also a sign of good luck, with the good luck, Mark continued exploring the cave and just a few minutes later.

He found a strange cave, there were some kind of foundation that was placed on this cave, there was a wood, there are also broken rails on the ground, "I-isn't this an abandoned mineshaft?" Mark exclaimed.

There is no mistaking it, this appearance of a cave, the only thing that stick close to this cave is an abandoned mineshaft!

Mark didn't wait too long, he memorized the abandoned mineshaft and left the cave, going inside a mineshaft was like going inside a maze, Mark needed Chris to explore with him so they could go to every nook and cranny of the cave.

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