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5% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 1: Ch.1 God(?) Decided to Give me a Cheat Inside VRMMORPG.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 1 - Ch.1 God(?) Decided to Give me a Cheat Inside VRMMORPG.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal original

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal

Author: R4IN

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: Ch.1 God(?) Decided to Give me a Cheat Inside VRMMORPG.

My name is Kanzaki Yuuto, how are you?(in english)

I am 17 years old and I should have enjoyed life spring but, that didn't happen.(in japanese) I don't know when it was but, some day, I started thinking that communication was pain in ass and finally, it was to the point that my conversation with my family only contained the most little amount of words.

When my mother speak to me, I would only nod, or say yes, etc... Since she is still smiling happily even when talking to me, I guess she don't bother it?

She was an amazing mother. Both in parental way and woman's way of course not in sort of lecherous meaning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I don't have father. Yes. That's right. Not I don't have father anymore but, I don't have father. The story would be long if I explained it so, let's just talk about my mother right now.

It was when mother was 17 years old that she gave birth in me. An virgin birth. Despite all the stress of the decision she had to make since young, she decided to give birth to me.

My mother was genius in her own way that she somehow found a way to make a money for both her and me. As for her family? There was non. She was an orphan it seems.

Today, 2040 July 1, I gave quiet farewell to that mother of mine and went to the school lazily.

School wasn't exactly my thing if I told you honestly. From my personality to my hobby. Nothing matched to the school I am attending. Many of the students here is fairly smart, including me(although I am just average among them).

Because of that, all they talk is about what they studied in the home, how to solve this question, etc... all of them is about study. Of course, there is also someone talking about game but, the game they're talking about didn't match the kind of genre I liked. They were talking about kingdom building kind of game.

It is more surprising that I got to attend to this school with the most minimum amount of study and even managed to be average among these students. About that part, I will praise my memorising ability. Quietly.

It was the time when the first lesson ended. I heard my class committee or is that they say in english? Talking about a certain game. It was so rare that I turned my ears to her while reading the book.

As they treats me like a ghost inside this class, I don't think she even notices me listening to their conversation.

The serious class committee who's always talking about lesson, is rarely talking about a game. Of course, a gamer such as me and who had been with her for 2 years couldn't help but listen attentively to her.

"Hey did you know? The game called Legends, has released!"

"Rikarika you're so late in age! All of us in this class have already bought the game."

Yeah. Except me.

"Really? Then let's meet up in the game and make a team. What's your name?" From this word, it could be seen on how inexperienced the class committee was, in game.

Anyway, all the information needed was covered. I took back my focus to the book I was reading; K*mo Des*ga, Nani ka? Then, I waited for the school to end.


Along with the chime, the class ended and I rushed out and headed to the store where it was rumoured that [Legends] was selling. Not that I have friends to stay outdoors or something. No one stopped me.

The store was not too far from here, Tokyo. Just a little bit of train ride to Akihabara and a little bit of walk. If it wasn't for how glittering the class committee, Satou Serika's eyes when talking about the game was, I wouldn't have rushed to this store.

I am also glad on how the future turned out. I've heard from my mother but, when she's buying something and don't know where that foods is, she had to ask the staff. Me, who gets uncomfortable from a stranger in front of me, is already impossible enough for me to call someone.

Upon entering the stores and walking around, a blue screen appeared. Like an experienced person, I quickly swiped out the unnecessary interface and quickly tapped the search bar.

Quickly tapping the key that appeared out of nothing, the search bar was quickly filled and into Legends

??? I couldn't help but make a question mark inside. World's First Global VRMMORPG from the unknown company called Divine's Realm?

Moreover, it's tested and verified to be safe from the government? The government even suggesting you to play it? The suspicious only increases but, as long as I can have fun, it's okay!


It was Saturday when the delivery package arrived.

Washing face? Done.

Toothbrush? Done.

Shower? Done.

Breakfast? My stomach is so full that I feel like exploding. It's a wonder why I don't get fat despite the amount of food mother give me.

As for the price, the device only cost 70,000 yen and the game was around 10,000 yen. There goes all the money my mother gave me yearly. I don't regret it because I don't have a friend to use that money for except buy a food or game.

Along with the smell that seems to give off that it was brand new, I opened the package without amazement.

What? I should make a video of package opening reaction and upload to Tubetube? Pain in ass.

I've already seen the device in the video but, it still amaze me to look at it in raw material.

The device was just an bracelets to be honest. But, even I don't know how they did it but, they managed to give off the bracelets an charm that only a supercars would release. The silver glows that it would emit from the reflection. The curve it shows that's as valuable as the supercar I said.

I hold my breath before blushing toward the cringy word I am about to say.

"My hand can destroy the reality. This bracelets, Arkelion can create another reality. In front of me, The Wicked Chaotic Demonic Unholy God, nothing can escape. Therefore, I start my calamity. Reality Alteration!" I don't know what I am saying.

Before even playing the game, it's already absurd. The expectation toward the game have already lowered at the same time, I couldn't help but laugh at those who have experience the same fate with this great one. Kukuku...

I'm going to change the setting later.


When I noticed, I was already at the blank space where nothing but black and [Legends] game picture is.

I had to go back to the store and buy the game to install it beforehand. To be truth, I could have bought it as set and the price would've been lower by 2,000 yen but, I didn't know it. There goes my money.

Each step inside the blank black space caused a cool ripple effect that differs it color every different steps. It was not too intense and calming to look at. It even caused a sounds of droplets falling into a sea.

I believe if a cultivator meditated here, they would achieve some deep enlightenment whatsoever.

Jokes aside, I ran toward the [Legends] and jumped toward it.

Right after, that screen shattered and along with some indescribable sounds effect, the coloful mist spreads backward the shattered screen. After that? I was taken to another world.

No. It's not some 'VR Game katte, asobou to shitara, kyuu ni ishiki ga kiete isekai tensei shita ken. ~Shisutemu wo motta ore wa, sekai saikyou no kami to naru.' Yeah don't even bother searching it up. It's just some title I thought of as a joke. It doesn't exist.


From the flower, it suddenly bloomed before emitting a light which a fairy appeared from. By the way, that flower was yellow before and after it bloomed.

"Howdy huma-!? What may be a venerable one doing here?" The fairy said.

What is this? Is this the system's scheme to make the players feel good?

What should I do... he's talking to me. It's too rude to ignore him, right? But... it's pain and from my past-

Anyway. It seems like he's respecting me so, he wouldn't mind even if I ignore him, right?

I turned my back to him and muttered whatever came into my mind, that is related in games.

"Stats. Race. World Map. Tutorial. Property. Weapon. Armor. Experience. Level. Username. Part-, Inventory." This is the only thing that came into my kind in this short second. Soon, bunch of interface appeared in front of me. I was luckily right.

Strength equals HP, Agility equals speeds, Intelligent equals mana point. They kept the common knowledge. We're also given a free 10 stats points which I added it all toward agility.

Human - An creature with unlimited capabilities. They may be weak like other creature, but due to their countless breeding, they managed to be one of the most populated creatures in Dearth. Besides that, their capabilities of keeping their gene have proved them to be able to improve as time passes.

Elf - An powerful creature with limitless fighting capability and is loved by mana. They may not be on par with humanity in term of lifestyle and population, but in term of combat, they're more stronger than humanity and is more agile compared to others races. If it wasn't for the harsh conditions of breeding, their situation wouldn't be as bad as now in Dearth

Goblin - Possibly the weakest creature in Dearth. Goblin itself isn't terrifying but, they can be potentially dangerous as they can use smart strategy, and advanced technology. Moreover, likely and unlike human, they can evolve. Due to the harsh conditions for evolving that not many goblins was able to evolve before dying, but those who undergone an evolution can be as strong as average human or even stronger. The amount of evolution they can undergo is not known to this age but, there was one legendary ogre, an evolution of goblin, who have wreck havoc in Dearth before dying after 365 days of fighting.

Demon - It's right and wrong to call this one a creature. When a player chose to play this race, they can say farewell to Dearth because they'll be moved to Dearth's hell. They can escape from that place and arrive to Dearth but, before that they have to face the rift guardian. Recommended for those who seeks battle, not some quests.



Winter Elf...


There was so many texts that appeared that it hurts my eye. What is this. Are they even allowed to tell some hidden information about race? Is this another system's scheme that'd make you feel special?

[You have chosen Half-Demon]

It's as the system told. Not sure if it's allowed but, somehow, I passed. There's many reasons I chose this race but, I'll talk it next time.

Next! Username.

Well. Kamikaze it is. I don't know why it can hold a offensive meaning toward Japanese like me but, I chose it because it had an cool accent. Kami (God/Divine/Celestial/Deity) Kaze(Wind/Zephyr/) if you combine it Celestial Zephyr. Even in English, it sound cool.

Besides, it match my playstyle. Everything has settled! Now let's review my magnificent stats.


HP: 10 / MP: 10

Strength: 1

Agility: 11

Intelligence: 1

When I looked back to the fairy, he was still shivering in fear. What's really going on with his mind. If possible, I want to free him from his program and stop him from shivering.

The world map! It was really big. Around the sun's size or bigger. It was awesome and made me reassure the childhood dream I once had after reading Reincarnation of the Strongest Gun God. The second reality.

Since I don't know what is in where, I just grabbed hold of my figure and closed my eyes. After that, I throwed my character figure toward the Dearth Planet, unaware of where it will land.

Spinning around that planet from the force, it finally stopped into 1 kingdom. Shiverlight River Kingdom.

Developer's naming sense really sucks, don't they? I disappeared from the spot I am in, leaving the still shivering fairy alone.


"What!? Did you just say M*rs Gravity's novel sucks!? Fuck you."

"Of course the novel he make sucks! Everything he write is so unrealistic that it makes me vomit! If it wasn't for the fact that he is in the next kingdom, I would have killed him myself!"

"You dare mock my idol!? It seems like you can't wait for your death! Die!"

One side took their spear and another side took their sword. Their argument reached the peak and now, they're about to attack on each other.

Right at the moment where their attack almost collided, I teleported between them, in the end, I took both of their attack without the time to even dodge and block.

[You have taken 71,000 damage.]

[You have taken 69,000 damage.]

[You have been beheaded. Producing the instantaneous death effect.]

[You have been stabbed toward the heart. Producing the abnormal effects.]

[Heartless Effect - You will lose 10% HP per 0.5 second until you regain new heart.]

Shitty luck. Damn. Why is it so hurt I made sure the pain sensitivity is only 10%. I can see my headless body and the big hole in my chest but, I can't do anything about it.

I guess I'll just respawn, sigh...

But, the respawn sign didn't appear. I can feel the spills blood was moving back toward the body on it's own will. Even the head is going back, instinctively. I have to say it myself but, it seemed disgusting.

After around a minute, the head flew toward my neck and stuck along with flesh that was regenerating newly. I have to say myself but, I am really disgusting...


My mind finally caught the situation. As my eyes fall toward the hitpoint bar.

HP: NaN..


2,000 words? Wow... no wonder it felt laggy when I wrote this in my iOS

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