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50% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 10: Ch.10 Peaceful, Isn’t it?

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 10 - Ch.10 Peaceful, Isn’t it?

Chapter 10: Ch.10 Peaceful, Isn’t it?

Once the school, I didn't particularly rushed to the home.

There is so many thing I want to test. And to test it, I need a tools.


We have arrived. I can already feel the cold win breezing past my body. As well, the oxygen that was less or rather, more spreads that it made it a little bit difficult in breathing.

This place will be a great training place..., if it was a little bit more spacious... If we went by anime logic.

I am not at some top of the mountain nor the similar place. I was at the rooftop of a fairly high building. There was a higher building here but that didn't change that the view from up here is great.

The whole town, except for the part that higher building covered and blocked the view, was beautiful to look at. And as this place wasn't particularly a popular place, there wasn't a person up here, as well, down there.

Hmm... Time to test it.

I have made my mind. Despite the cold wind and magnificent scenery, the land will be a bit bloody. Isn't it a miracle that I could find a place like this?

Oh don't worry. I've checked this area but, aside from some camera inside this building, there is almost no camera around this building. As for the camera that recorded me, I have already dealt with that. So, even if I jump here, no one would feel strange that I'm not coming down.

Ah truly lucky..., ah, I fell. Without even the time to prepare myself.

Shit. This is scary. I mean, I might really die and it was because I am crazy that I thought of testing it.

The wind pushed me! Damn it. Even gods want to kill me. If not, then, no one can explain my bad luck since I've got immortality inside game. Suddenly getting stabbed in heart and beheaded after teleporting? Eaten alive by spider, moreover, it was legendary spider?

Truly great... Great ability is truly exchanged with worse fate. But I won't falter against this fate! Or so what these cultivator says.


It felt weird. Aside from the immense pain I felt at first when smashing brain, I felt nothing. Wait, I fell from brain first? What a luck...

Anyway, maybe because there was no more place for my nerve to send, aside the pain from first, I felt nothing after the rest. I see. Dying is not that bad. If it wasn't gross...

I 'saw' my brain parts splattered in the land and my eyeball pushed from my eye sockets. It was rather better that my organs didn't come out inside my body but I am sure, it was crushed inside.

I am really fragile...

Why am I so calm?


There goes my first test.

What I truly tested was, do I truly die?

Of course that's not just it. I also tested the regeneration time, if I have some core to destroy to be killed, how fragile my body.

Well, I was glad to have a fragile body. It was fairly easy to kill myself. As for the regeneration time, it was around 5 minute. The process of regeneration was fairly interesting.

Instead of the work of human's cell regenerating things, I was a bit different. In my case, it was more right to call it as my 'time is reverting.' The splattered brain parts began to form in one and like in game, after my head healed, the formed brains passed past my head like a hacker with noclip.

I don't know what will happen if that 'parts' or, that 'flesh' disappear but I think it will turn to be the same case to when I was eaten. That parts will be created. New parts that was gone. If it was normal, I should be able to create my parts as much as I can but well. I can't even control my own regeneration, not to mention, create my parts.

That was already an impossible thing.

But if I remembered it right, the when my parts or flesh vanished, a new one was always created. By 'new one' it's not particularly my flesh. Of course it's my flesh but, it was more like a 'new and unused' flesh like when I was a baby.

If that was it, wouldn't that satisfy the condition of 'pure body?' Because Artia burned my whole being, I was forced to create a 'new flesh,' a pure one as a bonus effect. It was also the same when I was stabbed in my heart. Only that 'part' is whiter compared to the rest.

If it was so, aren't the reason that I look like this is because of my immortality? No, it's not like that I am unpleased. I mean, everyone didn't focus to me as much as I thought and they soon got used to me. Moreover, that class committee, the person who is always serious, for reason, have talked to me. If it went well, I may even make my first friend.

... Let's talk that for later.

As for the core case, I don't think that I have it. Even in the game, when Artia burned me with something Inferno, core or something like that didn't particularly appear and I didn't die. Although reality and game may be different, I think it's safe to think the game as standard. Besides, I don't really have a way to test if I have core.

... Huh? Aren't I truly immortal? Undying? The dream many cultivator, fighters, or even humans pursued, I somehow achieved it easily after just making my character? Wait, wait. Shouldn't I be more suspicious because I suddenly became immortal in both game and this life?

Shouldn't I be more suspicious of that game that gave me immortality? By the way, do I age?....

No, no. Now is not the time to think that. But..., I can't really help it. Being suspicious of that doesn't really change the fact that I don't know anything. Let's just go home.


"Okaeri.(Welcome Back)"

I said to myself knowing that no one was in the home. My mother is current at home and the time she'll go home is around 9:00 PM night. If it wasn't for me insisting her to go home more early, she may even stay to that company to work more for bonuses.

She is that readable.

As I changed my clothes to my comfortable pajama, I went toward the kitchen to make my food. Huh? Aren't this pajama a little bit big?

Despite the confusion, pajama being a little bit big wasn't that much of an uncomfortableness. In fact, it was a little bit more comfortable compared to before.

I ate the food that I made and washed the dishes. Right after, I showered.

At this time, it was already 7:00 PM. If I didn't went to that building, I could have played the game from 5~6 PM but at least I have confirmed the fact that I am immortal.

"I dance in front of death. Dive."

As promised, I changed the settings and made the sentence more shorter. Umu. I nodded. This was much cooler despite its shorter sentence. It was much more easier to remember because there's no nonsense about having the hand to create and the hand to destroy.

I really don't know where that came from.

As I entered inside the devices, I passed toward the [Legends] game icon. Do I really need to this every time? It feels cool but it can get drag. This space means there will be more game in the future but at the current time where there's no game other than [Legends] would mean that this space is unnecessary.


Hello world! Hello Shiverlight! Hello Arti, no you're not here.

[Spider greets you.]

Oh, I forgot about you.

Anyway, I really need money. For many convenient tools. For example, gloves, hat, armor, leggings, shoes and finally, scarf.

If I were to rank what I need, it will be.

1. Scarf.

2. Hat.

3. Etc...

If there was mask, I would gladly choose that but there's no mask that only cover my lower face like in modern day.

Even if there was a mask, it was a mask with weird drawing in it that covers my whole face. That feels uncomfortable even if it may covers my face.

That's why, I chose scarf. This is the choice that I made with the information I have right now. Of course, if there was a tool that covers my face without making me uncomfortable and I liked it, I would wear it.

As for why hat... well, it's to hide my hair. If that's so, I should be fine with helmet but well. I guess I am the guy who cares my outside looks.

As well, I don't really need armor if it only gave me defense. Of course, it will be a different matter if that armor gives me an bonus attribute or skills. I will try to obtain that kind of armor but at this stage, that kind of armor doesn't exist that much...

Still... I should really move on and not stop here. Everyone or rather, players is looking at me.

So on. I moved. At first, I thought to explore outside to level up but I thought I'll explore this place. Or even take a look to this kingdom's emperor's face. Even if it may be a fake, he should look similar or exactly the same to the true emperor.

I noticed some facts traveling around or rather, loitering around this kingdom. It was really big. I am confident I can't circle every place here with just a week. It will take around 4 months? If I walked.

Aside from this place's size, it was really busting with people. From time, there was happy people. From time, there was drunk. Well most of the time, people walk path with each different way. Some with their family. Some was alone.

It was so real that it made me feel that I really went to Isekai. The AI is commendable. There's no pattern in each person. At the same time, it also became my weak point. They became too real that I don't think I can talk them the way I usually talk against to NPCs. My communication uncomfortableness may also work here.

Or so while I was thinking, I felt something crash in my behind. It wasn't particularly heavy nor it hurts me. I just felt that part cold after it made contact with me.

When I looked behind, it was a family of 3 who seems to went outside. The 'thing' that crashed to me was this child holding his ice cream. I can already predict it. It was far too cliche. The parent bought children an ice cream and that kid was excited that he lost his sight around him.

That's a waste of money to be honest. Why run around when your parent just bought you a ice cream? You don't understand how much happiness there is when your parent buy you something for you happily. Ever since that day, I can't even look at mother directly...

No it's not that she's angry for me and besides, that problem have already been resolved but the shame and awkward will never be completely gone.

I looked toward that child and thought to say something but looking at their life-like eyes, I could barely open my mouth.

As my mouth doesn't work for me, I just thought to show it with body language.

Face the parents, 15 degrees bow.

'GomennaSorry it's not my fault.'

Without even waiting for their respond, I turned back only to hear that kid cry...

Sigh... If I just had my cigarette, wait, I forgot I swore to never smoke. Anyway, I turned back again lowered my posture to face the kid. Afterward, I mustered my courage. If it was him, he would have said it.

"Sorry. My pants ate your ice cream. Brother don't have money right now so I will pay you back later."

If you still remember me later, that is.

"No, no. It's our fault. Sorry for our child's rudeness."

I don't know why they treat me with respect but I clearly heard the wife spout something like that to me.


The husband followed her.

"If sir is not bothered, shall we take sir to our home and wash the dirtied clothes?"

Why are they treating me with so much respect? I feel uncomfortable. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"There's no need."

I declined her. At this rate, speaking of hidden quest, I think I can't even earn a normal quest. This will be bad.

"We are deeply sorry."

Finally, the husband said.

I finally escaped the scene.

Kuh. Why did they treat me so respectfully. Although I have some experience in it, that's when that person don't know my identity. Besides..., never mind.

Thankfully, there was some place where I can wash my pants for free. Even drink water. They or, the emperor is generous enough to give the people here free water. No wonder that people in town seemed happy.


I tried to wash my pants but the ice cream I thought to stick, was already gone. Nevertheless, I still washed it.


The rest of the day was spent loitering inside the kingdom and there wasn't particularly a mentionable thing that happened.

Huh? Aren't I forgetting something?

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