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55% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 11: Ch.11 Why is She Insisting to Go Home With Me?

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 11 - Ch.11 Why is She Insisting to Go Home With Me?

Chapter 11: Ch.11 Why is She Insisting to Go Home With Me?

Bird was chirping outside, the unlimited blue was spreading in the sky. While the sun was visible, standing high and proud. It was another peaceful day, as well, as good weather.

In short, it was the perfect day to cycle my bike. Hime hime~♪

"Please help me."

Girl came rushing toward me. Who was on my way to the school.

Why me? There's so many people around us.

Don't come to me. I just want to peacefully go to the school. At this rate, I am going to lose my spirit before I even arrive to school. Then, I may take absent from school(skip school)

Stopping my bike, I looked backward. What entered my sight wasn't some peerless beauty or something.

But what made me sure was, she looked like she have some problem. Problem that was close to crime.

She wore a clothes that people usually wear in their home at summer but she was outside. From that, it was clear that she rushed out home. And the sweat in her was a clear proof.

Aside from that, maybe it was because of summer, she wore an clothes that revealed her skin. That's not the important part. From that revealed skin, all sorts of bruise in her body was seen.

Seriously? Yesterday, it was accident. Now, it was some girl running from something 'dangerous?'

From behind her, an fat man rushed after getting out of the car.. I almost misunderstood him as a bear. Wow.

Hmm... a little bit of bloodshot eyes and pale face. Afterward, a sweat despite coming out of car. Looking from the way that girl came out from, the narrow way where car can't enter, it was clear that they were playing 'tag' for long time

The sweat could be from the heat but that was not the case judging from the faint cold air escaping from the car.

Sigh... girl, you could escape if you wait inside that narrow way. Even if that old man got out of his car to chase you, judging from your physique, you can escape from him even if it may take a longer time.

Why did you come out and ask help from someone? Do I look that dependable?

All this thinking process was thought instantly.

I stopped my bike. Maybe it was bake there was person around us, despite that old man clearly being angry, he was somewhat trying to calm himself. He seemed to be having a hard time though.

"Cou... Could you please return my daughter?"

So she is your daughter. She don't look like you though. Well. Since it's not my problem and I didn't want to be involved, I took hold of that girl's hand.

"Don't worry."

I silently whispered to her. It was an action where in the old man's eyes, he can only see that I am just passing beside her and dragging the girl to him.

Maybe because of my whisper, the girl looked down and silently got her dragged.

What could she do? Now that she asked for help for someone, her fate is in hand of that someone's hand. If she was relentlessly abused more compared to now, it's not that someone's fault. It's her fault to be too weak enough to ask for someone's help.

Is she trusting me that much? Or, does she know that fact? No... maybe it's because she trust me that much that she isn't trying to escape from my grasp.

"I'm sorry."

After getting closer to that old man, I smiled to him and apologised. Afterward, I took a grab of his hand and handed him the girl.


I waved my hand and smiled to the 2.

My suspicion toward the old man also became clear from the contact I had with him. The heartbeat I felt from him wrist, his temperature. If we were to compare his body and mine, it would the difference between earth and heaven. Fuh. I finally got to use this sentence I wanted. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Basically, his body was too sullied. The faint scent around him was alcohol and cigarettes. His inside is at minimum, damaged. At most, destroyed. While the previous 'deduction(?)' gave me the answer of him doing drugs.

Well. It's not my problem.

I unstopped my bike and cycled only to feel a pain in my head.

"You trash!"

"Sigh. Young man these days."


Thank you for throwing the stone in my head. If it was in my uniform, it will be hard to clean it.

No matter how much I think of it positively, there was a small feeling inside me interrupting me.


The boring lesson ended. Why are they still teaching these useless math formula? Couldn't they teach us about the internet or something? That seems more useful than this kind of useless knowledge.

"Remember. Lesson's knowledge may not be useful for you in future. But you can think of lesson as a test result that will linger to your identity and something that people will use to judge how useful you will be."

What the fuck are you saying? I remember my teacher said something like that at my 1st year in high school. Of course, I had no idea what he wanted to say.

Why do I need something like that?

It was truly something mysterious.


While I was silently ridiculing, someone called me. Is it me? Isn't it too rude if I don't respond?


I turned back and confirmed that she, Satou Serika, our class committee was talking to me. What's the matter?

"The paper I gave you yesterday..."

She seemed to be blushing. It was no wonder. This classroom is too hot. It was summer yet, there's no air con.

Paper? What is she saying?

"Um... the paper I gave you yesterday. Why, didn't you send me a friend request?"

Oh! That letter... I can't say that I was too focused on loitering around the kingdom... This is going to be a trouble.

"It was my first time playing game. So I forgot about it..."

Hmm... it's not even a reason. Hn? Her face became even redder? Oi, oi. Are you ill?

"Then, please let me know your name! I'll send you a friend request."

"It's Kamikaze."

I don't know to why she want to add me to her friend to that extent but I decided to not dig deep about this matter.

Thinking again, it was weird enough. The class committee who's always serious and don't have any problem talking with someone is stuttering hard just by talking with me. Is she ill? Or, did my invisible aura(communication uncomfortableness) affect her?

"Tha-Thank you!... Um, Yuuto-kun. If you don't mind, would you like to go home together?"

"I don't mind but I ride bike?"

My mouth isn't running as much as I want to and what I said is already a nonsense.

"No, no! Then, if Yuuto-kun don't mind, can I ride your bike along with you? Of course, if you don't want to, I will just run and match my pace with you."

"I am fine with it..."

Why does she want to go home with me that much?

Class Committee wasn't a train group. She was one of the rare, walking group. It was because her house was fairly close to the school.

Her house are not that close to school but her house was more closer than mine. Because of that, she can either go to school by walk, and by bike. She chose to go to school by walk. That was weird and I couldn't understand her thinking of that.

As for why I know her house's place? Come on, it may be unnecessary but I know all information about every students in my classroom. Although I can dig deeper, but I didn't do. Because it was illegal and I am not interested to them.

Even with the bare information I can know that was within rule, I learnt every students in this classroom's home location and home's phone number.

So it's not weird...

"Really? Then it's promise!"

Sorry, what were we talking about? Oh. About you riding in my bicycle. Okay, okay.

One moment of awkwardness has came to us. That was because we don't have anything to talk about.


Voice called her.


She responded back then.

"I am sorry Yuuto-kun. See you later."

Without even waiting for my respond, she went to the source of the voice.

"Serika-chan, isn't that... who was he?"

"Isn't he the class number one's introvert... who was he?"

They don't remember me but I know about them. I even call them the fragrance group.

It's not because they smell or something. In fact, they are well respected inside this classroom and even the close friend of class committee.

They're called the fragrance group because of their name.

Satou Serika (water dropwart's scent)

Ayaka (colorful scent) Suzune

Andou Kaoru (plant that smells well.)

It's not worthy of an explanation but in their name, there's always a fragrance involved.

This is unnecessary taking so much time.

"He is Kanzaki Yuuto-kun! My new friend."

"Serika-chan made another friend?"

"Kanzaki Yuuto... Heh~"

What is this feeling. The moment Andou looked at me, I felt something shivering. I want to hope it was my imagination but I trust my instinct.

Let's not get involved with him. He'll get hurt.

*King Kong Kang Kong~*

The chime sounded and we sat to our sit.


The entire lesson has finished.

At this moment, something entered my sight and sound entered my ear.

"Serika-chan, you're not going home with us?" It was Ayaka-san calling out Class Committee.

"Un. I am sorry. I'll go home together with Yuuto-kun."

"But he is a bicyc- heh~ I see so that's what it is. Good luck Serika-chan!"

"No, no! It's not like... that..."

"What? Serika, you..." Andou entered.

Could you please lower your volume? No, they're talking at lower volume enough. Damn it. i sometimes hate this ears of mine.

With the bag carried, I got out of the class room. Following, Class Committee took a sight of me exiting and rushed toward me.

"Wait for me~!"

She arrived soon because I was walking too slow.

"Fufu. Then let's go!"

Why is she that excited? She was somewhat different from before and the nervousness was almost gone. Meanwhile, I was struggling.

It didn't take long for us to arrive in the place where I stopped my bike. It just bothered me that the stare was much more compared to the day when my hair turned white. That just means how popular Class Committee was. Just the Class Committee being by my side, I'll get more attention compared to my hair turning white.

Well, Class Committee is beautiful, smart and athletic but.., Uhh, I don't really get this kids' priorities.

When I rode the bicycle, Class Committee rode the back. Also, I've read in manga that double riding is dangerous so it's not allowed in other world but in this world case, it wasn't illegal.

Class Committee twirled her hand around me this is the right way so that she don't fall but... it was embarrassing. I can feel her warmth. It's brief but her chest is faintly touching me. I don't think she notices it but I am too embarrassed to tell it.


I finally arrived back to my home. As for Class Committee, I dropped her to her house. I changed my pathway to my home so that I can drop her mid-way the home.

By my door there was 1 girl sitting.

Huh? That was fast. I thought it will take at least 1 day.

Or so, I pretended to be surprised. Not that I didn't know..


School drama is tiring and I am not used to that kind of thing.

So there won’t be that much.

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