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60% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 12: Ch.12 Unique Person

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 12 - Ch.12 Unique Person

Chapter 12: Ch.12 Unique Person

Professional doesn't tell their ways or so what they say.

Let's go back to some time ago.

When I touched the girl's hand for a brief moment, I already have installed the temperature sensors, heartbeat rate sensor, and so on.

Which afterward, the moment I took hold of the old man's hand to insert some nano-machines inside that old man's body. Of course, at first it's within outside but, after some time passes, that machine will search for the pores in that host body and finally it will be completely inside that body.

As for the effect of this machine, it will emit some electric. From all parts of body, excluding the heart. The voltage level is around 30 and the pathway for electric to exit is already set up by the nano machine so there's no chance for me to accidentally kill him.

Although he'll have to endure some pain and a little bit of paralysis or at most, he'll be disabled.

Of course this machine won't automatically active. After some time passes without it activating, it will melt and gone to the 4th dimension or something.

The active conditions isn't that harsh. The sudden rise of the girl's temperatures, heartbeat, etc...

That's it. As for how she found my house? I told it after the 6th lessons ended... There's nothing that much person who actually pays attentions to me and hacking a small place with my cellphone is actually an easy thing for me.

So. That's the entire story behind.

"Come in."

I opened the door which was empty. My mother is still at work. How am I going to explain this to her?

But nevertheless, it was my decision. She risked her life to trust on her instinct that 'found' me. I just couldn't leave her behind and get her abused. What? Complaint? I am not listening.

"Ca, can I really come in?"


As she entered the house, I locked the door and leads her to the living. Her clothes was still the same as the morning, a little bit or rather, much more dirtier compared to before. Another new bruise was also made, and even an cut mark was made.

Did my nano machine malfunction? That's weird...

"Take a shower."


"You're dirty so take a shower."

I made aware of how important of an existence of someone like Nirvana Petal. It was much more easier if someone talked as much as her!

The more my opponent talk, the lesser I have to talk.

Then that girl nodded and went to the shower room I instructed. It wasn't a big house to be lost at. With just a little bit of instruction, she understood it whereabouts soon.

Now that the girl is showering, what should I do...

I let my uncomfortableness when talking take on me and decided to just write a note and play the game.

"I dance in front of..."

This sentences got old quite quicker than I thought. I will change it later.

After the weird chuunibyou sentence, I got into a weird space I don't know why it even exists, then move forward to the [Legends] screen.


The same fantasy scenery but I have already gotten used to that. If there was atruly one mentionable thing, it was that 'always empty' friend request is glowing red.

What? Even when I play game, I usually have no friend... how is this happening. Is it Nirvana Petal? No it isn't. She is already in my friend list.

So who is this guy? Koi? Love? No... the kanji is Ko (tiger) i (fear pressure) I don't remember interacting with someone that seems so scary? Do I ignore it? Or should I use this guy?

Soon after, a message came. Since I am not an celebrity or something, I have agreed an message from someone who's not my friend. Of course there is an exception. As for Nirvana Petals, since she chat to me at least 1 times every 5 minute, I have disabled a notification from her.

[Koi: Is it you? ]

[Kamikaze: No.]

[Koi: Oh, it is you.]

Sigh... I accepted her friend request. She was this unreasonable?

[Koi: Yuuto-kun where are you?]

[Kamikaze: Shiverlight River Kingdom.]

[Koi: Shiverlight... hurray! That's the kingdom next to where I am. Wait for me I am coming there!]


[Kamikaze: Okay]

The chat ended or rather, I purposefully closed the chat window.

Now then. It's time to level up. I also wants an class at level 10.

As such, I headed toward the outside. Because of the shackle called Class Committee, the Immortal Village would be next time. Besides, I don't think I can actually ride the ship without a money.

So onto the grass field not too far from the kingdom!


Oh, I've already spotted an prey. An rabbit! It's horned so horned rabbit! Or is that your name? Ahh, I really want that eyes sleeping deep in the Crainford Abyss...

Ah, my heart is stabbed with that pointy horn of it. Combined with it's body weight and speed, the horn stabbed quite deep in my body. It also accurately hit my heart. In contrast, my neck also hurt for some reason. As if, something slit it off but because I am currently in combat, I decided to focus on the rabbit.

After my heart was stabbed, from that spot, an red thread flow out. The speed of it wasn't an instantaneous or something. If we were to say, it's about 1.5x speed of my full speed attack. That red thread, flew toward the spot where rabbit was.

As it was too sudden, that rabbit couldn't dodge it and took the full force of it.

[You have dealt 81 damages.]

I see. [Reversal] seems to be truly an useful skill. With just a single attacks I took and returned to the rabbit, it reduced half the HP of rabbit.

Of course this is also due to my primary stat which is 61, a monster, considering that I am only level 1.

But in contrast, it also has an huge flaw. First, for it to active, I need to get attacked and receive damage. Because I have immortality, that's not much of a problem.

Next, it's an simple patterned. The red thread that came out from me may be fast but, it's a simple straightforward pattern. You just need to lean a little bit to dodge it.

[You have received 102 damages]

[You have dealt 82 damages.]

As such, the rabbit suddenly died when I'm not aware. It did not run? The A.I of monsters seems to be weak.

[Spiders grinned proudly: Intelligence +1]

[Spider have learned how to take a blow: Strength +1]



Let's move on.

Afterward, I've met with all sorts of monsters. A monkey that somewhat dodged my red thread but couldn't dodge my fist. A wolf that called an group because he figured out he can't kill me but ended up being annihilated. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

What was the most troubling was the lesser goblin that run off when it figured out it can't beat me. He was smart enough to understand the active conditions of my reversal. Although without it, I still beat him, it was really an round of tags n' run.

When I know it, I have already dived deep in the forest and most of the monsters that appear here is level 10+

Levelling in this game is truly hellish. Even after that much higher levelled enemy killing, my levels have only risen up to 4.

Let's dive deeper or so I thought but I decided to eat first. As for what I ate? Of course it's the monsters I've killed. Maybe it's for the harvester, or so-class, the monsters doesn't disappear that quickly.

5 minutes or should I say? But the size is huge enough to fill my stomach. The only problem is, because it is uncooked, it isn't delicious and my whole body will start hurting after entering the meat into my stomach. If it wasn't for my immortality or that certain white-haired protagonist's cheat regeneration elixir, both he and I would die.

As for why I'm trying this far just to satisfy my hunger point is because of my stamina. Agility = More stamina but lower hunger point = faster stamina consumption.

And I've noticed one point. When my whole body turned into an ash, it will take some point of my stamina to regenerate. But that consumption rate is so low that if I were to compare it, the consumption rate would be 1 second of full speed sprint.

At my current rate, I can run at full speed for 50 seconds. Fighting consumes more stamina than regeneration which is weird.

If I had no stamina when regenerating? That'd be the same states as 'core me' when I talked with Artia for the first time. Basically, the regeneration would stop and it will leave me into my most minimum living states.

I wonder if it's the same in the real world, too. Or so I started thinking but an player appeared when I was eating.

Is it because this is the level +10 hunting ground that I met a player? That's weird, up till now, I've never seen a single player.

He started looking at me. At first it was troubled expression. Next, it was an understanding expression and finally, it became into an delighted expressions.

I never seen a person change their face faster than when I change a tv channels.

"Want to join into the guild I am going to create?"

Is member recruiting a trends now-days? Why is everyone recruiting me?(2 person).


"Oh come on. Please. Join to the guild I am going to create... Oh wait! Since you're also like me, you should know that disaster that's going to happen here, right? Let's active it and get the reward from it together!"

... disaster that's 'going' to happen? Hey, hey. You're suddenly much interesting to me. Do you have some foresight ability? Or you got some information from NPCs?


Since he said rewards, I am in. The bigger the deals is, the bigger the rewards. Since you said disaster and you want to activate it, there must be some merit. Or so what I thought.

"I have never seen that username... You are really also like me. By the way, where did you find the Iron Stomach Potion? I thought it's only available in the Shadow Monsters Kingdom which is only enterable after you became level 50..."

Or so he mutters but I could hear most of it.


"Is it the treasure hidden deep within Shiverlight River Kingdom's river? Or, you actually found a way I don't know to transform into a beast?"

What are you saying? Wasn't beast race there in the character creation?

Also, a treasure within Shiverlight River Kingdom's river... no wonder someone even went to extent to kidnap the rulers.

As such many information was revealed to me on our way to the 'disaster' location point.


I didn't know such a place existed. It was hidden deep in the forest and a huge ruin was planted. Even if I said huge, it was just a size of an mall. But still, it was huge enough to surprise me.

An stone carvings was still there and the pillars which some part where some part rusted a little bit. Truly classical... I am really bad at making an description of something, aren't I?

"Hoh, it's really magnificent if you look at it in bare eyes. Things never change."

"Shin-san let's go. It's way down here."

Shin-kun? Aren't there too many patterns of calling in my name? Anyway, we headed down the stairway close to the ruins.

The stairways was so plain compared to the ruins that one wouldn't even notice it and players would go ahead and enter in the ruin..

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