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65% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 13: Ch.13 The Golems

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 13 - Ch.13 The Golems

Chapter 13: Ch.13 The Golems

We have stopped in front of an huge gate. The staircase leading the underground was much longer than I thought and we continued going down for 30 minutes. And when we thought we finally stopped what appeared in front was an huge gate.

The underground itself wasn't fairly dark. The reason behind it was the light. I don't know if it was being worked through the usage of magic or electric but weirdly, even if it seemed old and rusty, it was working well.

For the gate in front of us, there was nothing besides the magnificent art written in it. If it wasn't the dead end, I would have thought it was just some art wall or something.

What written in the gate was something beyond brilliant. It was far terrifying, magnificent and finally, dominating. In the picture, there was written a millions of army and 1 demons standing.

That demons, emitting an aura of dominance while facing the millions of human army. The perfect saying for it was; the calm before the catastrophe. Despite 1 demon facing the millions of army, I don't feel like that demon will lose to the army.

"That demon is the demon king."

"In 2860 this demon had no choice but to become the demon king. This scene shows the beginning of the war of centuries between the humans and demons."

"In he end of this battle, the human could barely scratch the demon king before the millions of humans was annihilated."

... I am starting to shiver out of excitement. It's not that I am some battle maniac or something, but just by imagining something a single powerhouse beat a millions of humans, is enough to shivers myself out of excitement.

"Well at the end of war, the demon king was killed by the heroes by getting its 80% powers sealed and borrowing the powers of entire world. From the beginning to the end, this demon king was but a miserable lonely soul."

"At least, he found something that can let him feel more assures in the end..., or the beginning."


This weird man, Rein looked at me after saying that word. He seemed to be wanting something from me.

Alright. I know it. You're also something whose much older than me, and has an life experience than me. Of course you're not dumb..., well that doesn't change.

"I'm not like you."

I spouted. I remembered that he said "you're also like me" before so I hoped that he will understand my minimum words number spent.

"I knew."

He smiled to me. That smile showed the face of wisdom, completely different from before when he keeps letting out his secret one by one.

In that smile, it gave one the feeling of trust, charm. It made one felt like 'I can follow this guy' 'If I follow this guy, my future would have a better turn' or such.

He have broken my prediction. I thought he was an disappointing reincarnator but that wasn't the case. He was well qualified even as the holder of future knowledge or even as guild leader.

"Can I ask you one thing?"

Yes. There's one final thing I needed to ask. That is, this guy isn't like the reincarnator I've read in novels.

"Go ahead, Shin-kun."

"Why did you reveal me the fact that you're a reincarnator?"

"I don't remember revealing you the fact that I am reincarnator~♪"

He is unnecessarily annoying but, he's not wrong. It's the truth that he never revealed that fact. But he 'hinted' it. The hint he provided was so simple that even an idiot or reader can understand.

"Alright, alright. I will tell you the answer. It's because I don't see the worth in keeping it."


What the fuck is this guy saying? Haven't you read the reincarnation novel? Most of these reincarnator is afraid of revealing that because they think that they may get experimented, treated as monsters.... wait, huh? Aren't that the same case for me right now?

Unkillable Monster? Don't I have higher percentage of getting experimented as, more than him?

"Try thinking more logically. If providing an useless information to someone make that person interested in you, would you do provide it?"

Mhmm... I am starting to get what this guy want to say.

"So you want my interest so that I join in your guild?"

"Well that's your choice!"

If pushing doesn't work, pull it strategy? That won't work on me.

"Enough talking. Let's go."

I wanted to ask more question such as why he wanted me to join his guild, considering that he don't know me even in future. But I left that aside. We should face the problem(?) in front of us,

Or rather, is it more right to say, the problem we will start to cause?

"Okay. Basic information in case but; there will be 5 golems guards past this gate."

"These golems is undoubtedly strong, only inferior to 5 troop leaders under the demon kings. But because of the time passage, they have became much weaker. So weak that if we have a certain item, we can beat it."

I nodded to him and lay my hand in the gate in front of us.

"Well wish me luck. It's not that you can die."

Wha, before my confusion covers me, the gate has opened and 5 gigantic golem has opened it's eyes. Looking by it's colors and aura, it seems to be divided in elements. From left to right, Water, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Earth.

I began running and the white flashes has ran the room. Or so what it's seen to the ordinary person but compared to the wind golem, that was like an snails in front of wind golem. The wind golem, moved it's gigantic body and kicked me with all it's might.

As the forces was too strong, my body has flown backward and slammed the wall quite violently. And from this, I was able to judge that my body was much durable compared to before.

[You have received 578 wind damage.]

And that is the damage I took after I buffed myself with +50% resistance for 2 seconds. Even if it was an tank, they'll die within 5 hits.

"Hey what should I do."

"We drag them into 1 spot. You have an area spells?"

Me? [Omni Elements Field]

The whole space around me within 50m radius has filled with element dust, lingering in the air. It was beautiful to look at yet, not hindering the eyesight. As this room was too big, it didn't cover the entire place but the elemental field covered at least half the place.

At the same time, the Wind Golem that was rushing toward me lowered it's speed at the same time, I felt my body was lighter. The +10% stats addition and -10% stats reduction was much effective in the battle than expected.

Even after that, I launched my body at full force just to dodge the wind golem's blow.

"That's good! It also raised my stats and dulled the golem's reaction speed."

When I looked to Rein's side, he was much amazing than expected. I wonder if that is the average combat ability of future people's or, he is just good compared to others.

He took his blade hanging in his waist and parried the fireball, just barely brushing his body with it. Then he flexibly dodged the 2nd fireball. Finally, the 3rd fireball was fired to the place he dodged and spinning his body, he deflected the 3rd fireball.

A-amazing... Just from the first parry, it was clear how much control he have in blade and himself. The scene he performed was like the fighter from movies.

All of that is good but..., there was something troubling. The remaining 3 golems was sitting while in seiza. It reminded me of the kendo matches, where the next fighter wait for the match to end for his turns.

"Hey. I thought this guy weakened!?"

Too much of an anxious, I ignored my uncomfortableness of talking and shouted toward Rein.

"Their strength is already 99% sealed! Quit complaining and with my sign, send this golem to me!"

He shouted back to me... How is he doing that while fighting the fire golem?

Argh damn it. Because I am thinking too much, wind golem's 2 palm came from both sides.

I tried to jump to dodge it but the hands was gigantic and I couldn't escape it. But I was able to just sacrifice my legs.

[You have received 708 wind damages.]

[You have dealt 1362 damages.]

[You have received 790 wind damages.]

[You have dealt 1550 damages.]

[Abyss Form Active.]

2 horns grew from my foreheads then without a legs, I shifted my body forward and using my arms, I launched my body upward.

Afterward, the legs regenerated and I sent an drop kick toward the wind golem.


Excuse me? Aren't this too impossible? What are we going to do now? How do we escape this situation? Mister Protagonist? (Rein)

Just after my drop kick missed, the wind golem set his hands together and smashed it to me.

I can't dodge it.

Then I'll just face it. At first I thought of using my legs but I remembered that I am not that flexible. So, I just swung my fist upward.

[You have dealt 1 damages.]

[You have received 900 wind damages] (fist collides)

[You have dealt 1 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 1810 damages.]

[You have dealt an additional 362 abyss damages.]

[You have received 1210 wind damages.] (body crushed)

[You have dealt 1 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 2200 damages.]

[You have dealt an additional 440 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 543 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 1 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 660 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 543 abyss damages.]

... Aren't I too overpowered? Abyss form was much stronger than I expected. Alright! Come to me!

Ah, most of my body is crashed. At the same time, I imagined the case of my body broken and the wind golem shifting its target to Rein who was fighting against fire golem.

Regen quicker!

Regen quicker!

Regen faster!

Come on! Please regen more quicker!

Damn it. Regen more faster for me... Oh, never mind. You can regen more slower.

I was full of panic when I found the wind golem crashed my body but seeing the wind golem sit and observe the fight between fire golem and Rein, I find no reason to panic.

Holy how is he doing that. Go Rein! Give your best Rein!

The fire golem used a fire field and because of the time passage or something, the fire field wasn't as messy and powerful as the Great Inferno Artia used on me. It's hot that it travels the space and reaches to me but there's an foot spacing.


Rein threw something upward and it spreads, affecting me, and maybe even the golems.

[You have been showered with Knockback Dust.]

[Your next attack will emits 500% of the force but it will not increases the damages.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Such a perfect timing. From the process Rein shouted, my body almost fully regenerated. When I moved into attack motions, the dust finally affected me.

[You have dealt 1 damages.]

When my fist made contact with wind golem who was observing the fight, was caught off-guards and took my full force blow.

Along with the air shockwaves that spreads like an ripple, wind golem lunched toward in front of Rein.

"Flying Cross Slash!"

Rein's swords glowed for a bit then, he swung his swords at right-timing. With the effects of Knockback Dust, Flying Cross Slash brought the wind golem to fire golem.

But that wasn't the end. The Flying Cross Slash was still intact. It continued flying even after it brought the wind golem to fire golem.

Taking the both of these 2, it finally disappeared but the 2 golems was launched toward the remaining golems who was watching the fights.

After the 2 golems clashed with the 2 golems, Rein threw something to that direction and upon the lightning ran, another lightning ran.

It all ended within a instant. There's no experience or something but from how the golem won't move, it was clear that these 4 golems was 'dead' or, 'stopped working.'

Wait, 4 golems?


I pushed Rein from the side and took the full blow of something paralysing, and something sharp, it cut my head off.

[You have received 6890 thunder damages.]

[You have been beheaded. Producing the instantaneous death effect.]

The purple-colored blood threads that seemed to burn, launched toward the direction thunder blade came from but another lightning ran through the room, dodging the blood threads..


I am not dead.

I fixed something because I misunderstand the effect of abyss mode.

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