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70% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 14: Ch.14 Thunder Golem

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 14 - Ch.14 Thunder Golem

Chapter 14: Ch.14 Thunder Golem

"Are you okay? Get up."

That reincarnated spouted 1 bullshit to the guy who got beheaded.

At least that guy is immortal or else, I would have called an police and take him to mental hospital.


After the time I was beheaded, the whole place was quiet, with the both of 2 staring down, not showing a sign of movement.

BUT I KNEW AT THIS TIME THEY WERE PRODUCING AN IMAGE- or such a nonsense wasn't there. I don't know for the thunder golem but as for Rein, he was waiting to restore his MP and the cooldown of his skill.

I got up naturally, like nothing happened. I wanted to see the reaction of thunder golem, but was disappointed as it was as blank as usual.

Still... do you guys really going to stare for eternity? If that's so, I'm going ahead and unleash this so-called disaster. Are you fine with that?

Or so the moment I stepped forward in the direction of the secret's identity, I felt some cut me up at tremendous speed faster and sharper than the wind golem dealt to me.

Damn it. Wu aren't you attacking Rein, but me?

As I got too annoyed, my body regenerated and went toward Rein.

"What are we waiting for?"

"His true form."

Is this guy an idiot? Why are you waiting for your opponent to unleash his true form just to make the fight harder?

"As time passes, his body will get smaller and attributes will increase. But at the same time, his HP and defense will decrease."

Of course...

"Future knowledge?"

"No. My inspection skill."

Damn it. Curse you... Just you wait, when I got my eyes sleeping in the abyss...

As such, the time passes.

After around 2 minute, I got too bored and decided to interact with the system, only to find an amazing feature of it.

Some sections below, it's a little bit small but it was there, the game section. Inside that was mostly a board game. But even among it, there was an strategy game that involved anime characters and gacha.

I thought of playing it but decides to not and go with poker. Haha come on. I am not that dumb to play an cute anime girl characters involved strategy game in the middle of the battlefield. What if the enemy decides to attack me while I was gacha'ing? That's too dumb to imagine.

So, I decided to play with shotgun shuffling the poker card. That's it. That's my game. This is the game I developed because I had no friend and want to play with card. Well the results of doing was quite beneficial as I became easily used in using gun, as well using keyboard and hacking things. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It's safe to say that because I was alone that even if I wasn't focusing, my words per minute when typing is 100 words.

Divide the cards in two then... along with my body, the card was cut in half.

@#¥& I don't remember killing this guy's parents. How did I attract so much hates?

He, hey, Rein. Don't look at me with that eyes like you're looking to someone disappointing. I swear I had an plan, that's right! I had an plan to use cards's shuffling cards to provoke him so he don't attack you!

Anyway, after getting up, the golems which was around 3x the size of us, became so small that even if we don't look up, we can see the head of it. If I was to compare it former size, it was comparing between the thin person and the bodybuilders.

But this guy ignored the law of more size equals in more power.

"What's the plan?"

I decided to ask Rein just in case.

"You tank while we attack."

Don't I have too much a work? Fine then.

Still... I wanted to ask you its ability but seems like he have no intention to give us a free time to talk.

The lightning ran as the thunder golem on our size suddenly disappeared.

The speed of it was so fast that if it wasn't me, it have escaped from my eye sight.

As being to cut too much, I adapted to its fighting style a little bit. If it didn't change it's style, because of it huge body, it will raise the sword and slash me from upside.

So, I dodged by diving in front of me. At the same time, the thunder sword came from right, and slashed upon the left. As expected. It's move is much more flexible compared to before.

As I dived forward, and locked the thunder golem's body using the technique I learned in 2 minutes but quit as it was too boring.

At the same time,

[Reversal Activate!]

[Abyss Mode on!]

It was an suicidal dive to begin with. So, let's maximise our damage dealt, shall we.?

The thunder golem who had an intention to attack suddenly sweated hard and tried to cancel it's attack but, too late.

From the thunder golem's whole body, the sharp thunder spark, ran and emitted electric that obliterated everything arounds it. Little bit different from my expectations, but my whole body has turned charred block, as well, my clothes has long since turned into an ash.

[You have received 17,310 electric damages.]

An huge purple burning blood sword appeared from my body. It seemed more dangerous than the mere blood threads I sent to the wind golem before. The thunder golem tries it best to dodge it but even to the extent of his speed, if something was fast was launched from zero point distance, even he couldn't dodge it.

[You have dealt 90,810 damages.]

[You have dealt an additional 18,612 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 27,473 abyss damages.]

[You have dealt 27,473 abyss damages.]




Truly an overpowered ability. Combined with Reversal and my immortality, no matter how low my stats or my levels is, I can deal an huge amount of damage to enemy.

The first +20% additional damage and the burn damages that burn every 1 second of the 30% of damage dealt, for 5 seconds. That's an total of +180% additional damages.

That reversal and abyss form's combo alone have reduced the thunder golem's HP by 30%. Truly an glass cannon, if I must say.

Looking toward Rein with my charred body, I suddenly felt embarrassed and happy. Why is he smiling toward me so wide? As a person who never relied in person nor got relied and complimented, it was a first time experience to be honest.

Even an golem like thunder golem has figured away that killing me is impossible. So it ignored the aggro system and directly aimed for Rein.

Remembering my past experience, I first looked whether I was in party but confirmed that I was in.

Alright. Time to help this guy out.

The black from my body eventually disappeared as the human and the golem clash each together.

Fight between 2 swordsman was different from a fight between a magician and the swordsman. It was purely amazing and drawing. The sound of metal clashing was ringing the entire room.

If the thunder golem was aggressive and trying to finish of Rein as soon as possible, Rein was as calm as turtle and was serene, calmingly parrying the attack that was impossible to dodge.

Despite parrying the attacks and shifting it force to somewhere, through the party bars, Rein's health was still decreasing even if it was a little bit.

Finally, Rein's arm gave up on him and was paralysed for a short time. It was only a brief moment but that 0.1 second was an life matter.

The thunder golem reverse gripped it's one of the sword and spun on the spot.

At the same time, I rushed toward Rein and uppercut toward the 1 sword that came. In change, of deflecting the swords upward, my entire blew up. The blood threads that lunched toward the was cut off by the spinning forces.

It was not the end. The thunder sword was not 1 but 2. Another sword came.

Clicking my tongue, I faced to the side the sword is coming from and swung my fist to that side. From the process, as that movement was a little bit forceful, it brushed my ear but that was a soft thing compared to your entire arm blowing.

Then afterward, the sword that passed me, came back, because this damn golem was still spinning. Come on l*vi cap'n! I am not some titan. All hail humanity!... Okay? So stop god damn spinning.

To deal with this, I jumped from this spot, and without caring that my head will crash with land, I moved my lower sides of body upward and kicked the sword. At the same time, using the free leg, I hit it toward the thunder golem's head who was spinning like an idiot.

Of course my head crushed upon the ground, and 1 leg was obliterated. Congratulations! I am now an disgusting creatures who only has 1 leg and all of it limbs exclude that has gone to void!

Says the guy whose organ was eaten and was left with nothing inside.

[You have received 12,781 damages.]

[You have dealt 2637 damages.]

[You have dealt additional 527 abyss damages.]




Ahhh... Why did I do that. I lost of sight of my goal called helping Rein and fought with the thunder golem.

Yes. Right after I deflected the 2nd swords, Rein was freed and has disappeared from the spot.

Well it's also because that I did that I gave Rein a free time to attack.

Hey thunder golem. Do you know your fatal mistake? It's that you didn't use your electric to seal me with some sorts of technique but only responded with an attacking ability, knowing my immortality.

You may have learnt your lesson and targeted Rein but you skipped on one thing before doing that. You just had to make me completely unmoveable and you have won...

As for why am I saying this to him in my heart? You silly person. Of course it's to make a mood. It's something similar to a movie having a good ending and the camera viewpoint move to the sky.

Like a good movie rightfully use a cliche, a good novel knows how to use a cliche right! What? You're saying that this novel is not good? That's why you don't know how M*rtial G*d *sura became a 1st ranked in popularity.

If you want your novel to be popular, you must first need an shitty main character, shitty story, and fill it with god damn boring face slapping scene.

Time to shut up or else the higher-up would start complaining.

It was at the moment when my body was still falling to the ground but I saw the figure of an sturdy man yet, that muscle of his was not oversized. I'll be honest. That was my ideal body builds, and this Rein have it.

That Rein softly swung his swords. Behind that sword, it was so soft, calm, and serene. It held no bloodlust and if we were in the different places and not fighting, I would have mistaken that he was just there to hand a scissors to someone.

That soft sword was mighty. It seemed so slow but it was actually so fast, produced no sound, is silent that thunder golem didn't even have the time to notices it.

When the swords accurately struck the neck, due to the lack of stats, it didn't slash the deep. At this time, there came the 2nd sword from the opposite size.

At the same time, the 2nd sword was sent, the 1st sword that struck the thunder golem's neck suddenly glowed in red and the sword that stopped, suddenly moved forward.

The 2nd swords also glowed in same manner but in different colors.

From the 2 sides, the 2 swords was digging deeper, like an unrequited love, trying their best, to be connected.

And finally, as the 2 loves clashed with each other, the thunder golem's neck was cut off.

From there, I saw 4 system damages notification instead of 2.

Oh, by the way, the 2 loves that connected was seperated because there was no more force(meat(iron)) to stop it and the 2 loves, went back to their sheath.

... What am I imagining in the midst of a fight...

Was Kamikaze sexually frustrated? Or did he have some hatred in couples? Only Kamikaze will understand.. See you in the next chapter of Immortal Unclassified Dragon RPG Ball


*Not edited.* Yet.


I am aware of it.

I am playing too much but forgive me about it. Only by doing this can I get my chapters’ words count increases...

Finally, I deeply apologise to everyone who read this chapter and didn’t have fun. ب_ب

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