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75% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 15: Ch.15 Insta-Survived by Boss

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 15 - Ch.15 Insta-Survived by Boss

Chapter 15: Ch.15 Insta-Survived by Boss

Is it dead?

I built a flag because I am sure that it's dead. The rewards better be worth it since the god damn mission gave me so much trouble.

I am not narrow-minded but I am also not a wide-minded. Even buddha won't tolerate the 4th time(?)

At the time I began to not understand what I am thinking, Rein pulled me lightly. I had no more clothes because it was burnt to ash, released by the lightning of that thunder

Thankfully, the system was generous so that my pants was intact, not even damaged.

"Let's go! The 'calamity' is around there."

Rein pointed to the gate beyond the laid golem. Come to think of it, this room was truly empty. It's just that golem took my attention that I didn't notice it until now.

Now that the door was available, Rein opened it, using a key.

Yes a key.

This system was hellish that if we didn't have key, even if we beat the golem, we would've stuck here. So those unlucky, went to stairways instead of ruin, beaten the golem, would have wasted their efforts. These golems doesn't give exp.

After the door was automatically opened, an 'scientist-like' room entered in our sight. Glass tubes, where a size of person can enter, inside it was green liquid, along with some organic materials.

We walked past everything, until one exception took our attention. It was a child who was alive, with its eyes closed.

Not an ordinary child, but a demon. Even if I said it demon, it's skin color was like an human's. If there was point to judge him of as demon, it was his horn. The mighty black horn which seemed to be impossible to cut.

Along with the red tattoo in his body, as well as the red marking in his face. If there was mentionable point, it would be his looks. It was mighty, cute, and cool. As long as he grew up, that cute look of his would be gone and he will reform into an mighty warrior who knows no defeat.

Even if this was the first time I saw him, I was sure of that, regardless he trains hard for it, or not.

Finally, he also looked like someone I am familiar of. The pattern of red marking in his face, the positions of his horn in the forehead, the hair colors. It was the same as the someone whom I have never met before but engraved his figure in my heart.

The demon king.

Just by looking at his figure, it gave me the wills to work under him. When his body trembled a little bit, showing the signs of him living, my whole body shivered. I felt like the moment he opens his eyes is the moment the whole world will change.

"How is it? This is the calamity."

Rein smiled to me before shaking his head.

"No, the bringer of calamity, also the clone of the demon king Regin, Reclaim."

In his eyes, it was filled with complicated emotions. Happiness, fear, excitement, and nervous.

"Explaining it will be hard but, here is the entire history."

Rein began his flash'forward.'

"You know about the history of this world, right?"


"Eh? You don't even know that? Sigh... people in these ages... missing the masterpiece..."

Hey tell it to me quickly. Or complain to me with a voice I can't hear.

"So... in Year 2855, 47 years ago at the current time, the first generation hero, Brave Jagan was saved by someone and from that time, he have awakened to his will of saving everyone, or is it more right to call it, the spirit of the hero? Of course at that time, the demon king, Regin was already the strongest existence in this world."

"I don't want to take so much time so I'll only explain the brief history to you."

Rein smiled happily. It felt he was hiding something to me but since he doesn't want to explain it, I have no chance to find out something from the future.

"As I said to you before, in 2860, the demon king decides to form the demon army and divides it in 5 troops, with each troops having its own outstanding leader."

I can already see the plot. The demon king sends his ally from the weaker one to the strongest, giving the hero an opportunity to grow up and finally, beat him up, right? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hey. Did you just mock of this planet's history?"

Hey, hey... why are you so angry to me...? I am sorry if the history of this planet was your favorite story.

"... Anyway, some time passes and the demon king was killed in Year 2875."

He is still looking at me with eyes looking at the trash but he was still explaining the story to me earnestly. I can't really understand the future people.

"The problem lies in Year 2865. 2 years after the war between humans and demons began."

"The leader of Woman Legion, Orny, at that time was... you know, developed an shota fetishes..."

Rein's face started to blush out of embarrassment. I wanted to ask what that girl was doing during the midst of the war but to dare to clone the demon king, she must have an unmovable courage, or was an huge pervert.

"As her name says, she is an horny fox. Not only is she good at magic, she have done many experiment with magic science and it was safe to say that she was one of the best magician scientists(what we players call) in the world."

"And someday, she finally used that lust of her to commit an forbidden magic science. The clone of 'shota' demon king. "

"First she took the gene of demon king, whatever there was. Whether it was saliva, hair, it was too easy for her. Then, she took the blood of Agnes, the leader of Combat Legion."

"By the way, this Agnes is immortal and the existence of immortal was only known after he made his debut in battle with hero."

"By taking the cells of Agnes, the demon king clone, Reclaim was basically, ageless and most importantly, had an hyper regeneration that troubled us, players."

"With all that preparation done, all Orny had to do was to shorten Reclaim's appearance growth peak line to children."

"The experiment was done and successful. All Orny had to do was take this children out of the glass . But what did she do? She forgot about this kid and chased after the other man."

... Should I laugh? Should I be shocked? As for this time, I was really clueless how should I react.

How come someone as careless as that exist under the demon king's army?

"What was the demon king doing?"

I was curious. Why did demon king allow her to create a clone of him? Isn't he afraid that this child will take his spot as the demon king? Wait... Rein said it before. 'In 2860 this demon had no choice but to become the demon king.'

Then that means, this demon king isn't that obsessed with the position of demon king and if it wasn't for the 'reason' he would have passed that position to someone?

Whatever it was, this demon king, both the clone and the real one piqued my interest.

"Do you think a mere clone can kill the mighty demon king? Oh come on... you underestimate the mighty, unrestrained, number one even in heavens, demon king! Whatever he is in, he is still the strongest!"

Rein started speaking as if he was speaking to his idol.

Don't tell me... he planned to activate the 'calamity' because he idolise the demon king?

"Of course! It's not because that I idolise him that I activated the calamity."

He reads my mind..l. That's frustrating.

But this was enough for me to gain a brief understanding in the history of this world. If I had an free time, I guess I'll visit the library and search more about the history. This world's history may be more interesting than the novels around the earth.

"So how do we activate it?"

"Break the glass of course!"


We counted from 3 2 1 to smash the glass at the same time.

The glass wasn't that durable and shattered the moment my fist and Rein's sword contacted with it.

The green liquid was splattered to the floor. Although it wasn't acidic, it was paralysing and had an effect of making me want to rest, fall in deep slumber. No wonder that the calamity didn't activated and suppressed this children. If it wasn't for the interruption of players, this clone would have its eternal slumber.

An system notification appeared, but I ignored it and collected the green liquid as it had an amazing effect except for the side effects. Afterward, I went on other glass tube and smashed it to collect more green liquid.

If I had an chance to redo today, I definitely would have filled my backpack with an containment to store these liquid. This thing is just too amazing! After I was done, I finally checked the system notifications.

[World Announcement: Rein & Kamikaze have activated the Demon King's Reclamation Expansion!]

[World Announcement: Rein & Kamikaze have activated the Demon King's Reclamation Expansion!]

[Due to the Demon King's Reclamation Expansion, other than 'Good,' 'Neutral,' 'Bad' factions, 'Demon' Factions will be made.]

[Demon Factions can only be entered by demon-related races, with a few exceptions.]

[You have been awarded by 500,000 Demon Points for awakening the Bringer of Calamity, Reclaim.]

[Detecting the item you desires the most.]

[You have received the Chaos Scarf.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]




[You are level 10.]

... Excuse me?

Uhh... dear mother. It's seems like I am an wordly famous celebrity now... I don't feel so good about this. Glad thing the system gave me my scarf. It should provides as an items to hides my identity.

[Chaos Scarf] 0/100

Equipment Grade: Common - Growth

Defense: 0

Durability: Inf

Agility +10

Strength +10

Intelligent +10

*Combo Break - Cooldown: 30 seconds

After the duration refreshes, depending on the number of your combos, the increases in the effect.

The combo number increases, the faster the duration to refreshes, and the higher the conditions for the combo to rises.

5 combo - 10% attack damage dealt during the duration (the damages decreases based on the target's physical defense and magical defense)

10 combo - 10% damage dealt during the duration. (the damage decreases based on the target's physical defense.)

20 combo - 50% true damage dealt during the duration.

25 combo - 55% true damage dealt during the duration. Applies 1 second stuns effect.

30 combo - 60% true damage dealt during the duration. Applies 1.5 second stuns effect. Applies 3 seconds fear effects, reducing the enemy's stats by 10%.

35 combo - 65% true damage dealt during the duration. Applies 2 second stuns effect. Applies 5 seconds fear effect, 1 second armor nullifies effect.



Equip Conditions: Kamikaze

The effect of [Combo Break] was terrifying but the conditions to activate it was truly harsh.

After the combo number surpass 20, the refresh timer will decrease to less than 1s. After it surpass 30, the condition will change to the target's certain body parts.

Still, as long as the number reaches to 20, it didn't matter.

The effect of this skill is monstrous.

For example, with this equipment on, I have an total of 61 strength, which results in me dealing 30 damage each hit.

The boss I am facing have an 120 defense, completely nullifying my damage to 1 damages. But if I build up my combo to 20, it will deals 'at least' 300 damages per combo break. And that is when I am not taking count of my Reversal, Abyss Form's burn damage.

As I was thinking of my marvellous future, the area suddenly exploded. This explosions was so strong that it reached from this underground to the surface level of the earth, involving all dirt, rock, creatures within area, the vanishing it everything.

Of course, even I was not spared from the explosion and I don't know how far I was sent. All I know is, everything around me was changing too fast and not soon enough, I was out from the underground, as well as the forest.

The place I am currently in, was completely foreign to me.

Damn it that guy didn't explain it to me despite knowing! The moment we shattered the glass, that damned guy teleported out to escape the explosion area! How despicable.

Now what am I going to do... Koi should already have gotten into the kingdom and is searching me....


I think I lacked comedy in this chapter.

That is definitely because of my mood and the atmosphere of the chapters.

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