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80% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 16: Ch.16 After The Explosion

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 16 - Ch.16 After The Explosion

Chapter 16: Ch.16 After The Explosion

Where... is this?

As the fog made from the impact disappeared, the surrounding finally became clear.

Surprising enough, I was at island. Yes an island but, not an ordinary island.

I can feel a bit of tremor which make me ruin my balance each time but it wasn't to the extent of not being able to walk. The most surprising thing about the views here is, the cloud never felt so close.

Or I'm even inside the cloud. If that's so, why can I breath?

Well that's because I am not eternally inside the cloud. This 'island' or rather, 'skyland' was actually moving at the speed not too slow, nor too fast. Looking closely to the ground I crashed into, it was actually unharmed.

And... what is this materials is made of? It was close to dirt, but it wasn't like an dirt. It was even harder than metal, and it produced an hard sound when I knocks in it.


The 'skyland' suddenly accelerated its speed and past through the cloud, pierced through the heaven. What is this place really?

This skyland was big but it was unbalanced. For example, the North and South was so long that you can't see its bound but, the East and West wasn't as that long. Its length was enough to travel as long as I am willing to run at full speed for 30 minute.

Yes. It was like, this is the body of an snake...

[Congratulations! You are the first player to arrives in Flying Dragon Island - Earth Dragon.]

[Due to the first player to arrive in Flying Dragon Island, you are awarded with the ability to be able to learn the Dragon's Language.]

[Due to the first player to arrive in Flying Dragon Island, the exp gain rate +100%, item drop chance +100% for 7 days in the Flying Dragon Island.]

Wha-... this isn't an skyland but, an dragon's body? How much do you have to be big to be called as an island!? Also, don't you feel uncomfortable so many 'bugs' freely traveling in your body surface!?

At this time, I didn't understand the meaning of ability to be able to understand the dragon's language, as well, never expected to meet the most interesting person in the world.


I am done. I've spent too much time in game. Although I wasn't that tired, thinking of having to go to school lessens my mentality a little bit.

Now, now. Let's see. I thought to myself while looking at the monitor.

What I am looking about? Of course it's the past recording. I think it was before I met Rein and is testing my [Reversal]

Receiving the horned rabbit's attack to my heart, and my neck suddenly hurting. It can just be some accident, but inside the game, whatever happens to your body, will transfer its pain to your character inside the game.

So what I felt before could be accurate.

Well I didn't even need to deduct after seeing the stab in the sofa I was laying down.

There was no blood taint but the stab mark in it was already an proof. With just this, I was already sure that someone was targeting my life.

Well... I know that I have committed an act that make someone target my life but, I never revealed my identity to someone...? So the chance of someone targeting my life should be low. It must be some thief.

Oh, there it is. In the monitor, the door opened, along with the figure that was slowly entering without a sound.

Hn? I was surprised. Not because just the person who was carrying a knife was girl, but also because she was an experienced person just from her walking way. An quiet, sneaky, yet smooth.

Sigh... so the case goes to the lower chance, which is someone targeting me. This is going to be pain to deal with.

Oh, by the way, the assassin was the girl I saved this morning. To think that she would target my life after saving her... everything that happened in the morning must be some set-up and someone planned it.

It's also no wonder that my nano-machine didn't work as I expected. If my deduction wasn't wrong, this person, or her group have an technology to detect my nano-machine and search for the effect it causes.

After finding out that it only has an effect of causing an small paralysis, they went on proceedings with their 'act' where no one is looking, which is injuring the girl.

I don't know why didn't they thought of the lady just running to reduces her stamina and raise her heartbeat rate, temperature, but injure herself.

Was it for act? I don't really know.

Anyway, that lady entered my room, before stabbing my neck. After that, she left like nothing happened.

Owwww, you're much heartless than the main character of shounen manga! If you were the main character, the story would have ended quickly without the main character sparing the main antagonist. You're a bad main character and would ruin a story.

Do you even understand how to make a good story? I explained it to before as cliche, annoying character, countless face slapping scene, but that's all an lie!




Finally! You need the main character to shout his dream a million times! That's how you make your manga successful and surpass a thousand chapters.

I forgot to mention but,




So! You also must always be thinking of the emotion of the character




I finally finished the long damn boring explanation. I was taking the situation too lightly. Why is that so? Because I am immortal. Haha! You mortal, lay down before this great father of yours.

O' great god, I swear I am not going to use that boring shit china sentence again.

For the final explanation of how that girl managed to enter my room without alerting the machine, it isn't because of my machine's incompetence.

It's because I removed all machine in my room to protect me. I mean, I am immortal so why do I need them? I instead used them for someone who really need it, my mother.

Her shoes, her clothes, her glasses. I made sure to add something. Of course I am not that passionate as to add machine inside her body. It's just, I felt she was unsafe... if I were to consider my past action.

There's many people hated because I crushed too many peoples. They may not know me but there's a low chance that they might knows me like that girl.

I may be immortal but my mother wasn't. If I lost her, I don't know how am I going to live happily and carefree.


So here I am. I remember mentioning that I removed all protection in my room and I wasn't lying. But! It doesn't mean I removed everything in it.

There's one of the things I didn't remove. And it's name is...

*ta* *ta* *ta* (drum sound)

Automatic Tracker! I must say my naming sense is really great. As the name says, it's automatic gps tracking. In this one, I made sure to put effort in making it.

In fact, it may even be one of my most advanced machine.

Basically, this one is a invisible ray wall made as barrier in my room and my mother. I can enlarge it to the size of the entire house, but I didn't want to invade the person's privacy.

Once someone passes this invisible ray wall, their identity, chemical reaction's result inside their body, fingerprints, etc... every data, that even government can' know of, will be stored inside this machine.

Through this machine's another function, even without the help of Global Positioning System, I can track that person's places. Moreover, as this is the only machine that exists in here and no one is aware of it, nothing can detect it, unless they have a technology from 500 years the future.

Of course I am not planting flag.

After I interacted my computer and changed the monitor screen, the green dot in the map was shown.

As such, I was too drag to go there myself, I just went there and sent my drone.


Hah~ I don't want to go to school... it's too boring! Why should I go there to learn some boring knowledge... I don't want to go to that hellish place.

Or so I was thinking to myself while I prepare my uniform. It was the white uniform that perfectly matches with my white figure.

Speaking of it, there hasn't been really much of problem since my hair turned white, my pupil turned white, my skin turned almost white.

I think I got much moe handsome than before but, it seems my presence is still as lacking as before. Everyone must be blind to not to see the Mt. Tai in front of them.

Damn it! Why do I keep using the boring chinese saying.

*Ping Pong*

Something sounded and ringed through the entire 1st floor. Who is it? Is i the girl that stabbed me yesterday? Did she come to apologies me? You could have done it more quicker. I will forgive you.


Across the screen showed, Class Committee, Satou Serika waved her hand and smiled while calling out my name.

Cu, cute... that's unfair! You're playing with the DT, Child Emperor's heart...!

I said something that only I or some cultured man, or Japanese would understand.

After I looked myself in the mirror and saw nothing wrong, I went ahead and opened the door, as Serika-san's figure entered my sight. As expected, she was much cuter than the person shown in the screen.

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I looked to her at confused gaze. Why is she here? I think she might have remembered my home address but did she have to come here?

"Don't 'Hn?' Me Yuuto-kun! Since our house is close so let's go to school together!"

She puffed her face while leaning forward.

I, I thought that action was only available in the anime...


Still filled with confusion, I slowly agrees to her. Seeing that there was no bicycle around, that means she came here walking.

"Let's go! Yuuto-kun."

She grabbed my hand and headed to my bike's parking place.

I see she want to ride to my bike.


At this time, I was still afraid at her. It wasn't weird if she was angry to me because, in game, when she headed to the kingdom I am in, I went off somewhere, not caring for her.

"By the way, Yuuto-kun."

Serika-san spoke while her hand was holding tight of my waist.


"I've sent you an player message when I arrived in the Shiverlight River Kingdom. Did you read it?"


"Oh. Then that's okay. Please message to me back when you arrived back to the kingdom."

It seems like she understood me and was aware that I went outside to go on hunting.


After saying that, I felt something warm touching my back. Judging from its height, it was her head. Was she that sleepy?

I began to feel sorry thinking of her traveling from a far place only to find that I am not there. Moreover, she even woke up morning quickly and take a long walk to my house.


"Hey isn't that Serika-san?"

"What is she doing with a boy?"

"Speaking of him, who is that boy?"

"Is it her boyfriend?"

"Ho- how lewd..."

I heard a gossip with my sensitive ear and felt sorry for Serika.

I feel uncomfortable when someone's attention is in me, but I feel more uncomfortable if someone's being degraded because of me.

"Serika-san, wake up. We arrived to the school"

"Nya? Oh, oh... I am sorry I fell asleep."

I wanted to appreciate her cuteness more but suppressed such a thought remembering that the crowds was looking..


I am not knowledgeable with science nor with machine.

All that’s here is just my imagination, without a logic that can explains how it can work.

DT means Doutei in Japanese.

Child Emperor is also called as Doutei but Doutei means virgin.

It’s that same calling but with different kanji, different meanings.

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