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90% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 18: Ch.17 Fragrance of Love

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 18 - Ch.17 Fragrance of Love

Chapter 18: Ch.17 Fragrance of Love

Ahh, I don't want to deal with all of this pain. It's so drag. I want to keep playing [Legends] without outsiders' interrupt.

Girl I saved you... so why did you bring me some drag shit? Why is the world so pain.

I complained inwardly while ignoring all the person who's trying to interact with me.

This is also the reason why I am complaining. It's because these persons is talking to me.

It's fine if it was some ordinary people who's talking to me. But who's talking to me right now? You're not wrong. It's Andou Kaoru, he is the 'best friend' of Satou Serika.

The problem is, he is not alone but with a group. Please I am enough of school drama. Let me just go home and play game...

"Hey, you. I am talking to you."

"Sorry I am not free."

Since he won't shut up, I talked to him.

"What do you mean by not free? You're just reading that shitty novel that's only a bit popular, you disgusting otaku."

She have this kind of friend? I can't help but pity Serika.

I am currently reading the final volume of K*mo so he attracted all the peoples who like this novel, and the fan of this novels easily surpass million if we includes the foreigners.

As well, you shouldn't judge people for their appearances. I may look like this but, I have seen the world more than you.

And if I was to be what I look, you shouldn't look down on me. Whoever someone, no matter how high your position, that doesn't give you the qualify to look down at anyone.

Or so what I want to say but the sentences is too long and I felt too drag to do it.

So what did I do? I left the scene. As the saying goes, there won't be a crime scene if there wasn't a victim. So I left this classroom. It's as simple as that.

What should I do... The 4th lesson have only ended and there's still 2 more lesson for the school to end. Currently we're at lunch break so, I have a time to go home before they can even discover me that I skipped school.

But I don't want the school complaining to my mother. That may increase her stress, or not. She want my happiness rather than the school complaining... but I want her to be happy too...

I'll just isolate myself I guess.

As I got up the chair, Andou smiled as one of his people tripped my feet and another of the group heavily swung his feet, to hit my leg.

Damn it my uniform is dirtied. I complained to myself.

"Are you okay? Err.... Yuuki-kun?"

He said with a voice everyone in the classroom heard, and extended his hand while smiling charmingly.

It's Yuuto you dumbass.

"Thank you."

I said to him as I took his hand and got up. Along the way, I patted my uniform as to clean the dirt off.

It is truly peaceful, isn't it? Compared to the everyday where I was anxious everyday, this day may not be as bad...

So when the f*** can this school end? I already want to go home and play game.


Along with the chime, the 6th lesson ended.

"Rikarika~... are you going home with Yuuto-kun again?"

"Yes. I am sorry..."

Serika lets out an bitter laugh.

In contrast, Ayaka Suzune lets out an smile.

"No it's okay! Hehe~♪ Serika-chan, I am cheering for you!"

"!? I, I said, it's not... like... that..."

Serika's voice got smaller and smaller and at the end of her sentence, her voice couldn't be heard anymore.

Meanwhile, Andou Kaoru was just there, showing an dark face whenever these 2 keep their look from him.

Hmph serves you right. That's what you get for insulting K*mo Des*ga, Nani ka? For no reason.

You have attracted the hate of cultured person from all over the world and now, you shall experience the cultured person's worst nightmare! NeToRare!

Or so I thought to myself jokingly. I can't possibly go for another woman when I haven't confirmed my feeling for Artia, right?

What? She's just an NPC from girl? Come on, a game that gives you immortality both in game and real life. Yep. Nothing is weird.

As I was filled with unnecessary thought like always, Serika came here, while rushing. Haha. Look at that Andou's face. He seems like he just ate an cheese which was rubbed by some old man's armpits.

Shit. That is disgusting.

"Yuuto-kun, let's go?"

She said while fixing her hair cutely.

I nodded to her while taking a little glance to Andou, whose face darkened by much more. If we compared his past self to the troops of an demon king, he was now an demon king.

As we walk by, Serika talked to me.

"Is there something between you and Andou-kun?"

How should I return this question to her?

After thinking, while walking, I said to her.

"He said not to be involved with you."

I lied, but if we went by this way, he'll say that to me someday. As for hiding what he did to me? Laughable. Am I that coward? Even if he find out, what can he do to me? Kill me? Try your best. I'll be waiting.

Ahh... there's too much of a problem in my life. First it was getting assassinated by a girl, now it was some jealous child.

Am I in some chinese novel or something?

"He said something like that to you!?"

Considering of what I said, I felt myself smart. Even if he didn't really say it and declined, there's no way(?) Serika would trust her.

The theory is something like; no one will believe your bullshit as long as there's no proof. I don't have a proof that he said something like that, but he also don't have a proof that he didn't say something like that.

In the end, it's Serika's own decision. But both provides an beneficial effects on me. If she trusted me and complained to Andou, well that's it. But, if she didn't trust me and trust Andou, that's something good to. Because that means she won't be involved with me anymore and I am free from all of pain.

Well seeing her face, she seems like she'd trust me more than Andou.

I can't help but sigh.

"What are you sighing? Yuuto-kun?"

She puffed her face out.

That's an amazing observation ability coming out from her. She even noticed the glance I've sent to Andou from before.


"Fuhn~... Oh that's right! Yuuto-kun. Would you like to go to arcade not too far from here?"

"I am fine with it..."

There goes my playtime for [Legends].


I've been thought of it for a while but, I wish they have an option to remove this dot.

I was thinking of this while killing the zombie with a gun.

We're playing this kind of game. Inside the 'car' a gun was laid. If we pay 200 yen coins, both of us can play and kill the upcoming zombies.

As we aim, this 'dot' will move.

Instead, this dot is just annoying. It can help a newbie to with their aim, but to me, it'll only be an interrupt for my vision. Besides, that 'dots' was fairly big.

The gun was also made to be fairly realistic. It's weight was a little bit disappointing but the reloading procession was interesting. You take the magazine, change with different one, and pull the bolt.

The gun was not only one and you can change your weapon by holding different weapon.

Serika was pretty good and she seemed experienced with this game?

"Do you go to arcade frequently?"

I said while shooting the zombies. Each shot was at 100% accuracy and headshot. The mechanic did it best to replicate the recoil but compared to the real gun, it was much lighter.

As our kill counts gap increases, Serika began to change her eye looks.

Now, she is so serious that she didn't even heard my question.


We ran the zombies with the cars. The great thing about this game is, this game is made to be realistic. Even the sound, the impact of car crushing onto something was real. Of course, the force was made to be lessened so that our face won't smash to the glass in front of us.

And as time passes, we finally arrived to the last boss's stage.

Big and muscular classical form of zombie boss appeared. It was simple yet, the detail was perfect. It doesn't seem like our bullet can pierces it muscle.

As expected, the bullets were too weak.

I decided firing at every parts of that muscular zombis' body.

"It's this boss! We're so unlucky! It's required to pay a money and buy a laser rifle to beat this boss."

Serika said to me. That's a good way of advertising to be honest?

"Another pity man. They were quite skilled to begin with."

"Ahh... they got blocked by a pay to win wall."

After Serika's voice sounded, another voice sounded from the outside. Wait, what is going on? They shouldn't be seeing the scene inside here?

They're actually seeing it? What if someone was committing an lecherous action inside this car, thinking that no one sees them?

In fact, there was a many victim caught doing that in this arcade.

If it's a game this realistic, that should work too.

I braced myself as Serika began giving up in front of the paywall.

The weapon change will be recognised if a finger was touching a weapon. There's no such a thing as dual-wielding. I tested it from before and got used to the conditions.

That doesn't change the fact that I can reload. While firing.

This game system is realistic that you can reload the ammo while firing the weapon. And you have to hold a certain part of gun.

So let's the plan begin. It's called, One Point Repeated Shooting.

The plan only have 2 process.

1. Fire gun.

2. Reload gun.

As simple as it is, as impossible as it is.

First, people have to be on an proper stance for someone to aim repeatedly, and accurately. The dots may help your aiming at first, but because of recoil, of you're not on an proper stance, the recoil will off your aim from the target.

And I can't have an proper stance because I will be firing the gun will reloading another gun.


As the muscular zombie gets closer, I extended my hand forward. The posture looked cool but if an experienced soldier looked at me, they would surely laugh.

While I fired the gun to the muscular zombie's nose, my other hand was on the other gun, waiting for its moment to change the gun.

Despite the recoil, my hand was firm, and accurately hitting the muscular zombie's nose. Although it was just a little, the muscular zombie's movement stopped for a moment.


Almost instantaneously, I brought the other gun while reloading the ammo-out gun. It seemed like I didn't even look at the dots to aim and fire. From the outsider's eyes, I was just swinging my gun and firing.

At this time, Serika was so shocked that she forgot to fire her gun.

At the outside of the car, the observer was looking dazedly in the monitor, not even wanting to blink out of afraid that they may miss the miracle happening in front of them.

The bullets was keep getting deflected by the sturdy nose muscle, but little by little the nose was starting to get dented, and the bullet was pushing muscular zombie's face more.

Finally, the bullet was stuck at the muscular zombie's nose.

But the bullet didn't stop and continued at the same rate. After a bullet was stuck, another bullet pushed the bullet.

The muscular zombie opened it's face.

"No! It's the zombie's roar! It'll st-"

Before Serika could even finish her sentence, I changed the bullet direction and sent it to the muscular zombie's mouth, which dealt even more damage than repeatedly sending bullets to it's nose.

Afterward, the muscular zombie closed it's mouth which right after, I changed back the direction to it's nose.

It was not long after, that the nose dented and the bullet finally pushed back to the other side of the zombie.

Which the muscular zombie, fell down.


Huh? That's it? That was fairly boring. There isn't some 2nd form...

Wait, why are you looking at me like that, miss Serika? Did I unconsciously assault you? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Along with the beautiful effect, a letter appeared in front. It certainly produced an satisfying effect. It felt like my effort was rewarded, as the ticket appeared.


I heard a sound of something falling in the floor outside but I decided to ignore it as I clapped my hand in front of Serika.

"!? Huh?"

Surprised, she looked at me.

"Let's go."

"Ye, yes..."

Damn. I look like I hypnotised her...

Taking the tickets, I grabbed Serika's hand as we went to the counter.

Too many attention, bad for my health.

With this ticket, we can buy almost half of the prizes in this store.


"Sir, I'd recommend this to both of you."

As we arrived in the counter, the staff said to us, showing an cute white & black bear key-holder.

It seemed like something a key-holder a couples would hold.

"We are not like that."

This couldn't get more awkward. Serika was blushing, the staff was winking, as to show her supports.

Suddenly, Serika let out an disappointed face.

Wha- is it my fault!? But..., isn't our relationship that?

I suddenly remembered my mother's words when I was younger. 'I don't have an experience, but Yuu-kun, you shouldn't disappoint a girl you're dating.'

But we're not even dating...! Why am I remembering something like this.

Sighing to myself, I said to staff.

"We'll take it. Is it fine for you? Serika-san?"


Surprised, she let out an happy voice.

The staff nodded to us and put the prizes inside the box.

Receiving it, we got out of the place.


"I am sorry Yuuto-kun."

"For what?"

"In truth, you didn't want that prize, right? You wanted something different right?"

"No. It's okay. Besides, this bear is cute."

Rarely, I extended my sentence as I looked at the black bear, hanged in my bag, which afterward, I looked at the black bear hanged in Serika's bag.



Besides, I got to look at your smiling face.

"Thank you."

Yet afterward, she showed the most dazzling smile I've seen from her, as the flower bloomed.

That was... the face of maiden in love, that skipped the beat of the person's heart she loved.

I looked at her out of surprise, and confusion to myself.

At the same time, something came to our way at the speed that far surpassed the speed of sound.

That unknown source has penetrated my neck, as blood petals chitter the air.

A moment of suffocation, but I soon regained my ability to breath. Judging from there was no sound and it's feeling, it was probably an sniper bullet.



The feeling bullets wasn't inside me. That means... no!

Afraid of it, I slowly looked toward the source of sound.

Satou Serika. In the ground, with puddle of bloods.

No...! Please...

She's the only friend I've made...

Small hole was opened in her chest, as her lifeforce slowly leaves from her body.

Unconsciously, an warm droplets flow out from my eyes as I hug her body.


The bittersweet fragrance was slowly losing it charm and life while the blooming flowers around the captivating aroma was began to wither..


I tried making a poem.

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