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95% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 19: Ch.18 Kamikaze Attack

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 19 - Ch.18 Kamikaze Attack

Chapter 19: Ch.18 Kamikaze Attack

Embracing Serika's body which can die anytime, I silently cried to myself.

Cried to how fragile the flower was, and the regret that lingers around me.

I already knew about it. I already how she loves me since the time I've met her the first time.

She might have thought that she hided it well but it was too clear to me.

Everytime my sight would go to the novel, she will take a glance toward me at least one time.

I could even hear her crying in a secluded space while muttering something about me.

At the time, I was a little bit of afraid of human. For many reasons. One is a guilt, one is an uneasy. If I have got related to her, I may bring danger to myself.

If I got involved with her, I may bring some danger to her. If I got involved with her, I may create a 'weakness' to exploit for those who hate me.

Even when I somehow got my immortality, it was all because I met Artia that I decides to jeep pretending to be unaware of her. It's just, I let my guard down and thought it was okay to be involved with her, even for a little bit.

What would have happen if Taichi Group didn't exist in the first place... What would have happen if Taichi Group didn't coincidentally find out about my mother and her beauty...

What would have happen if I remained pure, unaware of the greatest dark hidden in this world.

What if, I've never met Artia... All I required was a prevention of 1 'coincidences.' If I satisfied just 1 conditions of that, this may not have happened.

The heat slowly leaves from Serika's body as she lift her hand to touch my face.

"Yuuto, kun..."

Afterward, she lets out an smile. Smile that was so much different from before, it was filled with regrets, sadness, and struggle.

I holds her hand desperately, wishing that she could stay in this world even if it was a milliseconds more.

"Yuuto-kun... I, love you..."

She said a spouted a word out of agony. It was strange because if it was usual, just that word would have skipped a beat of my heart but right now, it only accelerated my heartbeat and the desperation increases. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I want Serika to live.

I want to see her smile more, being pure and untainted by the world.

"Yes. Serika... I love you too..."

As the tears increased, words came out from my mouth unconsciously.



I am sorry.

I am really sorry.

I should have cherished you more, and stop being an coward. Come to think of it, being anxious didn't really do anything in my life. It just stopped my time and prevented me from moving on.

Since the day I returned, my time was stopped the day I disappeared. I may have changed, but nothing changed me. I was that coward little brat, no matter how much knowledge I gather, no matter how much enemy I have erased. In the end, I am...

"Thank you... I am so, happy..."

She lets out an smile that was yet, another smile from before. An smile that seemed peaceful, a smile who have experienced the up and down of the life and attained her true happiness.

I wish I told you this more faster.

I wish I made you happy more quicker.

I wish I brought you smile everyday.

People will only notices how much of an importance that thing only when that thing is lost. It was true.

Regret may been a common thing in life and it will occur someday, but I don't want to experience this kind of regret!

"Yuuto-kun... can I ask you for one final thing?"

"Yes. I will do anything. Whatever it is! So... so please..."

I couldn't even finish my sentence.

"Fufu... you said anything, right...?"

I wish I'd hear that word from you while you says it jokingly.


Determined, I looked at her face who was in agony.

"Then please kiss me..."

Confusion didn't born from my heart. All there was, was a determination. The determination to make her happy, with the littlest time she had left.

Without waiting for a moment, I moved gently and locked my lips with her.

After a while, our lips separated.

"Hehe~... so, this is the taste of you..."

After she lets out an satisfied smile, her eyes closed. Her figure seemed lonely and as if her life-force was drawn out, the flower fully withered.

The brilliant shine of the blooming flower, withered instantly with just a single weapon, the mistaken usage of science...

At this moment, the figure of dying Serika flashed inside my mind a countless time and every time I pictured her, the rage inside me increased.

"I saved you and you've tried to assassinate me. I've forgiven you for attempting to kill me because no harm was dealt."

"I can even forgive you no matter how much time you try to kill me. I can treat your attempts as a children trying to gain my attention."

"Because everyone has a reason. You have a reason for wanting to kill me. From pure intention to dirtied intention. Your family can be threaten, or you can just found me in bounty that gives high reward."

"I don't care the reason behind your attempt but cares about you. Everyone deserves a second chance, because everyone has a 'reasons' to all action they will commit."

"I am not some ally of the justice so I can ignore your attempts but... but... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO INVOLVE HER?"

"You fucking trash. It was my fault for being so soft. It was my fault for giving anyone who targets me, a second chance. I thought everyone could be like me."

"Because I thought, no matter how much of a bad person is, as long as they give efforts, they can change."

"Listen here, you piece of shit. I am not as kind as the skeleton."

I've already long since gone past the limit cap of my anger and it exploded within my body, fully erasing the seal I've put inside myself.


With a single exhale, all the rage inside me is starting to disappear like an engine cooling down. Looking at Serika, it produced me no feeling.

At the same time, all the memory I forcefully forgotten, came back toward me and became one with me.

Holding Serika's legs and her back, I carried her.

Then walking for a bit, I've arrived near my house. I don't know how to respect the dead because all the corpse was automatically erased by my robots, but I know to bury the dead. This is the most respect I could bring.

After I dug out the soils, I said to Serika, whose eyes closed, and face seemed peaceful.

"I am sorry Serika."


I tapped lightly with feet the ground in the living room which produced some different sounds.

Afterward, I kneeled and place my hand, which scanned my fingerprints. Afterward, a blue 'screen' appeared, floating in the air which was moving toward the direction of my eyes.

I didn't bother dodging it as it went past my eyes.

This was what scans my irises.

Suddenly, the whole living room turned red, as all types of gun pointed toward me.

Not soon after, the gun fired, opening a bunch of holes toward me.


It didn't took a while for my body to regenerate, and the hole was nowhere to be seen. That didn't change the fact that this firing ruined my uniform which was bloody to begin with.

Sighing to myself, I repeated the procession and the result was the same.

After 10th time of repeating, the 'door' was smashed open.

I designed the floor with some layers. The 1st layer, is an incredibly thick wooden materials. While the 2nd layer was something similar to jelly. It can solidify into a wall but it will liquify after taking some shockwave.

After some time passes, that jelly will slowly removes the sources of shockwave to outside and regain back to its original solidified form. The reason for using this was to not produce a 'weird' sound such as, metal and metal clashing.

Of course, this jelly-like material was only used for hiding purposes, it doesn't have that much of an ability. That's why it gave up after the 10 rounds of firing.

Inside this 'underground' was a big room with a bunch of machine. From a machine that'd be useful for lifestyle to a machine that only purpose is killing human.

To control this machines, or even hold this machine, I have to remove the lock through the computer.

The computer is of course, locked. The way to unlock it is not through the password. It's through by question. Password is hackable but question about yourself isn't...

1. What is the Revenger's hobby?

Watching Vtubers.

2. What knowledge does he excels the most?


3. What is the his favorite phrase?

You're going to have a bad time.

4. Is Revenger a psycho? Yes or No.








The dumber the answer is, the better. Only the people who have searched up on me will ever know of this location. And the impressions of me is of the prodigy. Although badly enough, the answer in the question is mostly truth.

In the end it's a psychological game.

By the way, if you mistyped even a single letter, this entire area will explode, if the A.I detected a specified life form is not here.

After all the question was answered, the monitor increased from 1 to 2. 2 to 4. And finally, 12.

1 monitor keyboard and mouse wasn't surely enough. I had to use a multiple tools or the speed won't keep up.

I will keep quiet that he(me) used this computer just to complete multiple game at once.

Afterward, a bunch of applications, easily surpassing 50 have appeared.


1 day have passed since he broke the seal.

With all the necessary and unnecessary information memorised in my brain, I went to the 'spot.'

Sure enough, it was an abandoned building, that used to be a factory. What made me confused was, I thought they'd move to other country after trying to assassinate me. But here they are. Chiba, a prefecture not too far from Tokyo.

Instead of using train, I used the car to go there. I've already learnt how to drive the car long before. Just, it has been a while since I touched a car.

As the sight of the abandoned factory entered I further accelerated my car in the factory, not showing a sign of stopping.


After the car crashed, it didn't immediately stop. It only stopped after crashing almost most of the machine standing on a row, making something.

The front glass of was long since shattered along with the bumpers, headlight and hood. Even the doors from sideway didn't escape damage.

The engine began emitting an dirty smoke, and finally, the it turned into a fire. It was not long before the car would explode, involving me and the machine that's creating 'something.'

"What the hell with this ruckus!?"

Just before the car exploded, a human figures appeared, opening the doors. He have been lured by the sounds and must have taken his guards to look at the source of sounds together.

Is he dumb? Isn't there a camera? Well fine.

I smiled darkly before looking at the bunch of explosives lined in my backseat.

"Kamikaze presents you an kamikaze attack."

I muttered.



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