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10% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 2: Ch.2 Explosion is Art? Then, Try Blowing Yourself With The Explosion Someone Caused.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 2 - Ch.2 Explosion is Art? Then, Try Blowing Yourself With The Explosion Someone Caused.

Chapter 2: Ch.2 Explosion is Art? Then, Try Blowing Yourself With The Explosion Someone Caused.

I can feel something poking my newly made flesh. How rude.

What'd ya want?

Why are you looking at me like you are looking at some rare animal?

"Code 791-204-315 here. I've spotted an unkillable creature. Asking for reinforcement to caught him. Repeating."

The man repeated his word. Come on guys. You were just fighting around before I arrived. Why did you suddenly teamed up when this innocent and cool player teleported here. Moreover, you killed me...

Alright. In this time, I should muster my courage and finally speak. Not like they'e really a human.

"I hate Against the Deity because of how absurd the character."

First, say your opinion and make him feel like you are siding with him.

"But at the same time, I like Rashu's Wrath. I can't decide whether I like or hate M*rs Gravity. Would you guys help me decide it?" Then betray him.

Somehow, I took their attention and they're looking at me attentively now.

"Little boy, what are you saying? Is there a need to hesitate whether you like M*rs Gravity? I mean, Against the Deity may have a bad main character but, it have a good story!" Shitty swordsman who cut off my head.

"You know my feeling, kid. There is not a shred of logic in the novels he write. Look at the character he writes! Full of bullshit. Get saved by main character and they fall in love to him? Absurd!" Aren't you just jealous, spearman? I know your feeling though...

Wait, I forgot something important. Why are they talking about the novels in my world? What is that cellphone like things you just took? Isn't this supposed to be western-fantasy kind of thing where there isn't a high technology tool and they're still using horse carriage?

Code 7... what? Wait. First of all, why did they fight against each other just because of the author from my world? It may be just my imagination but, did someone just said the author from my world, M*rs Gravity is in the next kingdom?

No, no. Now is not the time to be dazed. Remember your date simulator experience... I don't have any! I remember wanting to play it but, I also remember not playing it yet.

"Since I can't decide, why don't you guys help me?" I pushed my limit and thought of a sentence.

"Oh? Tell me your suggestion, boy."

They took a bite.

"If that mister spearman win in fight, I will decide that I hate M*rs Gravity after all! The opposite happen if mister swordsman win. How is it?" I said a word that will decide my destiny.

Will this venerable one be caught and taken to jail, perhaps even be researched or, will this supreme one successfully escape here and conquer the entire world? It depends on how dumb the guards! Oops, that fairy from before almost lifted the Chuunibyou seal.




We stared for more than 1 minute? How come the reinforcements have arrived yet? I, their supposed enemy, couldn't help but wonder myself. Moreover, both of their stares make me nervous.

"Kid! You're so smart. How come we didn't think of that." It's because you'e too dumb to think with that low IQ of yours.

"That's right! Come at me, Erosu. Let's decide our life-long battle with this." Erosu is his name? Hahaha! Did he f*** his mother the moment he born or something?

I cursed to them silently as the grudge of getting my heads cut off remains.

Despite their disappointing brains, their physical ability was amazing. The spearman had an ability to control water while the swordsman had fire. Why did the commander even decided to put them in the same team...

The movie-like scene unfold in front of me as the 2 experienced warriors battle each other.

The burning sword that was slashing down toward spearman. In contrast, the spearman dodge it by lifting sideway. At the same time, the water solidified and using it as stepping, the spearman launched toward swordsman.

Anyway, they seems concentrated in the fight so, I'll leave. Sarabada! (Farewell)


5 minute after I disappeared from the spot, the reinforcements arrived. Considering my low agility, I was only a little bit far away where they can still see my figure with their enchanted eyesight but, of course, they don't know that 'unkillable creature' was me.

The 2 was still full on the fights. Such a good friend. I'm almost jealous if they were not dumb.

I tried my best to ignore the 'tired' feeling. Why did they had to make this feeling so realistic. It's almost as if that I am really running in the reality.

It was some time long when I spotted a big wall in front of me. What was it? Shiverlight River Kingdom? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It the spot I spawned was some meters or mile away from Shiverlight Kingdom. Then my head cut off and heart stabbed... Talk about my luck. Despite that, maybe because I am fairly close to the Kingdom and troops is patrolling around, I've never met any monsters around.

"Show your ID!"

When I got closer to the entrance, a guard stopped me. I've read this in manga. I didn't expect that I would experience the same feeling.

"I don't have any ID."

"Then follow me."

I just noticed it now but, looking upward, this guard is really strong. Level 183? Couldn't you just set it in 185? Why 3?

I had no choice so, I followed him. By the way, maybe because it's the entrance guard, the uniform, design, even the insignia is different. When that spearman and swordsman's insignia is some eagle, this guard's was dragon...

Something is weird...

Following this guard, I saw the entrance guard change.

As the entrance guard leaded me somewhere beyond this entrance, I enjoyed the sight of the city. It was big. So big that bare eye can't see the opposite side of this entrance.

The city itself was quite advanced. By advanced, it was to the point where there is a tower similar to Tokyo Skytree. Just from the aura it emits, it seems like the place whereas only a noble can enter.

Besides that, the house around was fairly good. It seems quite durable and can endure earthquake... This is not Japan.

The materials these houses use, is either durable wood or some concrete. It differs but, the sight is quite pleasing to look at. If possible, I'd like to have a private house here like the players in Reincarnation of Strongest Gun God.

The entrance guard took me to one of the building that was quite near to the entrance.

Inside it, was some table, chair, or rather, a line of players. I can see their names.

"Wait in line."

The entrance guard is rather cold that I felt some nervousness. How could an programmed person emit this much pressure.

Soon, the guards left and returned to the entrance which reduced my nervousness but it wasn't completely gone.

The players is staring at me. Is it that I am ugly? Is there something in my face?

Oh wait, there's something in my chest. A hole that was made... besides, the part of my neck which is white compared to others. Well I am sorry for being weird, okay? So, please staring at me.

Under the pressure, I sat down while getting in line. It didn't take long as players enter and exit each minute. It shouldn't be this hard because players would gradually lose interest me.

Yes. It shouldn't be that hard.

"Hey mister. Where did you take that injuries(?) from?"

Why are you looking at me with that interested eye. Please stop it. I am not into a loli even if it's a legal. Besides that, why are you so cute?

I don't remember opening my heart towards 3D girls. My heart only belong to anime or vtubers!

Enough tricking myself. It doesn't change the fact that the loli in front of me is cute. Pink long hair with an emerald green eyes. Even if her body isn't developed, just from her facial shape and position, it was enough to be the school beauty.

Changing appearance is impossible unless you choose a different race. Besides, even if you change your race, there will be only a minimal changes in one's appearance. For example, their hair color, eye lashes, muscle's tone.

Her ears is not long so, elf is wrong. She is not that buffed so, orc is also wrong. It can be half-human but, that doesn't explain her special hair color.

"Umm... Mister?"

Oops, I stared to her too much.

"Sorry. This injuries? I got involved in fight with other kingdom's soldier."

Just saying this short sentence really exhausted all my mentality. Moreover, because she is at the top classes cuteness, the damage is more than 2x.

"Is that so..."

She seemed to be thinking something else but that's also a good action for me. Now that I don't feel her gaze, I can calm down and regenerate my mental energy.

Anyway. I can't really help but think of her. Is she some daughter of celebrity? Why is her hair pink? Is it some hidden classes? But that is weird.

From the Character Creation Space I was in, I think I've seen all races mentioned there. I could even choose everything there. Or else, how would I gain this Half-Demon race?

Oh. While I was thinking things out, that little girl has exited from the room where she was called. Then, I heard the guards(?) call me out.

As it disrupted my concentration, I was taken back to reality and walked my feet toward the direction where I was called. On the right side, I brushed past the cherry blossom-like female who was still pondering deeply.

"Please sit down there."

I don't know who this guy is so, let's just call him examinator. That examinator gently pointed out a chair whereas, it was surrounded magical steel along with, the magic circle at the floor.

Without a reason to disobey, I silently walked toward that chair and sat. It was still warm as the previous player or pink haired girl's warmth was still there. This part of system is really unnecessarily realistic.

"Before we begin the test, may I ask you a question?"

I nodded toward the examinator.

"Why did you choose this city?"

... I was soon, had no choice but to be speechless. Should I say, I just threw off my figure and randomly landed here? Come on! Think of the king who builded this kingdom out of nothing. The reason adventurers travels here; I randomly wanted to go here?

If it was Chinese Novel, that king would have vomited 3 litres of blood.


So, I told the truth. Diverting the truth, I instead told a different reason. Well, I am not lying.

"Ohh!! You have noticed this kingdom's one of good points with just a single glance! How wonderful! Thank you for answering my question."

[Affiliation with Shiverlight River Kingdom +10]

[Affinity with Rido Professor +5]

[You have reached 5 Affinity with Rido Professor. The item he sells will now be discounted by 1%.]

"Well then. Shall we begin the test?"

I nodded toward him as he nodded back in response. Then, he began with his chant that seems to speak the language of gods.

Soon, the magic circle began shining and like a chain reaction, the magical steel around me began to gives off a blue light, sometime changing to red, to blue, to purple, to black, wait. It's changing too fast.

Isn't this... quite bad? Isn't this magical thing going berserk? Is it normal?

The answer was soon found as the unbelievable heat spreads through my body and turning my everything to an ash.

In my faint eyes that was about to get burned as well, I saw the examinator, Professor Rido was casting an magic barrier like things.

It didn't even took an second for my entire body to turn into ash. Damn it. 10% pain sensitivity still hurts so much.

It was more disgusting as I can feel my flesh which has supposedly turned into ash was regenerating out of void. This feeling where my limbs is not connected yet, I can control it is as bad as carsickness.

The flame has long since gone as it was an explosion-type(?) of flame and not as lasting as black flame.

Professor Rido who casted some barrier was blown outward due to the force that explosion emitted. He was rushing back to this room with his feet floated a little bit upward.

Get the priority right you goddamn mind. Look at your own body. It's disgusting. Sure the flesh was regenerating in rather shocking speed but, the bone has long since recovered and it formed my skeleton.

I didn't think the day where I would see my own skeleton with my eyes would come. By the way, my eyeball was floating, facing the skeletons.

After the skeleton fully formed, my organs began entering inside the skeleton, passing the bone like a ghost afterward, the fully regenerated flesh stuck in the bones and my skin came afterward.

At this time, Rido Professor finally arrived to the room and saw me standing, without a clothes.

"How did you survive that?"

"Luckily, my vital parts wasn't included in the explosion area."

I lied as naturally as breathing. Missed my every vital parts? Instead, my whole body has turned into ash! How is it? There's no vital part to hit anymore! Satisfied?

I decided my mind. I hate magic.

"That's good. The test has been ruined but, here is your ID."

From his palm, yellow shine has glowed and flickering with his hand, it launched toward my left hand.

This feels cool but at the same time, it feels uncomfortable. It's as if someone has set an gps toward you and can track you anytime.

Unconsciously bowing him a little, I left the room whereas the cherry blossom-like girl was standing there, waiting for me.

"Mister, would you like to join to our guilds?"

Looking closely to her emerald-like pupils, I saw a pattern similar to magic circle I saw before. It was so clear that it gave me the feeling that she was showing it to me deliberately.

What should I do...


Kamikaze - Level 1

HP: NaN - MP: 10 / AMP: 3

Strength: 1

Agility: 11

Intelligent: 1

Racial Skills:

[Combat Mage's Lineage] Racial Skill 1 Passive

Abyss Mana Bar would be added.

The amount of Abyss Mana is 30% of MP.

Once skills is casted through Abyss Mana, the cost would be reduced by 30% and the effect would be strengthened at some point.

[Abyss Form] Racial Skill 2 Active

Once usage, skin-colored horn will grow on one's head.

Additional 20% Abyss damage will be inflicted upon activation and will continue to burn the enemy with 30% of the total damage for 5 seconds.

Cost: 5 Abyss Mana per second..


Too many unnecessary things written here and I will not remove it.

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