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15% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 3: Ch.3 I am Traumatised.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 3 - Ch.3 I am Traumatised.

Chapter 3: Ch.3 I am Traumatised.

"I'll have to refuse."

I turned my head away from her before feeling her petite touch through the shirt.

"Can mister tell me why?"

She was already cute from the beginning but, her teary eyes made her charm increases.

"No benefit. I don't know you. I don't know your guild."

"If it's that so, the- then! Here is my name. Please let's be friend and consider my offers, first."

That little girl suddenly bowed and extended her hands in front, this scene reminded me of anime scene where some character confess his/her love toward that person.

Moreover, this cherry blossom-like girl was blushing that it made the scene more awkward. Seriously? Please don't give off an aura of romantic scene.

If I rejected her right now, wouldn't I be a trash in front of these guys's eyes, right? Yeah I am talking about you, baldy, afro haired, weirdly handsome man. Also you, fatty. You didn't escape my sight.

Sighing inwardly, I took the yellow glow in her hand and accept the friend request.

[Nirvana Petal]

Petal is it? Nice to meet you, my first friend... both in my real life and game life? I don't remember.

"Okay. Is that it? Then, I am going now."

Talking sure is hard. Am I not too rude to her by acting like this? But, I am really uncomfortable being with her. Joining in the guild may restrict my freedom.

"Wa- wait!"

Heh! You made a wrong choice! You, who supposed to have a balanced stats, will never be able to caught to me who has 11 agility! Sarabada! (Farewell)




Why is she running in my next? No matter how much strength I put in my feet, she is able to match her speed with me. Damn it!

When I fell front from exhaustion, I just noticed that my feet was bleeding and the color it gave didn't seem good. Come to think of it, I was running barefoot, didn't I? No wonder something felt off each time I step.

Petal who saw my feet, suddenly darkened her face and started asking for apologies.

"If it wasn't for me. If I didn't match with your speed and just run past you, this wouldn't have happen. I am sorry! Fuu-san!"

Hey little girl. Are you aware that what you're saying is killing me mentally? Go to some insulting tournament. You have a talent in it.

Oh, ladies and gentlemen have already noticed it but, she called me Fuu-san. The reason behind it is easy. Same kanji but different reading. [Kami(God)] [Kaze(Wind)] is basically how you read my username but, these 2 can be read in different way.

[Shin(God)] and [Fuu(Wind)] It has the same meaning so, you don't have to remember it.

Going back to the scene right now, I silently endured the insult I am taking and finally, looked at petals. I already gave up. I am not the one who tries the same action hoping for difference answer.

"Want to form a party?"

Not even in my dream, I would say this.

"Really? Yes! Yes!"

With my bare feet completely healed, I sent an party invitation toward her. We are the same level one but, why is she so much faster than me. I want to cry but no tear is coming out.

"Then let's go."

I looked at her happily jumping rabbit-like figure then went ahead.


Fun fact. The amount I've speak today has far surpassed the past 1 years in my life. Although our conversation, was like my mother, she would ask me question and I would shrug her off. The difference is, however, a pistol and a mini-gun.

I thought that I was saved when the monsters finally appeared traveling outside the wall some miles apart.

"Fuu-Oniichan, are you sure you're fighting with that monster barehanded?"

Yes. Why not? Aren't you the same?

Petal took out a sword from the sheath.

... Damn it! You betrayed me! Then that means... that seemingly torn leggings and shoes was the reason why I couldn't out-speed you! Why didn't I notice the sword in your sheath. It has been in your waist the entire time.

This place is an forest, not that far from Shiverlight River Kingdom. What's in front of us is an really realistic spider. Why did they had to make the monsters this gross.

Luckily, even without the inspection-kinds of skills, I could see its level.

Although I can't see it's name, maybe because our level difference is not that much, I could see its pitiful number; 5.

Despite it's disgusting appearance of 6 eyes and 8 legs with an inflated stomach, it was weak in contrast.

I am okay with spider but, is Petal bad with it?

Wait, isn't this a chance? If Petal retreat here, I can remove both her name in friend list and party. Then, I am free... Crap.

When I noticed, the spider have already charged forward, then, using it's unexpectedly flexible body, it dodged Petal's sword. Afterward, without a lose in speed, it pounced toward me.

As I was thinking something useless at that time, when I reacted it, the spider's teeth was already biting me. Afterward, using its string-like web which stuck the upper part of trees, it launched upward while taking me.

Spider-kun? Aren't you a little bit too smart despite of a low levels? Now that we're in upper side of trees, Petal can't even save me. She can climb the tree but, the speed would be too slow. Ah crap, my stomach opened.

The spider used its acid-like saliva and melted my stomach which revealed the 'new' organs inside it. Then, ate it like a person who just found a food after so many weeks.

No wonder this is age restricted game... Even with pain sensitivity reduced to 10% the pain was still there. Moreover, the spider was using its teeth to torn apart my organ. It hurts. It feels disgusting. My weak 1 strength can't even resist the spider.

Someone help me...




Ah, he stopped moving... is what I thought but, the spider just stopped moving because he fully ate everything inside me. What's remained is, my flesh.

The spider moved it's head upward which made me see it's terrifying appearance. Then, lowered its head as if kissing me.

Of course there's no way that spider would kiss me, it's opened it's mouth once again the , inserted that teeth inside my eye.

It's hurt...


I can't see anything from half-right. With my remaining eyeball, I saw it happily eating my other eyeball.

At the same time, I finally fell. Of course, I wasn't just lying there, looking at the spider eats my organs. I was really slowly, to the point the spider won't notice me while using 1 strength to move to the edge of this tree.

I am glad that I didn't turn out to the case of butterfly caught in spider webs but, I must say that this branch is really big.

Moreover, maybe because of my immortality, even without the heart, organs, I could move my arms. I don't even know how am I breathing without the lung to store the air.

I have to get rid of this useless habit of thinking too much inside the battle. Silently closing my eyes, I readied myself.


Did I just fall from my brain? I heard a unique sound where I can only hear from movie.

Even with closed eyes, I could see the system notification so, without moving a single finger, I disbanded the party.

While Kamikaze was closing his eyes thinking unnecessary thoughts, Petal who was climbing to help Kamikaze, saw him fall and heard the sound of his fall.

Petal then dropped before going toward Kamikaze's bloodied body. She was surprised at the sight.

The deformed head which was caused from the fall. The brain scattered around from the falls. The blood around. Finally, how empty Kamikaze was. There was no organ anymore but, the trace of it's being torn apart.

Just by looking at it, she has the urge to vomit.

'I am sorry.' She thought inward but, didn't say it. She couldn't say it. Even if it may be just a game, it's true that she let her friend die. Death in the most brutal way.

She was overridden with guilt, she swore to revenge Kamikaze.

[You have gained skill: Revenge.]

[Revenge] Level 1 - Active Skill

Upon activation, shows the path of enemy's attack.

Damage dealt +100% upon counter success.

Cost: 5 MP per second.

System interface appeared her which she read then nodded. At the moment, the guilt has override the fear inside her.

After then, she faced the spider which was hanging by using the string stuck in the tree.

The 2 battled, not noticing the strangeness around Kamikaze's body.


Right after Nirvana Petal faced the battle, Kamikaze's body which couldn't be described by normal means anymore, was starting to regenerate.

The scattered blood began floating, emitting a beautiful effect of blood orbs dancing in the air, if it wasn't for the mushed brain also in there.

Then, the blood orbs began to rotate rapidly, which out of nothing, the once eaten organ or rather, new organ appeared out of the rotating rapidly blood.

Heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas...

All of them was absorbed inside Kamikaze's body, whose by shockwave, opened his eye, revealing abyss-like black pupils and white clear pupils.

Alright time to escape. Of course I had no intention to just lay here. Even if the spider was defeated, other monsters would smells and eat me.

I stood up and brushed off the dust(?) around me.

Seems like that girl is fighting the spider. Good luck!

Help her and defeat the monsters together like a main character? No way. I am too scared of that spider. With the help of immortality, I may be able to kill it with her help, but, the fear is installed too deeply inside me.

I'd rather fight level 10 monsters than fighting that spider.

Moreover, once her hp reached 0, she will just die, unlike me. She won't experience that tragedy.


I turned around only for Nirvana Petal's body to crash into me.

Damn it.

"Fuu-Oniichan, you're still alive? Hurry up and get out of here. I will drag out the spider!"

More than the annoyance of god's interruption, something inside me broke.

Hey. Did you just say, run? Even if you didn't say that, I would have done it.

But, because you fucking said it, I won't. Since you don't even expect me to defeat that mere spider. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Let me tell you. Whenever I want, I can kill that spider. I just didn't because it seems to have fun living around.

[Abyss Form]

With my rage overwhelming the fear inside me, I activated my abyss form as 2 skin-colored horn grew in my head.

[Due to the lack of abyss mana, the cost would be taken to HP in exchange.]



Row of numbers kept bouncing upward my head.

My heart is beating rapidly that its almost hurt.

Tears began to appear from eyes. The cause didn't came from pain but, from the fear that was oppressed because of adrenaline.

But, I didn't back down. Because if I did, the spider would be really my trauma for a long terms.

With all the courage I mustered, I step forward and rushed toward the spider who was now on ground.

Then, the string came toward me at an lightning speed.

This time, I wasn't thinking unnecessary things but, despite that, it was too fast for me to dodge. Shifting my body to minimal the damage as I can, the string cut off my arm.

'Come back!'

Along with my order, the spilled blood and flew off arm came back toward me faster than the speed I was rushing toward the spider.

But it was enough. I was already in front of the spider.

The surprised spider was in daze and couldn't dodge my punch.

[You have dealt 3+1 damage.]




Without giving it a time, I rushed toward it's back but, that was a mistake judgement.

The web came from it's butt and I didn't know it. Moreover, the spider can control the string at some point.

It twirled around me at terrible speed and cut off my body in half like a rubber and melon.

My body flew upward but, it returned rather quickly in my body because of my will.

Then riding to it's back, I twirled my arm around it from behind.

[You have dealt 1 damage.]



[You have dealt 1 damage.]



[You have dealt 1 damage.]



It used its all leg and crashed my back to the tree but, it didn't matter to me.

It don't kill me. Nothing can kill me. In front of death, mortal can't do anything but shake out of fear but, in front of death, immortals will get stronger.

At some point, I think I grew up a little bit.

My bad habit appeared once again but, that didn't matter. Noticing that crashing my body isn't effective, it used it string to pull off my feet.

Smart spider but, that also won't work. Rather than my entire body getting pulled down, my flesh from the feet was torn off.

This time, the spider finally noticed the danger of this 'bug' behind his back, he began to rash.

Trying to drag me down is useless.

Crushing me to tree is useless.

Cutting off my body is useless.

Cutting off my arm is useless.

Cutting off my hand is useless.

Soon, the prey became the predator in the spider's eyes.

When the spider's health bar was really low, Nirvana Petal who was dragged down by me before appeared, with the intention to help me.

"Fuu-Oniichan, hang in there!"

Along with the cheer, she rushed and cut off the spider's head, as well as killing it.




? Question mark appeared from me.

Like an chain reaction, question mark also appeared in Nirvana Petal's head.

Cute..., no. Not that! Where is my reward!? Is this a shitty game where the damage dealt don't matter but, the last hit?

Damn it!

Karma struck me harder than the spider eat me..

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