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20% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 4: Ch.4 I Began to Think This Was an Interesting Game But It Turned Out to be Impossible Game.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 4 - Ch.4 I Began to Think This Was an Interesting Game But It Turned Out to be Impossible Game.

Chapter 4: Ch.4 I Began to Think This Was an Interesting Game But It Turned Out to be Impossible Game.

Let me summarise what basically happen in the past chapter.

I got eaten alive by spider and got traumatised. I was saved by Nirvana Petal, my first friend but, she looked down or rather, she don't have any expectation to me so, I got angry.

Using the rage as an adrenaline, I somehow mustered up my courage then, faced my first trauma.

I thought killed the spider by using my immortality and seemingly permanent abyss form but, that Nirvana Petal KS'ed(kill steal) my prey.

Because of how incompetent the past me, I disbanded the party we made and so on, all the rewards goes to Nirvana Petal.

She was showered into golden light around 4 times. Is it the level up effect? It seems like the blessing from god and is not bad.

Currently, I stopped kneeling out of agony. It's just a level 5 monsters! There's no way the rewards is that great!

I just thought of something and felt her leveling up 4 times is weird. Despite the game, being in service for 1 month, the highest leveled player is but a level 20. It was weird for her to suddenly...

No. Don't think too much of this. You will just end up regretting more.

Beside, the mother drop an circular object on death.

"We did it! Fuu-Oniichan!"

She raised her palm, waiting for something.

I pretended that I didn't saw it then moved toward the egg.

"I will take this"

Leaving a word without waiting for her answer, I took it, then, left the spot.

Why should I wait for her permission? I am the one who reduced most of the health and she just dealt the last hit. She even took reward for it.

Besides, she should have already noticed the fact that I disbanded the party.

Stop giving off that sad eyes.

First of all, why were you asking a stranger to enter in the guilds you're in? Even if the reason is that I have some capabilities, we're a stranger, right?

Second, don't casually add a stranger to your friend list. It may be just a game but, you can possibly raped. The developer weirdly didn't put a restriction or system guard in that.

Third. Don't look so sad just because I am 'really' leaving.

... Damn it. The after-taste is so bad. I silently sent her the friend request.

"I am solo player. Don't bother with me."

At least, her eyes didn't seem to be as sad as before. Just don't misunderstand me. I didn't do it because I wanted you to smile happily, nor I didn't want to see your sad face. I just thought that leaving you like this gave me a bad after-taste...

I feel embarrassed toward myself thinking all of this.

This time, she didn't follow me and I was able to freely do what I wanted.


Despite that, I don't really know what I want to do. Should I make use of my immortality and stand at the peak of this world?

Or, gather some money to pay some money to prostitute and lose my virginity here?

God. Why did I even think of something like that. I swear I am not that kind of person. I am a kind of person who'll never engage in sexual activity without a love...

While I was walking in a road, I was changing my expression a little and little. When you thought my face reddened, it returned back to normal. At least, I was able to do this because I am all alone here. If it was in school, I wouldn't have done it.

[Spider inside the egg is filled with mysterious feeling listening to your conversation with Nirvana Petal.]

[Spider's Intelligent +1.]

[Spider's Intelligent +1.]

[Spider's Intelligent +1.]

[An outcome has been made by spider who was thinking hard of your action.]

[Spider remembered to be suspicious and kind to anyone.]

Did you just dissed me? I am suspicious? Hell no. How come this handsome(?) me is suspicious? I just don't say me opinion too openly and is naturally(?) a good person(?)

Damn it. Stop with that (?).

[Spider has learned to think positively.]

Yeah. You should learn that as fast as possible so that even if you meet with terrible outcome, you wouldn't get hurt more than neccessary.

Alright! Let's move on. First of all, let's trying searching on how to find the inspection, kind-of skill! Eh? Look for some class or weapon?

Class is only available from past level 10 and beside, I don't really need weapon because I will just lose my grip and drop it once I collided with monsters. They really made this part too realistic. No wonder, in the forum, beginner guideline, it was written that they don't recommend maxing everything in one spot.

But, worry not! I have abyss form, and the burn damage can stack. Its just sad that it don't reset the burn duration upon stacks.

Hn? Isn't it more efficient if I just add the strength and increase my damage? Come on. Don't clash me with logic. That only work here at the utmost minimum.

Besides, Strength's most traits is the fact that it increases HP. I, who is immortal, don't want to waste my stats points just because I want to increase my attack damage.

[Spider's Intelligent +1...]

[Intelligent +1...]


While thinking inwardly, I already arrived in the entrance which was as usual, bursting with people.

"Show your ID!"

But there was 1 thing different. That is the fact that I, now have an ID. I am legally legal person immortal player now.

"You may go in."

This feels really strange. If I example it, it's the airport check. You may be sure that you readied yourself with all the tools you need but, there's always a nervousness and uneasy upon checking.

Or maybe that's just me.

First, I travelled around the kingdom, which was not like before I wondered myself.

Do I not starve?

It was when I walked upon some boulevard where there was a lot of food stalls.

It was a large road where food stalls was in right side and left side. Past that, was some building.

This sight almost made me think of an festival because many people stroll past here and the merging smells of the food around.

Thinking of this, I started getting hungry.

But I don't have money.

If I stayed here and show some sad face, would the player or NPCs give me some money?

I would rather not. That may be an interesting experience and worth trying but, that's until when I really go insane and not care about the embarrassment.


Oh that's it! I am finally here.

What's in front of me was a honorific building of an certain mage. At least in forum, it was written as the building where the all-knowing mage exist. I don't know if it's true but, it's worth trying.

"Welcome! What trial would sir like to take??"

Trial? Well that's not weird for system to ask the players to undergo a trial before rewarding a player.

As if reading my expression, the beautiful brown-haired half-elf with glasses gestured her hand toward the information board.

"Please take a look at that board. All the informations sir need is written."

She bowed gently.

[Omniscient Magician's Trial]

Heaven: 30 Silver Coins

Survive the Omniscient Magician clones' one attack. During the trial, you may use whatever you can.

Basic information. Random basic skill.

Normal: 5 Gold Coins

Survive the Omniscient Magician clones' five attack. During the trial, you are not allowed to use consumable items, armor.

Hidden information. Random skill.

Hard: 100 Gold Coins Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Survive the Omniscient Magician clones' attack for 1 minute. During the trial, you are not allowed to use anything, including skills.

Hidden Information. Information you want. Random Skill.

Hell: 0 Coin

Survive the Omniscient Magician's attack for 30 minute. During the trial, the stats is lowered by 50%. Player is allowed to use equipment.

Hidden Information. Information you want. Information you will need. Random Supreme Skill.

Failure Penalty: Affinity with Omniscient Magician -100.

Affiliation with Shiverlight River Kingdom -100,000.

The shop in the Shiverlight River Kingdom's price will rise by 50%.

The EXP Gain around Shiverlight River Kingdom's territory will lower by 50%.

You won't be able to learn magic-related skills.

Intelligent -50% permanently.

Each month, Omniscient Magician's clone would be sent to your location with the intention to kill you.

Abyss: 0 Coin

Lower Omniscient Magician's HP to 50%. During the trial, the stats is lowered by 50%. The player's item usage is restricted. Skill other than active skill will be disabled.

Hidden Information. Information you want. Information you will need. Random Truth Skill. ???

Failure Penalty: Affinity with Omniscient Magician -100. It is impossible to regain the affinity.

Affiliation with Shiverlight River Kingdom -500,000.

Once inside the kingdom, the guards will chase you with the intention to lock you in the jail for 7 days. This will continues until your affiliation with Shiverlight River Kingdom returned back to 0.

The shops around Shiverlight River Kingdom won't sell you anything.

You won't be able to learn magic-related skills.

Intelligent -90% permanently.

Every 2 weeks, Omniscient Magician will chase you with the intention to kill you. Once you're killed by Omniscient Magician, 5 intelligent would be taken from you and you will lose 1 additional level.

After that, you will be taken to jail and locked up for 7 days.

The items in your inventory space will be taken after getting killed by Omniscient Magician.

From heaven to hard, it cost some money or rather, a large sum of money to undergo a trials. At this point, most players probably only have 1 gold while some large guild leader have more than 100.

The money goes from 100 bronze = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold. Classical RPG's Currency System.

Meanwhile, just looking at the penalty from Abyss mode is enough to make me shiver in fear. Intelligent is reduced by 90% permanently. Skill disability, etc... With just these, it may be possible to somehow live a worse-than normal players but, that final penalty was devastating.

Every 2 weeks, the Omniscient Magician will come to you with the intention to kill you and every time you get killed by him, your intelligent will get reduced. Moreover, because of the 7 days spent inside the jail, the remaining time where you can rest from Omniscient Magician will be 1 weeks or 7 days.

Truly hell if I may say.

Completing Abyss is clearly impossible. I may not know how strong the Omniscient Magician is but, from the forum I've read, even after the 1 month player spent in this game, the first person to complete Normal mode has yet to be seen.

It was a terrifying news. It's just 5 attacks is what people would think but, not a single soul completing the normal mode is the proof on how strong the Omniscient Magician really was.

I am starting to lose confidence. If I fail it here, my career as a player is basically crumbled. It's a ticket to the hell.

But in contrast, if I success somehow, I can be at advantage compared to others player.

I have to gamble in it.

There we go. I mustered courage to ready myself in my life's biggest gamble.

"I am going to take the Hell trial."

The half-elf who was writing papers, suddenly dropped her pen to the fall then, widened her eyes out of shock.

"Sir, if you want to suicide, you should choose a different place. If you die here, your fate will be worse than dea-"

"I. Want. To. Take. Hell Trial."

As the communication starts to get drag, I jumped straight back to the main point. I may like a beautiful woman but, I am not the type that listen every single insult they throw to me.

It was the same case for Nirvana Petals. I hate getting looked down but, as long as they don't say it and keep it in their hearts, I won't do something.

How did I turn out like this...

"Let this young fool in. This one is coincidentally free this time."

From somewhere I don't know where it came from, a voice sounded out. The voice sounded so weird that just by hearing it, I can't understand if the one speaking is an man or woman, an old person or young person.

"I apologies my rudeness. Please follow me."

The half-elf who also heard the voice, bowed gently before leading me to the room.

She then, opened the door.

"I wish sir's good luck."

Her eyes is dead but, I didn't have a time to care about that. This place was naturally amazing.

Not too cool, not too hot. There wasn't a wind that flows here but, there was this chilly feeling that comes from autumn.

Besides that, this 'room' or rather, space was much wider than what I expected. At least, it was to the point I can't see the wall with my are eyes. The rest was white with nothing to look at.

"Thy great god, give this one a power enough to burn the continent. Great Inferno."

There was no trace of the magic being created and the amount of time it caused the Magician to cast this magic was almost instantaneous

The large meteor appeared out of nothing before crashing toward me.

Around the rock was covered with high temperatures enough to burn the air around it and the heat travelled through the space for my skin to contact.

Before I knew it, the heat increased tremendously at terrifying speed then, even before the meteor crashes toward me, my entire self was burned into ash, gone to the void.

The meteor crashing with the land was like the volcano erupts and it made a huge crater in this empty space.

Moreover, the diameter of crater was big enough to covers the entire city.

At this moment, I understood by my instinct.

Why players couldn't complete the Normal trials even after 1 month..

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