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25% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 5: Ch.5 This Magician is so Much of a Cheat.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 5 - Ch.5 This Magician is so Much of a Cheat.

Chapter 5: Ch.5 This Magician is so Much of a Cheat.

Holy shit.

The meteor didn't even hit me before I burned into ash.

I don't know why it's named Great Inferno from before but, I finally knew it now.

The inferno remained and continued burning the air. This burns prevented my regeneration but, that is fine.

Even if I don't regenerate, I won't die for some reason. What really matter is that, its hurt so much.

Sometimes it hurts as if it was burning my soul, the other times feel it weakens.

When I checked the system, I found the answer. The pain sensitivity is out of control. It changing the number in fast rate.

Dammit why is it. Is this game bugged? Or did that damn Omniscient Magician broke the fourth wall and invaded my system? Both way, it was annoying but, time taking.

"Hn? Isn't that kid dead yet? I am sure he turned into ash instantly."

I don't know how I heard it without an ear but, the voice surely entered me.

"This fire is annoying. Fire control."

Excuse me? Mr. Omniscient Magician? Where is your chant? I am sure I heard that you need a chant to perform a magical skill? The fire was absorbed toward the empty space like an vortex and gone to the void.

Aren't you too cheaty? I guess When your opponent is busy casting his spell, you've already fired a so-called supreme magician skill toward him.

Could you let me go for a minute, please? I had to endure that hellish pain for around 30 seconds? And I don't want to go through something similar with that for the 2nd time.

"Hmm... he is nowhere to be seen. Molecular Sense."

Did I hear it wrongly? Molecular? Would you stop spouting a nonsense?

"Nothing again. Alright. It may take a little bit of mana. Atom Sense."

And there you go. Sensing something more smaller. Honestly, I am speechless. How should I react with this Cheat Magician who's more cheaty than the main protagonist in Japanese Novel. Of course, exclude that so-called instant death magic... or you can include it?

"There you are."

Even though I have no eyes, I can sense it. With that tiny sense I have, I saw the magician teleport in front of me. I can call it a blink as there was literally no wasted milliseconds in it. It was instantaneous.

"Are you an immortal? No that's not quite right. Because the moment they've spotted immortal outside that place they will lock him in that place. Besides, he's not as powerful as me. Nor, the immortals grow from tree."

The Omniscient Magician then looked at me with an interest. Yes. With interest. If I was to example it, it would be something similar to human looking at the panda in the zoo.

I also don't feel good at the same time. Remember what he said? "The moment 'they' spotted me, 'they' will lock me to 'that' place." I don't who're 'they' nor do I know where 'that' place but, it sure is uncomfortable thing to know.

Moreover, since the Omniscient Magician is saying it as if he know about 'their' existence, he should be somewhat related to 'them' and it's the 50-50 chance of 'ally' or 'enemy.' If it was ally, it will be okay.

If it was enemy? I could consider my career as a player is gone. If my prediction is right, the fate of getting 'locked in there' is worse than failing the abyss difficulties.

"Omniscient Inspection. Omniscient Appraisal. Omniscient Analyse. All-Knowing Orb."

Damn it. Stop casually spouting something amazing name. It will stab my once a chuunibyou heart.

At the same time, I felt I was naked. It is the truth that I am naked now but, this feeling is something more advanced than that. It's as if he could see my everything, my habit, my hobby.

"You're only a level 1 but, you've beat the level 5 spider and without a skill. The level difference may be only 4 but, that spider is ranked as an Legend and if it grew, it has the potential to fight against the Deity. Impressive."

Heh~ that spider was ranked as Legend. No wonder it was smart despite its low level... I, the one who beat that monster is amazing haha... Wait. Did you just look at my record? Impossiburu(impossible)

I can ignore about you knowing that I have no skill but, isn't it too much of a cheat to look at the players' record?

"It's also impressive how quickly you got used to how wrong your body is. What's more amazing is, being eaten alive, it just turned out to be an trauma. If it was a normal people, it wouldn't be weird for them to instantly quit this game and see a illusion of that spider whatever they see, you know? If worse, they may even be in coma in that reality."

Heh~ I am quite amazing, aren't I? Haha!... In that reality? Did you just say in that reality? God damn old man. Stop breaking the fourth wall .

"Well thinking about your past, that explains your quick judgement and your endurance toward the cruel reality. If I was in your spot, I would have suicided in despair."


"Didn't know your..."


I lose my force at the final part. Thinking of it, I don't have anything right now. If this magician willed it, he can just 'lock' me to somewhere I don't know.

"Oh? You regained your calm unnaturally fast."

Damn you. You were reading my thought? How embarrassing for someone to hear me spouting bullshit.

"I hate that part of you."

Alright alright. I would've be been happier if I was said that by a beautiful girl who have an platinum hair with gold pupils and is cute without a large breast.

Hey. Stop casually mentioning your preference. That old man can hear you.

"Yeah. Yeah. Don't go casually mentioning my true appearance."



Miss. To tell you the truth, I've been seeking for a master. Would this magnificent deity-like grand wizard be my master?

"Sorry! We're in maintenance and is currently not taking a disciple."

"Damn it. The side effect is taking on me. How strong should your emotion be to affect me this much? I hate this way of talking."

Mister miss, you've been talking like that the whole time even before you've casted me with that weird spell. If we compare it, you just lost your arrogance of calling yourself "this one." Oh wait, was that your acting?

Kukuku. Everything is exactly as planned. While I drag our conversation, we're wasting so much time. Mr. Miss, do you know how much time has passed? It's exactly as 9 minute and 47 seconds. Kukuku.

"Sigh... I don't know if you're a dumb or smarting judging by your current self and the past you."

Miss? I said would you stop looking at my past? I won't question how you're doing it. Stop looking at it.


"My bad my bad. Omniscient Appraisal, All-Knowing Orb cancel."

Thank you.

"Well then. Let's get to our main point. You're an immortal, right?"

Hn!? ... Pikapika~?

"Deceiving me is futile. How about this. If you said to me the truth, I will let you complete the trial."

Yes I am. Didn't you see it from my memory?

"I wanted your confirmation."

Then? Can I now complete the trial?

"Of course! After 27 minutes."

Wha-, you tricked me!? Besides, isn't it 17 minutes 13 seconds from the time passed?

"Oh? Didn't you read the trial notes properly? Survive the Omniscient Magician's 'attacks' for 30 minutes. You can either dodge or tank my attack but, it won't consider as time spent when I am not attacking."

"Of course Omniscient Appraisal, Omniscient Analyse, All-Knowing Orb, Omniscient Inspection, Molecular Sense, Atom Sense doesn't count as offensive skill."

Damn it. I may have outsmarted you but, you have outsmarted my outsmart.

"Thank you for the old meme."

Did you just saw my entire life with just a single look? I remember only seeing that meme one time.

"Of course! The moment of your reaction toward the first hentai you've seen. The first time you confessed to someone and get rejected, the time where you..."

Alright. Stop stop. Can we just begin? Also, don't cast a spell like Great Inferno. I hate pains.

"Yes. Yes... thy great god, give me a power to bring the flame from hell and burn the great land. Inferno Hell."

Damn it. It's hurt. You god damn sadistic. I said spell 'like' not spell. Why did you cast a similar spell to that.

Hey hey. The space is starting to shatter. How strong is your magic...

"Oh, I forgot it."

You ignored me...

"You talk(think) too much inwardly."

I am sorry. I will commit seppuku.

[Affinity with The Omniscient Magician +20.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Affinity with The Omniscient Magician has reached 20. She will think of you as a friend and you have gained the qualify to learn her true name.]

What a bad timing of system notification. It's telling me to commit seppuku. Not that I will die from it.

"You're not asking me my name?"

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

"I mean, It's not weird for human to be curious toward my name. Moreover, since that so-called system is saying you've gained the qualifications."

Ah- that. You can't see it? I am doing an strategy. I may have no experience but, I've read in manga that this is a good way of capturing a girl's heart.(if you're not lying)

"Absolute Fixed Zero."

In contrast of a hellish heat and pain that I felt, the temperature within me suddenly dropped as the deepest part of me froze. The coldness I am feeling right now is so bad that it couldn't mentioned with a mere cold. It was more right to call it my 'time stopped'

Basically, physical law still work on me. If I fall from high building, I will fall and smash into pieces but, I don't think I would feel any pain. Because, this 'freeze' is basically 'freezing' my thoughts, my sense, my movement.



I never felt so dead than now. I don't know what happened but, I feel so tired and felt that the death reaper was never so close after you said Absolute Fixed Zero to me. Did you do something?

"Nothing. I just used some Truth Class Skill."


"Now then, would you say the truth of why you're not asking my true name?"

Damn it. You tsundere. You

"Absolute Fixe-"

Sorry. Sorry. Just don't cast that skill again. It's more uncomfortable than what I've experienced from Inferno Series.

"So would say the truth?"

I just didn't want to ask you.


Damn it. You're embarrassing me.

I didn't want to ask you because I thought that since you're hiding it, you're uncomfortable for someone to know it. And, I also don't want to touch with that matters because I understand the most with that kind of uncomfortableness.

No matter the gender, the appearance, I don't want anyone to remember their past they don't want to.

"And you're saying that to NPC?"

Damn it. Wasn't you the one that asked me the truth? Also, stop casually breaking the fourth wall.


Well, thank you. Miss Artia.

"Now let's continue our fun time!"

Damn it. When I started thinking that you were cute. First of all, you're not even in your true form of a platinum, small chested, girl. How could I think of you as cute in that form.

You witch! You casted me an spell that will make me feel charmed.

"Thy great god, give this one a blessing to cherish the land and seal the great beast who have wreck havoc. World Tree Emergence."

You goddamn witch. What you're saying right now is basically a boomerang toward you. You're the one who burned this entire land and created a crater.

First of all, there is no land here. It's basically a white space.

AHHH! You said 'seal' the great beast but, why does it hurt so much.

After this, we had a hellish fun time, playing a game called torture..


Not edited. Some may be a line of nonsense.

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