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30% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 6: Ch.6 The Rewards After the Hellish Experience

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 6 - Ch.6 The Rewards After the Hellish Experience

Chapter 6: Ch.6 The Rewards After the Hellish Experience

The damage I've endured is big.

Let me repeat myself because that line is very important.

The damage I've endured is big.

Mental attack. Pain attack. Body turning into ash. Body frozen through something worse than absolute zero. Trapped in the so-called World Tree. Body unlimitedly eaten by summoned Legendary Beast.

There is more. Brain damage caused by the illusion. I won't tell what illusion it was. It was the worse attack caused by him, her. Body shred apart by the colliding tornado.

The meteor crashing toward me. The space flooding that was caused by acidic or something more poisonous water. Thunderbolts that seemed to come from Zeus. Dismemberment. Bone broke smashed to pieces.

What's worse is that Soul Magic. Dam it! The pain sensitivity was set to 100% and the pain I've felt was like millions of needle was being launched from inside my brain and each distance they travel, I would get overcame by pain but, a million times.

During this short yet long time called 30 minute, I even thought to myself why I am an immortal.

But, not anymore! Haha! I didn't turn insane from the torture! It's the time for Artia to turn insane after torturing me. Because, she will have to give me rewards!

What rewards does Hell Difficult Trial consist? Yes! It's Hidden Information, Information you want. Information you will need. Random Supreme Skill.

I already know how much price these rewards cost! It will be Artia's huge lost! Kukuku. Just by thinking of the huge lost she will have to deal, I can't stop my grin. Whoops! I almost let out my drool.


Ah. Yes... I am sorry for being disgusting... I will commit seppuku now...

"... Listen to my advice. You should go to mental hospital. You have some serious emotional instability."

I am sorry about that, miss mister.

"... You're not going to call me by my name?"

[Affinity with Artia -1.]

I am sorry about that, Artia.


[Affinity with Artia +1.]

Alright. Time to check out the rewards.

"This spot is a bit uncomfortable. Let's change the realm."

Currently, we were at Artia's or rather, the Omniscient Magician's office. Which is inside the building.

From what I've heard, the noise-cancelling in this room is quite good but, as it lacks the feature to block the mana from invading, it wasn't enough for private talk. At least, that's what Omniscient Magician or rather, Artia feels.

I ignored what she said about 'changing realm' and nodded. Ya'know? I've already seen so many thing she casually do. I've already gained some resistance toward it.

Around us, the cubic fragment appeared and began seizing us. Before, the large group of cubic fragment covered us.

Without a single sound or mana leakage, not that I can see, we disappeared from the spot. The process itself wasn't particularly amazing nor weird. Because it was instantaneous.

When the whole office turned black because I blinked, the moment I opened my again, I was greeted with the small world. That's the basic feeling of it.

This small world, wasn't particularly amazing. If one described it, it was a medium nature and looked beautiful with sorts of glow, the shine reflected from the water of river, and 1 medium-sized house.

There seems to be some fishes swimming in the river but, even that fish's look was quite pleasing to look at. If one exampled it, it would be a Koi Fish.

"Now, now. Let's enter to my house."

The old man, Omniscient Magician started to shrink before then, his no, her figure began to turn into more feminine.

Her breast starting to expand but, it ended expanding rather quickly. His grey and messy long hair also started to turn into platinum and tidy long hair. Her body curves wasn't shown right now but, from my imagination, if she took a cat pose, she would look more appealing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Oops my bad hobby is showing.


Why are you blushing? Why are you so cute? Hey stop that.

"Marry me!"

Damn it. I slipped up and casually proposed to her.

"Thy great god, give this one the power to punish the heinous criminals into eternal suffering. Infinite Nightma-."

"Hold on hold on. My tongue just slipped."

It was the same skill which putted me into that hellish illusion. Just by thinking about it, I started shivering.

I entered through the door opened by Artia.

"Close the door."

I nodded to her as I entered the house. It was clean...

No. It was more right to call it empty. It was big compared to its look from the outside. But, it's really empty. So empty that I only need 1 words to example it. Bed Books and Tea. Did I just used 4 words? Whatever.

"Well find anywhere to sit."

I once again nodded to her and sat in the bed.

"Why are you sitting in my bed!"

"You just said find anywhere to sit..."

"It means sit anywhere in floor! Don't you have any common sense?"

"What common sense? Common sense when you're staying over at girl's house? If that's so, I am sorry! I don't have any."

At this point, I am starting to feel weird.

Why don't I feel that this conversation is drag? It was the different case from when I talked with Nirvana Petals. That time was a one-sided conversation which will only end by my nods or "yes."

While thinking all of this, Artia began preparing me a tea.



"Why don't I feel it pain in ass when talking with you?"

Hn? Aren't I too direct? Whatever.

"Oh. That must be because I've seen all your memories and we have the similar personality now."

She said while humming over the first guest in her house after a decades.

"Oh, by the way, Yuuto-kun, I will count that question as one of the rewards, [Information you want]."

Shit. I was too careless.

"Fufu. That's a joke."

Hey stop giggling. You're already cute at your own. If you add that my heart wouldn't hold on. Ah shit, my tongue... stop...

"I like you! Go out with me!"

The entire flashback of me confessing to my first crush and ended up getting rejected within 10 seconds came toward me.

"Thy great god. Give..."

"I am sorry, I am sorry. Please drop that chant."

I am starting to see the pattern here too be honest and it's getting boring.

Staying at here gives me a feeling of tranquil. Even the 2 times rejection Artia gave to me is not expecting me as hard as the rejection my first crush gave me. Artia's rejection only gave me the determination to work harder.

At the same time, I started began feeling uncomfortable. Do I like her? Do I not like her? Do I treat her as comedic materials?

Ahhh damn it. Thinking emptily is not getting me anywhere. Let's just think about that later. Besides, it has only been 40 or so minute since we've met.

As I continued thinking such a things, the tea was prepared and the table appeared in somewhere convenient places.

"Come sit here."

I sat to the opposite side of table and faced her directly before drinking the tea she made. Oh, delicious.

"What is this tea? After I drank it, I feel some changes in my body. What's more important is, it's delicious. What is this made off?"

"7 Colored Leaves, Deity Spring Dew and my bodily fluid."

I nodded as I listened the early part. No wonder I felt my body being strengthened...!? I suppressed the urge to spit the tea.

Can't let even a single drip be wasted. From the name, I can imagine how important it is. But, her body fluid huehuehue... I can't help but let out a disgusting grins.

"Disgusting. Besides, my bodily fluid is the final recipe for this tea to complete."

I am sorry for being disgusting...

Damn it! I missed the time to add a tsukkomi.

"Are you some reincarnation of the witch of greed?"

The timing may be bad but, it's better late than never.

"Huh? Ohh... that girl you saw at anime. Not bad for someone like you but, that tsukkomi have a major flaws."

"Nani!?(what) tell me."

"Only those who understands it knows the joke and besides, it don't work if you write it in english because they sounds different. So, they will not sound as funny when written in english novels."

Hoh~ I see...

"Anyway! Can we just move in the main point? Rewards Kamikaze."

[You have completed the Hell Difficulty Trial.]

[Affinity with Artia +80]

"Do- don't misunderstand me. It's just a reward given from system."

"So your affinity will be automatically reaches to max whoever complete the Hell mode Trial..."

Hearing this, I can't help but feel sad.

"No! It's... just you... baka..."

"Oh, by the way, I am more of a kuudere type."

"Oh. Is. That. So."

I can hear something break but, let's ignore it.

[You have given 1 choice out of 3 Supreme Skills.]

[You will be given 1 Hidden Information.]

[You will be given 1 Information that you want to know.]

[You will be given 1 Information that you need to know.]

[You are the first one to clear the Hell Difficulty Trials from Omniscient Magician.]

[You have earned a title.]

[You are the first player to learn the Deity Grade NPCs.]

[You have earned a title.]

[You have learned passive skill for learning Omniscient Magician's true name.]

[Reversal] Physical, Supreme Skill - Toggle, Active Skill.

Toggle on to reflect any damage by 20% and deal Primary Stats x 1.

Toggle of to nullify the effect of the skill.

Active to reflect 500% of the damage + Primary Stats x 10.

Duration Time: 3s

Cooldown Time: 30s

MP Cost: 100

[Public Execution] Physical, Supreme Skill - Active Skill.

Upon activation, attack every enemy within your sight.

The damage will be 100% Attack Damage + Primary Stats x 10.

The skill will ignore the armor if the target's HP is below 30%.

Cooldown Time: 30m

MP Cost: 200

[Inferno Vortex] Magical, Supreme Skill - Active Skill

Upon activation, burn every enemy within 20m radius.

The contact damage will be 200% Magic Damage + Intelligent x 15.

The burn damage will be 50% Magic Damage + Intelligent x 2 every second for 5 seconds.

An vortex will exist to create a magnetic field within 200m radius.

The magnetic field will pull the player toward the center by 70% of their maximum movement speed.

The pull speed will remain the same whether the player is buffed or debuffed.

He vortex and inferno will continue to exist for 1m.

Cooldown Time: 1h

MP Cost: 1,500

What should I do... The 2 was unexpectedly tempting. I am talking about [Public Execution] and [Reversal].

Thinking from my position, I should take [Reversal] but, doesn't Public Execution sounds cool? The damage may not be that much but 'deals damage to every enemy within sight.' You can already imagine how cool the sight of it would be.

Just by making me imagination wild, I can already see the countless elemental blade appear from the sky and launch toward the enemy.

Damn it! I want Public Execution!

I looked toward Artia.

"Master~ could you give both of these skills?"

I gave her the best puppy face I could do.


I am sorry for being disgusting. I'll just die.

[You have learned Supreme Skill: Reversal.]

[You have been gifted Passive Skill: Immortal Magician's Blessing.]

[Immortal Magician's Blessing] Blessing - Passive Skill

Total Primary Stats will be added to Intelligent.

If the current Primary Stats is Intelligent, the number will rise by 3x.

Magical Damage +100%.

Earned to those who have learnt the true name of Immortal Magician.

[Omni Elements] Magic, Domain - Passive Skill, Active Skill

All Elements Resistance +10%.

All Elements Affinity +10%.

When taking elemental related physical, magical attacks, physical defense, magical defense +50% for 5 seconds - 20 seconds cooldown.

Upon activation, elemental field will be created with a radius of 50m.

Inside the elemental field, stats, physique will rise by 10% and the enemies' stats will lowered by 10%.

As well, enemies' cast point, cast time, thinking time will be slowed by 10%.

The elemental field will disappear after 5 minute.

Cooldown: 30m.

Cost: 500

Earned to those who have suffered all sorts of Truth or above-rated elemental skill.

I got a gift instead. So that's it. Learning skill is not 1 or 2 way.

Skill learned from skill books from monster drops and skill taught by NPC. The common case is paying your class instructor to teach you skill. At least that's the method I've read from guide forum.

Next, let's take a look. Nirvana Petals. I don't know if she's already learned it from beforehand or something but, she used strange skill that lets her raise damage. Or maybe, it's more precise to call it a skill the skill that rises damage upon counter-attack. It may even give her an option to predict?, the movement of enemy.

Her damage suddenly skyrocketing and her evade-rate suddenly rising could be explained.

The case of her learning it before-hand is low. That 'Legendary' Spider's launch toward me is considered as attack even if it wasn't directed toward her. Besides, if she knew if it wasn't directed toward her, she wouldn't swing her swords suddenly but, move to block it way.. Of course, this is just an empty prediction because it's not that I know her personality or class.

Then, let's talk about how she suddenly earned that skill. There is many case. Such as finding a skill book which isn't rare considering the opponent she or we're facing is 'Legendary' Spider. But, that isn't realistic. If that's so, I would follow her because she have the high chance to be the protagonist of this game.

Then let's talk about another case. Emotion Explosion. This case is also unrealistic but if that's so, it will open another way of learning skills. She may just be an emotional person or maybe she just didn't want the talented person to get killed and shift the hate toward her guild.

Or she's just that friendly and hated the fact that her 'friend' killed in another reality(game) called Legends. Hated the fact so much that she wanted 'revenge.'

It may be unrealistic but, this explanation would be the closest toward the skill she gained. Prediction toward the enemy's attack and damage raising when 'revenging(counter-attacking)' the enemy.

Well of course. All of them is a baseless prediction.

Now. Now. Let's talk about the final way. It should be 'repeated action'. If it was enduring action, there is just too low of a skills you can earn. So low that I can list every skills you can learn from it.

Water Resistance, Fire Resistance, Earth Resistance, Poison Resistance, Thunder Resistance, Ice Resistance, Lava Resistance, Spatial Resistance, Time Resistance, Illusion Resistance, Soul Resistance, Physical Damage Resistance, Magical Damage Resistance...

That should be around it by cracking my mind and experience?


"Thwank you Master! I love you let's get married!"

"N-no. It's not like I thought of you and trained you so that you will gain [Omni Elements] skill so, don't misunderstand me! I, I just wanted to see you suffer!"


I looked at her.

"Didn't I say to you that I prefer Kuudere over Tsundere?"

"Thy great god, give this one...

I suffered for one final time..

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