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35% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 7: Ch.7 Information

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 7 - Ch.7 Information

Chapter 7: Ch.7 Information

I have to say it. I'm gradually getting use to this illusion hell. Of course, it's not that I gained a resistance toward the bad past I don't want to see. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It is the 'illusion' itself that I am gradually getting used. Compared to the illusion that felt so real toward me when the first time I experienced it, now, it feels more of a movie I am watching past the screen.

Oh, I am back.

I noticed the moment the illusion ending and Artia's empty room with nothing but books entered my sight.

"Well then, Artia. Can we move on to the information rewards?"

"Tch. I hoped that you'd forget it."

"Master... Why are you so mean to this cute disciple of yours?"

"Shut up! First of all, I don't remember saying to be your master."

Eeehh? You didn't accept me as your disciple, yet? That honestly surprised me a bit. I mean, I've been calling her 'master' the past time but, there wasn't a single time she denied it.

"You want hidden information, right? Let me tell you the truth. The current emperor of Shiverlight River Kingdom is being kidnapped and the fake emperor is currently ruling this kingdom."

Heh~... wait? What did you just say? Shiverlight River Kingdom is under the control of fake emperor? What?

"So, who is that fake emperor, is? Which kingdom is that emperor should be from?"

"Calm down. I am going to consider that as the information you want. Is that okay?"

"Hmm... No."

Now to think of it, I don't really need to know that kind of information. At least, compared to the information I want to know, it's just not that worthy.

I may earn some rewards if I somehow freed the emperor from the control of that fake emperor but, that's too much of a reckless. First, I am level 1 and is too weak. Second, fake as it may be, he's still an emperor. His words is much more trustworthy than the unknown me. Besides, I can't talk.

If he uses his emperor's authority to me? I can forget living in this kingdom, even if I don't really hae any attachment to this kingdom... Excluding Artia.

If I can't live in this kingdom, it is a much of drag to walk around and search for another kingdom. I don't have map, nor I know how much distance is there to the nearest kingdom. Besides, I remember having reported as 'the unkillable creature' to some kingdom I don't know.

If I mistaken a single step, I don't know if I am going to be taken to 'that place' Artia talked about before, which I don't really know.

So. Let's maintain a low-key and hide the fact that I am here, and the fact that I am immortal.

"Then Artia. Could you tell me where I can gain an cool eye? Like that All-Knowing Orbs of yours. As long as it can let me appraise anything without a limit, and it can be obtained by me, please tell me where it is."

I don't have much expectations but, I said it. An appraisal ability without a limit and it can be obtained by me should be basically impossible to obtain for the current me and, I have the confidence that such a thing can't be obtained by any players at this stage, even if it exists.


Artia looked at me with curiously but, also cutely.

"There it is. You have the purest organic form that can exist and, you're an immortal. You should be able to obtain that eyes."

The map that was basically black, suddenly pointed a light which shows the whereabouts of the 'eyes' I was and wasn't talking about.

Seriously? What kind of crazy luck do I have? I actually accidentally satisfies the condition? Alright! Wait for me, you cheat! This handsome man will obtain you!

I looked closely at the map closely until to see the name.

[Crainford Abyss Labyrinth] Level 20~

I sweated at first seeing the name because of how intimidating it is but, the sweat disappeared instantly after I saw the minimum level. Since the minimum level is low, the maximum level shouldn't be that high, right? I ran away from reality.

I already knew it but, I ran from it. But, there was one person that dragged me and kept me from running from reality. That was someone more demo- no, someone that was the cutest person I've seen in the world. Artia.

"Oh, by the way, there is a guard residing in there to protect the eyes you want and he's around level 400 which is around as half as strong as me."

Damn it! You tricked me you monsters. You played word with me. You may not be lying and it's truly possible to obtain for me but, that's considering if there is no monsters to guard it, right? So basically, I can't really obtain it even if I want.., or can I if I took advantage of my immortality...?

No, no. I should go by common sense and play like a normal players.

"Hmph. That's what you get for making fun of me."


"Well, thank you for the information."

There's nothing wrong with it. I may be tricked but, she didn't lie. So, I don't have to be that angry. Besides, if I became angry here, it will just go as Artia planned. I hate being predicted by someone.

"O, oh... well then! I'll tell you the information you will need. Go to the village where immortals reside."

Like the time from before, my map that was black, was now lighted a small white at some part. Compared to the Crainford Abyss Labyrinth, the light was much smaller but, the distance was a bit too much.

By going through my calculation, walking from here to Crainford Abyss will take about 3 days. But, if I were to walk from here to the village, it will be impossible.

Because... it's in the middle of the sea. Unless I use boat or something, flying ship or something, flying mount or something, I'll just lose stamina mid-way the sea and live a painful death until I walk to the lands.

Or I may even discover a Ryuugūjou from sinking too deep. Anyway, it's impossible.

"Oh, write the password when choosing a ship and hold this badge. The password is ¥3@5(."

[Immortal's Qualification Badge] Unrated

Gain the qualify to see the hidden land of immortals' village.

Gain the qualify to steps into the hidden land of immortals' village.

It was amazing because the moment I took hold of the badges, the name showed up from the pointed light that was empty. Then, from the sea, a land appeared which wasn't that big. If I have to example it's size, it was around the size of amusement park.

At the same time, I've known more about Artia.

"You're immortal too, right?"

I said to Artia. I mean, I already predicted it and, I just gained the evidence.

"Hoh? Why do you think, so?"

"I can ignore the old man-like way of talking you was doing because it can be an act."

"Instead, there's something strange. I won't question why you transformed to that old man and disguised your identity to 'Omniscient Magician' it can be as your hobby, or something happened in your past."

"What I really wanna know is, why you went as far as to bring me to 'this space' and reveal me of that true appearance of yours. As for why you decided to reveal me... Since I don't know your thoughts, I'll just make a guess of it."

"You thought of me as your comrade the moment you find out that I am 'also' an immortal. Instead of sending me 'to that place' you're talking about and potentially gain a reward, you chose to take me here and reveal your true appearance."

"Let's talk about something difference. After all, everything can be your hobby. There's one more point that made me feel suspicious of you. The amount of skills you know."

"Of course you're quite talented and might possibly learned huge amount of skills at rocket-like speed. But that's impossible. Do you know, why? Just from the skills I counted that you dealt from me, the number of Supreme Skills is 39 and the Truth Skills is 9."

"Oh, not enough? Then let's talk about this. Since you've looked at my memory that you know it but, the strongest emperor in the whole world(at least that was said in forum) is around at level 500. You, who said, "the level 400 guardian is half as strong as me," is suspicious."

"The higher the level, the stronger you can may be but, at most, the full strength of you, should be around at the power level of 600~800. It may be possible for players if they have 18 years(your appearance age) but, it will be impossible for NPCs."

"Finally, the Immortal's Qualification Badge is the evidence of you being an immortal. Ince they have the risk of being taken to that 'somewhere,' I don't think they're dumb enough to hand this precious thing to anyone. And If I am not wrong, you hold quite a high position even among that place, right?"

I am tired. Why did I talk this much. I felt much more dying than when I experienced Absolute Fixed Zero. Sigh... I could have just said that she have Immortal's Qualification Badge so, she's immortal but, I had to drag it this much.

I hate my unnecessary thinking habit but, that's also what helped me in past so, I can't hate it at the same time.

"So, why are you asking me that now?"

Thank you for listening to my long talk until now. If it was a different person, I am sure they would have already left me. I like that part of you.

"Nothing! I just wanted to know more about you."

"Stop kidding with m-"

"I am not kidding with you. I want to know more about you. I want to know why you didn't want anyone to know your name. I want to know who you're or rather, who you guys are currently facing is because you guys are my potential ally... besides, you're in..."

Let's ignore at the last part... alright! I'll admit it! I got embarrassed, right? I can take it when someone's thinking of what I said as a 'joke' material. But, I can't express it properly when I am thinking of it seriously... it's an complicated matter, alright?

"Hmph, you- you'll know it if you got in there. A, also! If you have something to say, say it clearly... I might misunderstand, you know..."

She turned away from me. Come on... you have more life experience than me... why are you acting so cute like that.

"Did you already forgot that I said that I prefer, Kuudere over Tsundere?"

"Damn it!"

I suffered for the Last Time Season 2: The Unending Suffering.

Anyway, our current relationship may be a little bit weird but, at least for now, this is the most comfortable I can be when I am around with you.

If I gained the courage and the determination, at that time, I will...


Kamikaze - Level 1

HP: NaN / MP: 1120 - Abyss Mana: 336

Attack Damage: 25 / Defense: 0

Strength: 1 (+50)

Agility: 11 (+50)

Intelligent: 1 (+111)

[Combat Mage's Lineage] Racial - Passive Skill.

Abyss Mana Bar would be added.

The amount of Abyss Mana is 30% of MP.

Once skills is casted through Abyss Mana, the cost would be reduced by 30% and the effect would be strengthened at some point.

[Abyss Form] Racial - Active Skill

Once usage, skin-colored horn will grow on one's head.

Additional 20% Abyss damage will be inflicted upon activation and will continue to burn the enemy with 30% of total damage for 5 seconds.

Cost: 5 Abyss Mana per second.

[Immortal Magician's Blessing] Blessing - Passive Skill

Total Primary Stats will be added to Intelligent.

If the current Primary Stats is Intelligent, the total number will rise by 3x.

Magical Damage +100%.

[Omni Elements] Magic, Domain - Passive Skill, Active Skill

All Elements Resistance +10%.

All Elements Affinity +10%.

When taking elemental related physical, magical attacks; physical defense and magical defense will rise by +50% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 20s.

Upon activation, elemental field will be created with a radius of 50m.

Inside the elemental field, stats will rise by 10% and the enemies' stats will lowered by 10%.

As well enemies' cast point, cast time, reaction speed will be slowed by 10%.

The elemental field will disappear after 5 minute.

Cooldown: 30m.

[Reversal] Physical, Supreme - Toggle, Active Skill.

Toggle on to reflect any damage by 20% and deal Primary Stats x 1 damage.

Toggle of to nullify the effect of the skill.

Active to reflect 500% of the damage + Primary Stats x 10.

Duration Time: 3s

Cooldown Time: 30s

MP Cost: 100


I am sorry for slow pacing.

Edited because of a miscalculation and the skills description make no sense.

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