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40% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 8: Ch.8 I am NOT Introvert.

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 8 - Ch.8 I am NOT Introvert.

Chapter 8: Ch.8 I am NOT Introvert.

Well then, time to bid farewell for Artia. It may be going to be sad(only for me) but, I have to.


"What are you waiting for? Get out of my house. I don't want to teleport you out inside this house."

She's a really harsh woman.

I opened the door and looked at her.

"Don't die. And wait for me."

At least, I said what I wanted to her properly.

"Until I pick you up as a Kuudere character."

And there goes my embarrassed heart to ruin everything.

I'm sorry.

"I will live longer than you."

And thank you.

We teleported out of her space and appeared to the office. When Artia came out from the spatial portal next to me, she have already turned back into the Omniscient Magician's form.

I bowed to him and got out of the office as I was greeted by surprised look.

[The Spider is curious at the conversation you had with Omniscient Magician.]

It's nothing important. 'Legendary Spider's Descendant.' He or she can't hear my thought but, I silently ridiculed he/she to help myself from ignoring the gaze.

As I got too uncomfortable, I soon exited the building and ran far away where I hope there's no one I know here. But, the surprised gaze didn't lessen. Why do they keep looking at me?

I may call myself as good-looking but, in truth, I am not that good-looking. Or, is there something in my face? Please don't let it be. Damn it. I, who's 1 times more conscious of other person's gaze suddenly getting gaze from everyone, are really making me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I looked at the time and logged out of the game.

July 6, 6:00 AM.

I hate school. Sigh... I want to keep playing the game... I want to see my cute Artia...

The mood was worse as I ate the food prepared by mother. It was a magnificent sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon and rices. It may be simple but, as expected of mother. She's a good cooker.

I ate the food tastefully but, that didn't fully restored my worn-down mental spirit. Why should I go to school...

I can not go to school and no one will complain to me(?) but, why am I insisting to go to school...

I wore the school uniform which is mostly blue in theme. Because it's summer, it was a white shirt with thinner cloth. If I told the truth, I actually like this clothes a lot. Nevertheless in anime, even in real-life, it looked good and I felt good just by wearing it...

Damn it. I forgot to brush my tooth. To prevent the clothes from getting stained, I wore off the shirt I just put on and went toward the room near the bathroom. I had a thin body because I've never did some hard sports.

Haha. That guy is so white.

I laughed at the man reflected in the mirror. As I moved my face muscle, that man also moved its face like I did... Hmm?? Is there someone inside the glasses like I saw in G*ntama?

I opened the glasses only to find out some tools, toothpaste but nothing. What the fuck?

I once again closed the mirror to confirm if the man reflected in glasses is me, or not.

Damn it. It was me.

I was already thin enough and had a skin that shows the sign of not being showered by sun. But, after I exited the game, my skin has turned far whiter and showed the sign of healthy and pure.

At the same time, the black hair and jet-black pupils I had was gone and it turned into white hair and silver pupils. Combined with my snow-white healthy skins and white hair and silver pupils, I looked really white.

So white that people'll lose sight of me if I entered in the snowfield...

Damn it! How am I going to go to school now? Marie Antoinette Remastered Syndrome? Why not just call it Yuuto's Whitening Syndrome? Damn it! I am uncomfortable talking for too long.

Help me Araemon~! How should I fix this whitening...

Wait..., she said "you satisfies the condition of 'pure organic form' and immortality." So, was it since that?

The only thing I remember before that is, drinking her bodily fluid and..., dying, dying and dying.

So, it was your fault, Araemon! You made me drink that fluid so that my body would turn pure! No wonder I gained +50 stats suddenly...

I am happy! But.., how am I going to go to school. Everyone is going to stare at me... Huh? Aren't I basically out of way to solve this problem? Artia said she's going on a trip to another kingdom..

Sigh... I guess I'll have to deal with it.

I seriously exited my house, while keeping my shivering house. Then, rode my bike hat was like a partner to me.

This guy is that guy who always bring me to the school without tiring me too much despite the long distance between school and my house.

Of course, not all students rides bike. But, those whose house is really far, they can ride the bike. Although most students ride the train because the distance can't be measured with really far. It was basically 1 or 2 prefectures apart.

So, I am lucky? Or so if you thought that then, you're wrong! I've seen it from H*neyworks's song! Loves happen even from the train. Me? Because I ride bike, there has no fated meeting or some bullshit!

Or so, I tried to thoughts to myself as deeply as I can so that I can ignore the stares I am taking. I am sorry for being white. Would committing you guys a forceful seppuku be enough for you guys to stop staring at me? Wait, that'd be a murder.

As I was thinking, I unconsciously passed a numerous building, and turned many times. I must say, this place really changed. Although I can't describe it, compared to many years ago, this place got more advanced both in appearance and atmosphere.

If it wasn't for, and mother's hard-work, we would have been forced to move out so somewhere because of its price.

I should really remove or, fix this bad habit of unnecessary thinking or, I may get into accident or so what I thought but, as I was cycling my bike without stop, a truck crashed to my pitiful self.


Along with big sounds, the attention of person who was looking at the watches, the person who was looking at their smartphones, the person who was carrying the grocery bag, all of them turned gaze to the source of the big sound only to spot my flying body.

Damn it. That's why I said it... No you didn't. Ah, the traffic light is red..., wait, are you fucking dumb? You're dying and this is what you're thinking? Would you mind becoming like a normal person and cling to your life with your best?

All of this was the unnecessary thoughts process when I was in the mid-air. When I fell, I lost my consciou-, no.

Huh? I'm alive? I thought I heard my bone cracking and my souls slipping out of my body. I see! My immortality!... WHAT? The blood that soaked my white uniform gradually returned to my body. And my arms that was twisted to weird position mid-air suddenly returned back.

The shattered bone? I don't know. I am not knowledgeable with human's body and that is the things what happened inside my body. There's no way that I can know what happened to it.

Ahh that hurts.

I thought to myself but, when the figure of an middle-aged man exit his truck and come toward me, I soon returned to the reality. Hnn.. first, remember his plate number... wait, I was at the fault here.

"I am sorry."

I bowed my head to him and rushed to the bike. It was damaged a bit but, luckily, I can still cycle it. I feel like I can now make anime called Immortal Pedals.

I soon entered the school entrance ignoring the stares of the walking students and the teacher.

Because of the blood that reverted back to my body and the uniform that wasn't as damaged as I thought, despite the accident, I only seems like a person who have practiced a little bit before going out to school. As for what kind of practice, I'll leave the imagination to you. Imagination theme is, sports that can dirty your uniform only a little bit.

"Hey who's that? Is he a transfer student? Isn't he quite cute? Let's go talk to him."

As I was stopping my bike, I heard a group of girls talking to themselves..., about me?

Is this that so-called Moteki?(time where I gets popular to girl) I couldn't help to smirk but, I shook my head. If they find out that I am bad at communicating, they will just lose interest to me and leave me alone.

As there was no way for me to understand the girls my age's feeling, I ran off to classroom out of afraid and nervousness.

I hope that people will leave me alone in the classroom. As for this, I have a plan. An unbelievably smart plan. Let's call it, "I am reading a book so get the fuck off" plan. Hm. Yes. I can already see it failing. Let's just go to the rooftop.

Passage, or corridor to classroom was much populated compared inside the classroom. Why? Because we're at 2nd grades.

People will have a new meeting at first grade and will make a new friend. At least, that was a normal people would do at 1st grade. But, I couldn't! No, it was more right to say that, I didn't! Why should i? I don't know! So, I didn't.

Basically, what I want to say is, these people who made a new friend at 1st grade is still a friend despite the separated classroom at 2nd grade. So, they make use of a time like this so that they can communicate.

I really can't understand these peoples. How can they talk that long?

As I walked the corridor while hugging the wall, I successfully passed the hardest level without much of a hardship. Now, I feel like a lizard instead of a human!


"Ayaka Suzune."


"Andou Kaoru."


So, like when I was a middle-schooler, the part where teacher calls you at the morning doesn't change. Is it because of the school I've chose? Or is it the same for other school? Anyway, I really hated this time.


"Kanzaki Yuuto."


My voice was so weak that the first letter isn't even an uppercase.

"Yuuto, what happened to that hair? Did you dye it? Didn't the school wrote dying hair isn't allowed?"

Hey, hey. Stop getting too fast on conclusion. I hate that shitty attitude of you. Trying to pressure your students..., nevermind.

"I didn't dye it."

"Then, why is it white?"

I guess you're blinder than you look. Didn't you see my white skin and silver pupils? Then, why don't you notice something is strange... Wait, if that's so, then, why did the people here and the people that was in corridor didn't find me strange?

The answer soon appeared inside my mind. Kaito-kun from the next classroom. He said he was natural born with white hair. For some reason, he's popular with girls.

"I don't know."

"... Come to the teacher office later."


Afterward, the lesson started and in a blink of eye, nope. In 50 minutes later that felt like a hellish time, it finally ended and we moved to the break time.

As I was reading book, I felt someone pull me sleeves. Are you serious? In the past 2 years, there have been no one to try to interact with me. As it was possibly just my imagination, I ignored it and turn my sight back to the book.

The pull got stronger and I finally looked to the person who pulled me.

It was the class committee, maybe the person I know the most in this school, even the person that (indirectly) introduced me to [Legends].

As I blinked my eyes widely showing a confused expression, she seemed to be in a daze a bit before returning to reality.

"Are you okay?"

Miss? Aren't that a bit too rude? Saying is my head okay for the first time we talked...

As I can't think of anything to say, I pulled back a bit to take a distance from her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


I mustered all my power to give out this single word. Sigh... it was more comfortsble when I am talking with Artia...

"Is that so... then, is Yuuto-kun interested in [Legends]?"

Seems like she entered in her main point. By the way, she actually remembered my name? I am quite surprised. I am as surprised as when Artia denied me from her disciple.

"I am playing it."


What? Why are you that happy? Aren't you more happy now compared to when you find out thwt your classmates also plays [Legends]?

"If that's so, can we be friend inside the game? Here is my username! Good bye!"

She gave me a letter then disappeared like a wind. What a weird girl. Her choice of word also hurt me a little. 'Friend inside the game.' That means, she doesn't want to be my friend in real life... I am that hated huh.... Don't misunderstand! It's not that I want a friend or something...

Anyway, I somehow endured the hell of the past 6 lesson.

As for going to teacher office? Why should I? I did nothing wrong. If you want me to go there where there's many teachers, call me there when I really did something or, forcefully take me there.

The time it took me to go to home was much faster than the time it took me to go to school. Of course. There was no accident..


I can’t really think of the pacing about the school.

I am just not experienced in that sort of thing. It’s because I don’t read ‘normal’ school novel as much.

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