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45% VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal / Chapter 9: Ch.9 Sweet Fragrance

VRMMORPG: The Unclassified Immortal Chapter 9 - Ch.9 Sweet Fragrance

Chapter 9: Ch.9 Sweet Fragrance

Intermission: Saitou Serika

I met him in the summer festival at 3 years ago. It was a funny scene of him confessing to the girl he liked.

The results was, him getting rejected despite the attention he gathered. I am just watching him but, even I felt embarrassed at that scene.

Just by remembering it, I can't help but shake my body aggressively. If I was him, I would have chose a place and time... why did he have to confess in the summer festival.

It may be an embarrassing scene but it surely temained in my memory and even to this day, I can remember that scene like it was from yesterday.

At the same time, the day after tomorrow was the day he suddenly disappeared.

We attended to the same school but since we have never been into the same classroom, it was a 'one-sided knowing.' From what I heard from my friends and rumour, they said he was a genius in the class.

When he suddenly disappeared, I felt a little bit sad but I thought that this feeling will disappear as time passes. The school matters was more worse as the top genius suddenly disappears without a word.

From what I heard, it seems that the reason he disappeared was some parental problem. The mysterious he got, the more interested I became toward him and as well, the emptiness inside my heart began to increase.

I don't know why I am feeling so sad over a person I don't even know and the next classroom. We have never even met before.

But, in contrast to my confusion, my heart didn't lie. When I think about him, my heart began beating. When I think of that scene, I felt embarrassed. But someday, I began thinking. What if I was that girl he confessed that day...

Shocked to that thinking process, I submerged inside my pillow. Hoping something from the person I've never even talked before. From the person I may never meet in my entire life.

After that, the world has changed quickly. First, the fall of the biggest funds investors to the Tokyo Skytree, Taichi Group.

From what I heard, since the Taichi Group has been investing to Tokyo Skytree, the entrances inside it was now restricted. What I meant is, since the day Taichi Group began investing in the Tokyo Skytree, no one, except for really high-ups have been able to enter in the Tokyo Skytree.

No one really bothered the reason because of the fact that Tokyo Skytree was merely a viewing spot.

When the reasons was found, it wasn't instantly but, as time passes, Japan became one of the center world that stand with side by side with United States or so, it became the representative of Asia Country.

The reason was, the energy source at the top of Tokyo Skytree. Life of Sky, it was named. Different from electric, this energy produce no waste. When 10% of the energy was used, it emits 20% of the effects the scientists once said this is the breakthrough of century or something and flying car will be possible in less than 10 year.

The further explanation was a little bit too hard for me to understand.

As for why the Taichi Group has fallen, it wasn't because they discovered the reason the groups restrict the Skytree. It was because of their actions.

It was found that this groups commits many illegal acts. From **** to drugs to robbery. All sorts of bad acts. As it was discovered, most of the money funds that was used to invest in Tokyo Skytree seems to came from the drugs selling and bank robbery. Scary it is.

With all of that sorts of big events happening, I have graduated the middle-school. I think I cried the biggest afterward.

Bidding good bye with my classmates that was kind to me. Meeting with them may be impossible from now on. And the teachers that kindly taught me all sort of things. They held patience to whatever questions I had. All of these will be my precious memory.

And finally, my unrequited love...

With all my past left, I readied myself to the new life I will have. The high-school life. I can confidently say that I was the most excited at that moment. It was because high-school is more free than middle-school.

Of course, I will study hard. But I once dreamed of going to game center with my friends after the school. Play with my friends after-school. Exchanging emails inside the school. Even making a boyfriend... It was a life that will fill with happiness.

Until you appeared in the entrance ceremony. Why did you disappear suddenly. Why did you appear suddenly.

Do you know how much I missed you? I may be weird for a person to love someone whom she never even talked once. But I couldn't help it! I couldn't help but fall in love in you! Even I don't know why I was feeling like that...

And when I thought that I finally managed to forget you from my life... You re-appeared! Should I be happy? I am happy! Yet, I couldn't hold the tears flowing from my eyes...

As the only person to cry in the entrance ceremony, I was treated as weird person both by teachers and classmate at first but they were a kind person. I was able to make a bunch of friends as time passes.

I was even confessed from a guy too.

I am amazing, right? So, it's okay for you to talk to me if you want....


The 1st year of my high school life ended without me talking to him even once. It was weird. Usually, I don't have any problem when I am talking to anyone but, as for you, I can't muster my courage snd begin a conversation with you no matter how much I practice at home.

I was even scolded for being too loud while playing with myself. Don't misunderstand! I wasn't playing with myself while thinking about you. It was my mom's misunderstanding. What am I doing with myself...

The 2nd year. Luckily we're still at the same class. But, your lonely figure still resides on you. No one come over to talk you. It's like they treat you like an air.

Even during the lessons, you don't show any amazing results and your score is average at best and average at worst. Hehe, sorry. I saw it because I am next to you...

I felt hopeless to myself because despite how close we are, the distance between us feel so far. I want to call you out but I can't call you out. I don't want you to disappear for the next time yet, I can honestly send this feeling out to you.

Also, my dream of going to game center with my friends still haven't been fulfilled yet. It's because everyone is too serious about studies.

I am felt complicated. Did I choose the wrong school or the right school? I thought to myself while looking at you.

No matter how close we are. No matter how much I look at you, your eyes is always fixed to that book. Sometimes or rather, everyday, I wish you take a notice on me and our eyes meet. If that's so, I think I can muster my courage to talk with you.

I unconsciously pictured a monochrome image of you turning you finish up reading that book and turns your face to me and smile.

I am going crazy.


After some time, was it around July? Because of the exam, I was focused on studying and never took a single touch toward internet besides chatting. When the exam ended, I finally heard of the game called [Legends]

It seems like that it was released a month ago and is the first VRMMORPG in the world. That is the synchronisation rate of 99%. Moreover, even my friend from the next classroom talked about it so, I thought that it was safe for me to talk about the game toward my classmate.

It was also the first time I talk about game despite I like playing games. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The reason was simple. Playing game alone is fun but playing game with friends is much fun. But this simple thinking created a chance, built a bridge toward the absolute territory called Kanzaki Yuuto's domain.

"Kaoru-kun, Suzu-chan! Do you know the game called Legends has released?"

"Rikarika you're so late in age! All of us in the class have already bought the game."

"Really? Then let's meet up in the game and make a team. What's your name?"

I said disguising myself or rather, said in a language so that they will understand. If I say let's make a party!" or "What's your IGN?" They will not understand.

"My name is a little bit embarrassing... I will send you a friend request later so, tell me your name!"

"It's ..."

Afterward this, I hoped that Yuuto-kun would join up to our conversation because he seemed so interested holding that book but that was a hopeful thinking. He left hurriedly to somewhere maybe Akihabara. The place I go at least 1 time every year.


I set up my name and stats inside the game after being guided by the fairy. This is why I like game. You can edit your characters and you can grow up as long as you spent your time. It's sad that you can't edit your appearance too much but it was all good.

Even after my friends left to sleep, I continued grinding and leveled up. They made the feeling of getting stronger too real and it was satisfying.


Yuuto-kun is much different. He was already cool and handsome before but this time, he looked white. His jawline is a little bit circular and the size was smaller than before making him look more cuter.

The black hair and black eyes I liked was long since gone and it turned into white. Including his skin. His skin wasn't white to the point of looking weirdly but strangely enough, it looked healthy and tender. Maybe even tender than woman's skin.

I liked the past Yuuto-kun but I also like this Yuuto-kun. If there's a thing that bother me, that is how cute he became. He may attracts unnecessary problem and may even attracts women. For the first time in my life, I really sweated hard.

Then afterward, it was an action caused by hurry but I surely talked with Yuuto-kun for the first time. Remembering that annoying teacher said to Yuuto-kun, I asked worriedly to him if he was okay. Him blinking his eye out of confusion was too cute and unfair. I almost hugged him right after.

It may not be clear to Yuuto-kun but, I understand that teacher. He is the type of guy who bully weak and fear the strong.

He may thought that since Yuuto-kun looked weak so he thought of taking him to teacher office and lecture him in front of many teachers to rise his prestige. I hate that kind of guy!

Right after, I was lost on what to say and my mind turned white. I don't know how the process proceeded but, I was able to hand him the letter of my username written. If everything went well, we can deepen our friendship and go beyond that....


I don’t understand girl’s feeling and I can never hope to understand it.

All of this is but an imagination and is to be taken seriously.

1909 words.

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