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97.57% WARLOCK OF THE MAGUS WORLD FAN FICTION / Chapter 200: Chapter 197

Chapter 197 - WARLOCK OF THE MAGUS WORLD FAN FICTION - Chapter 200 by Keetarp full book limited free

Chapter 200: Chapter 197

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Spirit Mark World

Leylin was conducting some research and analysis of the Spirit Mark world in a hastily prepared laboratory. Leylin always keep enough equipment on himself to use and since he send a clone here, he gave many essential tools so, The Clone is capable of conducting research pretty much everywhere.

So far, Leylin assimilated a complications of various datas from this foreign plane deeply invested in the peculiarity he felt from the members of Spirit Mark race.

Leylin also took the liberty of taking a few blood samples from everyone including the dead spirit Mark race members, Maroon and his daughter and was looking through the analysis as suddenly he felt that Maroon was about to wake up, so he returned to the small hut to see him.


Leylin sat on the couch of the small living room as Maroon who recently woke up was bowing towards him with his head on the floor.

"Thank you so much for protecting my daughter and giving me another chance at life. I don't think I could ever repay you back for what you did." Maroon kept his head low as flowery words filled with praise, reverence and gratitude flowed from him.

Leylin looked indifferently at him as he looked at the hidden radiating eyes of Maroon which exuded wisdom. 'He was sharp back then, and now with years of experience his ability to gauge the situation have become better.'

"It's okay, It wasn't a troublesome issue but.. " Leylin leaned out of his relaxed position putting his elbows on his knees and resting his chin on his interlocked fingers looking serious as he said, "What is about to happen now could be rather troublesome depending on you."

Maroon shivered as he heard Leylin words understanding his intent but he didn't dare to say anything. If anyone were to see the Legendary rogue who is famous for being defiant and rebellious act like this they would be beyond shocked.

"Tell me, what happened in these years, and what have caused someone so powerful as you run to around like this, who were those pursuers and why did you summon me 'now'." Leylin asked putting an emphasis on 'now', Leylin knows that someone like Maroon is definitely not a naive idiot who bought his lies wholeheartedly all those years back. But Maroon smartly didn't fight him nor his statements because what's the point. He was at his last leg so, he simply went with the flow a decision which yielded him a good trade.

Maroon gulped as he heard Leylin question and his displeasure at not being summoned for over a hundred years, a clear sign of distrust.

Obviously he didn't summon Leylin though these years because he didn't trust him, he was probably playing it safe and only used the method to summon Leylin when his back was pressed against the wall with nowhere to go.

"How could the lowly me trouble you for my small issues, I was-" Maroon lifted his head from the floor and spoke with a flattering voice.

"Maroon! I like smart people but, it would be very stupid of you to try lying now and disappoint me." Leylin spoke coldly and released a bit of his aura as Maroon head banged against the floor.


Maroon panicked for a while trying to stretch himself out but sighed immediately after as if embracing his current situation. Leylin looked at his still body for a while and then let him go.

"You aren't a sadhu right?" Maroon said with an intelligent gleam in his eyes.

"Ho, Why do you think so?" Leylin lifted an eyebrow as he asked intrigued.

"*Sigh* I am no longer the ant I used to be. After meeting you, I was granted an amazing technique which propelled my strength so through these years, I have searched high and low about these revered Sadhu Traveler. And I found out after years of research that these iconic lives of revered teachers are a myth only. These are just a poetic twist to a real but essentially different existence." Maroon said but his eyes seems to recall his past adventures and a sagely aura permeated from him.

"You have been through a lot it seems, so tell me who do you think I am if not a sadhu?" Leylin looked at him with a smiling expression and asked.

"I cannot say for sure, I would like to think Sadhu but they are just strong individuals who roamed the world doing good deeds in disguise as they try to cleare their karma and gain providence. But I think you are not someone like that."


"It's simple because these 'Sadhu', who tries to do good would only do so at a mortal level, at most they would probably help some soul cultivators at lower level. Their actions would have changes of great value but none of them would have a substantial impact especially to the rulers of the land itself." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"These Sadhu won't ever interfere in the matters of the Continent Overlord because they definitely won't want to offend a powerhouse."

"This is where your peculiarity is clear, you have helped me! a bastard from the Atma clan. A sadhu won't ever do that because they know that I would try to seek vengeance and in return end up offending the Ancestor or his descendants, and if he finds about the Sadhu there would be bad blood amongst them. Who would offend a continent sovereign for just some good karma?"

"I couldn't see that before when we first met, because I didn't even now that the Atma clan had an existence like that among their amidst and I was just a dumb kid but years of experience have made it abundantly clear to me that you aren't a sadhu."

"So, who am I, can you guess? Does my not being a Sadhu puts you on guard." Leylin cracked his neck listening to his response, Leylin didn't really care about all this nonsense or his lie being caught.

At such a time if Maroon don't listen to him obediently and grant his wish then he won't mind breaking him.

"Yes, it does and that's I why I never called for you all these years even in my desperate times. Even when my wife was pregnant and I had to fight against a whole platoon while she delivered my baby."

"I know that you aren't a Sadhu but you are definitely a strong person. You were stronger back then when we met, but you weren't at the level you are currently. Previously I had two opinion of who you are, it's either a hidden expert. This notion though don't make sense now that I have seen you and your strength, because there is only Seven sovereigns and you weren't a sovereign then but you are definitely at that level now. "

"This means you broke through afterwards but there wasn't any news of a new sovereign and it cannot be hidden since one would make quite a commotion during their ascension, no matter where you picked to breakthrough out of all the continent there is no way you would go unnoticed."

"So my second guess and the most obvious answer is that you are a — Otherworldly Demon."

"Otherworldly demon?"

"Yes, there are the ones who enter different world under disguise and slowly integrate themselves and bring about chaos and destruction as they try to reap whatever benefits they could even at the price of our whole world."

"Interesting! So How do you know of them?" Leylin stroked his chin as he asked, 'Have there been other Magus who came to this world?'

"I have read it in some records which usually spoke about the great disaster which has befallen our world throughout our races existence."

"So, now that you think I am a otherworldly demon. Do you want to rebel against me and join hands with others to drove this outsider away." Leylin asked with playfulness.

Maroon looked at him with a silent gaze and looked towards his daughter room and shook his head, "Regardless of who you are, even if I was guarded previously and also suspicious about your identity. In my most desperate time where I could do nothing to save my daughter, I call for you and you came to help me."

Maroon bend down and placed his hands and head on the ground, the same way he did years ago when he accepted Leylin as his teacher, "Your benevolence and your kindness in saving my daughter is all that matters to me, you are my God and my child's Messiah so, even if you are a devil incarnate I don't care! My life belongs to you only."

As Leylin was about to applaud him for his intelligence he felt a disturbance in Maroon's spirit thread force. Leylin didn't do anything as he let him act as he wished but immediately after he understood Maroon intent.


Suddenly Maroon's body glowed as a peculiar white light shone from his glabella as a small altar appeared but it had no mindrealm defences whatsoever as it usually would. Leylin understood that Maroon has willfully surrendered his Soul Alter to him.

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