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100% Warrior Of Fire And Ash / Chapter 6: I don't want to accept it, I don't want to! Chapter Five

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Chapter 6: I don't want to accept it, I don't want to! Chapter Five

Since I was sucked into the bathroom at the Ezeiza airport by a Hole of magic lights, I have not stopped thinking about pure inconsistencies, I found myself standing right in front of a large Building that turned out to be a Demon Terminator Academy, this woman. Who I just met He tells me that I am, that I am ... AN ANCESTRAL ... no, no, no, that is not possible, it is not possible.

Because I am a mere human

It took me two seconds to react to the information I had just received.

My reaction wasn't exactly good

I completely refused, since I was what this woman claimed to be, we began to argue, I protested and she kept saying that because I was what I was, I should stay, that I couldn't leave ... leave that office, she She forced me to sit down, I was perplexed by this scene, I was going to yell at her to leave me when she clenched her fist and my voice disappeared, she had silenced me, just at that moment there There was a knock on the door, The Lady Ariadna said in loudly for him to come in, I turned around to see who it was.

He was a tall boy. He entered slowly, his expression was cool and serene, he stood behind my seat.

- Lady Ariadna - exclaimed

- You're late Liam- he commented angrily, while frowning

- Excuse me, I had a problem arriving on time, what you ordered is already done - he informed with his hoarse voice

- Was your mission successful? And are you sure you didn't leave anything behind that could "reopen" and complicate things? I don't want to have a problem with this - she asked, she didn't know what they were talking about but it seemed like it was something serious and important.

- No, do not leave any trace, Lady Ariadna, I acquired all the memories of the people and I kept them in glass spheres, the work is already done - the boy answered with severity.

Memories acquired, from whom? They erased someone's memory from here, these people are barbarians.

- Well, the result of the mission ... it turned out to be something unexpected - Mrs. Ariadna commented as her eyes fell on me - but we have no other choice, we must take risks and bet that the result of this discovery is beneficial for all ... Even for her - her lips curved, she was talking about me, she didn't understand half of what she was talking about with this boy, who seemed like a silent statue standing behind me. A terrifying statue, beautiful but coldly terrifying - ah, I also have to tell you something Liam -

- What.? After this, will they let me stay at the Academy? - asked the boy enthusiastically

- Of course I did, I gave you my word, we already have your partner, that way nobody can complain, and you can graduate without any problem - the boy seemed happy and relieved ... However, the expression in his se he hardened when he asked who that partner was.

- Ah, Lady Ariadna, may I ask who she is, my new companion? -

Mrs. Ariadna smiled sweetly at him like a child

- It's her - she replied sweetly, while looking at me with her eyes of mysterious and mischievous eyes, something seemed to amuse her ... Both me and the boy behind me, her answer gave us a bad taste in our mouths. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-want-to-accept-it-i-don&apos;t-want-to!-chapter-five_49635678178296338">;t-want-to-accept-it-i-don&apos;t-want-to!-chapter-five_49635678178296338</a> for visiting.

-WHAT !! - We both exclaimed, He by surprise, I by anger, my voice had returned just at the right time, now I not only had to stay here, but I was going to be the partner of an unknown boy .. Unacceptable, this The woman She doesn't even ask me, I just make the decision like my life is hers, and then she imposes her selfish decisions on me ... Damn.

-That's impossible! Lady Ariadne, I am a partner of a Non-Inherited, - he gave a sarcastic laugh - that is something ... a-something absurd or at least humiliating - he said with indignant vehemence

- I'M NOT GOING TO STAY HERE! - I protested immediately - send me through another Interdimensional Hole or a magical fire fireplace, whatever you want but take me back to the airport bathroom, but I will not stay here!

Between protests and denials, Mrs. Ariadna's face turned like a tomato, literally the color of a tomato ... And ... It exploded.

- ENOUGH !! - She shouted in surprise, her voice resonated with force in the spacious office, surprisingly it broke the mirror that hung on the wall but also the windows that were right behind her ... We were silent, I was by surprise and he ... No I have an idea, but we shut up

As her face regained its usual color, the tension and silence slowly loosened, the zion rope that we could feel on our necks at that moment was loosening a lot ...

"Enough! I don't want to hear complaints, claims, or even objections from either of you ... Was it clear?" , I give the orders here. You must obey the following things that I will inform you verbatim, understood? - He declared with a fearsome, threatening aura ... His expression turned serious, his brow furrowed and his lips tight.

We were silent, I took a lock of my hair, and rolled it between my fingers, I felt anxious, and she seemed to be the same, since I heard her swallow more than once in that moment ... It must be a habit.

- Liam, Celeste is going to be your partner, whether you like her or partner because here there is no one who is available in the first place and secondly because to avoid being expelled you must have A PARTNER, that was clear to me - agreed the boy. .

I believe that you are a signal sent by our Ancestors ... Whom the Founding Gods have in their glorious and extensive Golden Fields, Celeste you must stay ...

You never felt that your life needed a direction or a meaning, something that you were not clear about, but it was like a place on a non-existent map ... - for the first time I felt identified, since I was born I was never clear about what to do with my life , I never knew which direction to take or what was the right path to follow, I was never clear about who to be and who I would become ... I always looked for a path that did not yet exist to travel, that's why I wanted to travel the world ... I hope discover a path that no one has found yet.

I lowered my gaze to the ground, I didn't want her to see through my eyes that she was right, I wasn't sure whether to accept her words or accept being someone different from what I had always been until now ...

Mrs. Ariadna took my hand and slowly raised my chin until we were face to face, looking at each other again, to avoid deception or fear of accepting the situation.

"You will stay?" Mrs. Ariadna asked in an extremely sweet voice, like a mother's voice, speaking to her little son at birth.

Thinking of everything that happened to me in a few hours, how my life took a 180 degree turn and changed direction so quickly and gradually, makes me nauseous and dizzy. But despite all the mistrust, maybe I can try ... Try to be here, which I did not know to be in my world ... Discover a different path from the others, and find answers to what I will ask myself in the future ... Convinced, finally articulate the answer to your question.

- I'll stay - I answered firmly as I looked into her eyes, I didn't want to show fear but courage. I must have the courage to accept living a new stage in which I will have to discover more about myself from now on.

The Lady ... No Lady Ariadna, smiled at my answer and her gaze now fell on the moody boy who was still standing behind me, he looked the other way so as not to see me or see his face, his emerald green eyes, so bright they were very ... flashy, it suited him well with his skin color and brown hair, he didn't look bad at all ... in fact he looked like one of those guys who really like to go to the gym, work out looking forward to his body being molded day by day with the sweat of his effort ... Literally this boy could be a model.

- Liam, do you accept the arrangement? , she will stay here with us, you must teach her and guide her so that she does not get lost in anything - the boy finally looked at us, his face was expressionless, he was not angry or excited, he did not know what he was thinking at that moment

- I accept - he said reluctantly, and with that we ended up agreeing with the situation that each of us had to handle that day.

Lady Ariadna explained the details of our current situation.

The boy sat in the seat that was free next to me, he watched concentrated, pending of each word of Lady Ariadna.

- Since you both agree with the situation, let's clarify some things, the first of which is that no one can know that you are originally from Celestial Planet Earth. - Before I could ask, the boy spoke to me for the first time, he still did not look me in the eye, he only spoke to me - The simple fact that an Uninherited, originating from the planet of the Abandoned is Here, already violates one of the tougher laws of our regime, and people who know or are behind the simple act of trying to cover it up are severely punished. Bringing foreigners without permission from the City Council, the CIME or another authority is a crime and is unforgivable, since we are putting our existence at risk to another unknown species that could perhaps be an enemy, that is why nobody can know where to do it. you come from ... you understand? - She asked coldly, she saw my eyes for a few seconds, they were as deep as the ocean and as clear as the dawn on a dark and heavy night. Again I felt my heart get heavy, her gaze caused me a feeling that I could not describe, it was strange, it was the first time something like this had happened to me with a boy ...

I nodded my head, my fingers were still curled in the long wavy strands of my hair, playing with them, I was feeling anxious about this situation.

-The second reason is because as I said before Celeste, there was never anyone like you in our history, never - I looked at him astonished - summarizing things so that you would understand it before, he is not born a descendant of a Non-Inherited with

-Ah sorry I got lost, what is a "Not inherited" to begin with? - I asked innocently

Lady Ariadna settled into her seat and began to recount the "Summary" of the beginning of the Generation that became an Anomaly even in the present present - her planet that her species calls "Earth" is a distant planet, very far away. ours but with the similarity that they both have similar organic life, their planet is younger compared to ours which is approximately four billion years old, unlike ours which is seven billion years old, our race appeared here when the stars fell from the sky, and according to the Gods Foundation, the first who stepped on the ground that today is our world, was when the house of the founders was destroyed in a war against a dark and evil deity, who expelled them into space, and that thousands of years later the survivors of the Species ended up here, in this place, The First City of our Race, The Ancestral Race, originated here and then became independent becoming a country, more than five thousand years ago when our people I already knew who we were, and we knew how to face the battles against the enemies who wanted to annihilate them, after generations they will pass and pass, babies began to be born who did not inherit the usual characteristics of an Ancestral, they were weak, they had no strength, no magic or power, they were ... Inferior and very defenseless, many of them died with time, but they continued to be born throughout the generations, in one of these generations It was four thousand years ago, the first man born to Ancestral parents, who did not inherit the characteristics of an Ancestral, committed unforgivable crimes, became allies of our enemies.

The Race descended from the Dark Deity of our mythology, The Demon Race ...

He went to ask them for powers, and magic to not be what he was, to become a true Ancestral, in return he would help them stop us and prevent us from sealing them, things got complicated, and each generation, non-Inherited children committed the same crimes or worse, that's why we created laws that protected us from those people, although they are different people from us for not having magic, they are our children, so if they accepted themselves and lived their life as it should be, they would stay here, if they committed sacrificial crimes on behalf of demons to gain power, commit assassinations or other offerings in exchange for more power ...

The immediate arrest of those people was ordered, we erased their memory and expelled them to another place, another world different but equal to ours, where they survived, prospered and grew and made the planet their own, attacked each other ... with With the passage of time, they became unified and independent, modernized, and today they are close to reaching our way of understanding life. Those beings that we here call The Uninherited, are the founders of the race that you know and that they call the human race ... They are the children of the Ancestors who did not inherit any magical power from their parents.

He believed that I am in shock, from what I understood from the story, the human species was created from the offspring that did not particularly inherit the "Powers" that characterized the Race of the Ancestral ... and by not being able to accept, being different from their parents, these people made offerings and sacrifices to demons in exchange for power and magic so as not to feel marginalized and be equal to others, it seems that these people were influenced by power, was it that or they were evil and very ambitious people that they no longer had control over them.

If this is the summary, I do not know if I would like to know in detail the true history of the creation of the human species, there is more than I do not know, there will be more answers to questions that I will ask myself later.

-I understand, but then if I can't say that I come from Earth, if I have to stay here ... and if someone asks me where I'm from ... what do I answer? - I asked, my gaze went both ways, I looked at her and him ... I was looking for an answer

- You can say that you are from here, in reality your accent is identical to ours, your way of speaking is the same, in addition to your last name, it is very common, you could be an orphan, who lost his parents.

who died on a mission from which they did not survive, don't you think Lady Ariadna, that's the story of every day? Common and normal, nobody would suspect it - the boy commented, while ruffling his brown hair, Lady Ariadna snapped her fingers ...

Looking at the boy with clear joy.

- You are right, nobody would notice, it is common and normal, orphans can enter the Academy, if their deceased parents were Ex Graduates of the institution, and they are given a place if they usually pass the Admission exams.

Well thought out Liam Rosales as expected of you, then it's settled, I'll take care of that right now ... I'm sure tomorrow I'll have your identity and student papers ready ... now retire, I have to make some calls. .. Liam gives you a tour of the facility and explains where to go and where not to go.

Starting tomorrow you will officially start studying at the Academia De La Primavera

- I had a feeling of mixed emotions, between the excitement for what I was going to discover with this new life and the fear of not fitting in and ruining everything.

In silence, I got up from the seat and took my travel bag, the boy opened the door and kept it like that until we left the office, now we were going to be alone ... Strangely I felt excited about the tour, she .- I remembered - I never saw his face but I had seen his hair, it stood out for his height and the width of his shoulders and the V-shape of his body ... Without a doubt it was the boy from the Airport.

Trying to walk with him, I hurried and stood in front of him, preventing him from following the path, he shot me a look full of disdain, he was slightly frowning, clenching his jaw tightly as if he was avoiding desire. to yell at me at that moment. .. he was much taller than me, I had to lift my head to see him face to face while frowning.

- Your! ... You're the guy who crashed me at the airport! - I exclaimed out loud

A smile was drawn on her face, her eyes were shining I did not understand the reason, it was because of my accusation or because of the pure cynicism of this boy who was smiling with a clear cynicism drawn on her face, whose features were ridiculously. perfect. to that of a model

- Yes, I was the one who pushed you, I had to have a contact with you, however light it was, for the summoning spell to work on you. - declared

- How did you do it? Just by having such minimal contact, you opened a magic hole in the bathroom and brought me here against my will? , Tell me?! - I yelled repeatedly, I was angry and puzzled by his useless and short explanation.

The boy's expression turned hard and cold. He held me tightly by the neck, forcing me to remain still, as he brought his face closer and closer to mine, frowning, the hard expression of a soldier, and with the most hostile and threatening tone I had ever heard before. , answered me

- Find out for yourself, NOT INHERITED! - She scoffed, I got out of the way and kept walking down the hall, going down the stairs she started to beep

-Not inherited? - I repeated furiously indignant

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