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Chapter 68: Academy reformation

This month was the one that Xue Mo declared for the war to end in, and following his orders Nathan and Hesroth expedited the process making all sides lose. Even though they lost countless members due to this, the survivors' potential, experience, and power were adequate enough.

Although there was a change of plans as Xue Mo went into seclusion, the outside world didn't get impacted. After organizing the remaining troops and gains of the war, the Assassination Academy went into lockdown.

As the ones with the highest command, Hesroth, and Nathan, were discussing what to do, after all, they didn't know when Xue Mo's seclusion would end and how much they would wait.

As they were deliberating what to do, Nathan had an idea. "Have you noticed that this Assassination Academy isn't an Assassination Academy?" Nathan slyly asked.

"Although it is called an Assassination Academy, it feels more like a mercenary guild for cultivators. There is barely anyone who knows any assassination technique."

"That's true, but the cultivation technique of this branch is about enhancing stealth and manipulating Qi into dark element, and this is why it's an Assassination Academy," Hesroth told Nathan the real of the Academy's origin.

"The ones who are worthy would be sent to the Main Sect's Black Stealth Hall. There they would be molded into real Assassins that work for the betterment of the Sect."

Nathan finally understood why the Assassination Academy's students were this illiterate in Assassination work. They simply weren't worth wasting resources on them. Only the ones with potential could become real Assassins when they joined the Dark Arts Sect.

"Still, teaching these brats some techniques and method would hasten the process of turning them into usable materials for Master. Also, it's better to do this than waste several months of resources on them. Since we closed the Academy, they won't get missions, and the resources they need for Cultivation will be for free. This way, at least we can make a contribution reward system that works on studying. It would also make this final debut of the Assassination Academy with it ending as a real place of nurturing assassins!"

Hesroth agreed with Nathan's reasoning and ways. They really do make great friends. After ironing a few more checks, Hesroth sent Dominic a message, ordering him to start the plan. What surprised Dominic was that Teachers and higherups of the Academy were also required to participate in these activities.

Since no one knew how to start this, Hesroth was able to solve this easily. Seeing how great work Xue Mo did with Nathan's rehabilitation, he requested a complete guide into his ways to try and learn them.

That idea greatly worked here to use some of these methods and make a curriculum based on it as they divide the materials into basic, intermediate, advanced, and peak studies.

There would be classes based on these materials. Everyone would start at the lowest level. Only those who completely comprehend and could use the basic studies methods can move into the next class and so on.

Instead of calming down and taking a break, the Assassination Academy was busy more than before, and the ones responsible for all this are currently enjoying the feel of gradually getting stronger.


When the outside world received news of the Assassination Academy closing its doors, different organizations reacted differently. As the alliance of the Nations, some were happy while others, like the Battle Mage Academy, didn't care.

Even though both sides suffered heavy losses, the Battle Mage Academy barely won the war. Due to activating a Magic Formation, they were able to protect themselves and recuperate. Although the Nations wanted to do the same, they took the Academy's retreat as their victory and kept concentrating on breaking the Formation. In the end, the Nations foolish idea was their undoing.

While the Academy got back on its feet, the Nations' soldiers were tired. Though due to the number difference, both the Academy and the Nations seemed even, the Academy's rest gave them an edge and allowing them to win in the end.

While negotiations were in order, all sides found one crucial aspect that might endanger them. They all lost countless students, soldiers, and resources that put them in a situation where they might lose to some weaker powers if they get attacked.

Also, being in that position, the higherups of the Academy added some clauses to the negotiations that would make anyone think they were crazy. The proposition was for all the Nation Alliance and the Battle Mage Academy to become one existence.

They wanted to eliminate the discrimination and, at the same time, use this opportunity not to lose their position in power. If the Nations could unite to destroy the Academy, they could join with the Academy to not lose their political power and maybe even enhance it.

After several discussions and successful negotiations, the Academy convinced the kingdoms and became the Ash Union. Once this decision came out, the whole world went into an uproar as people who disagreed with this tried to rebel. Several powers wanted to use this chance to expand and rile the people even more, but they disappeared silently in the end.

It didn't take much power to calm the crowd and make them accept the situation. After all, if the Nations and the strongest organization in the world became one, who could stop them? Obviously, no one but the Assassination Academy, who had already gone silent for some reason. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While the world went into chaos and order was reestablished under the Ash Union's hands, the Assassination Academy on lockdown was also going through tremendous changes.

The weak and naïve were gone leaving only battle-hardened warrior assassins that finally started learning assassination techniques. When a trained tiger acquires wings, its power will skyrocket, and the same happened to the students.

As Xue Mo and Lu Yao slowly advanced in their realms without interruptions, Nathan and Hesroth turned the whole Assassination Academy into a proper Assassination Academy.

Looking at the students who were training poison resistance, hiding techniques, multiple weapons wielding, voice changing methods, and other assassin stuff, they checked the students potential to give appropriate measures to train the assets and exploit the most of their potentials.

Teachers who had become students again worked hard to stay ahead of the geniuses that started becoming strong enough to fight with them head-on. This cycle of students and teachers getting stronger not to let each other get ahead made them even stronger.

"Nate, we did a fine job," Hesroth praised before suspiciously looking at Nathan and asking, "but how did you know all these methods of training assassins? And the way you advised others was of one who had countless experiences. It wasn't something a king of a country should know."

Seeing the suspicion on Hesroth's face, Nathan grinned before putting his hands behind his back and answering, "I once established my very own assassination squad and killed my brothers and sisters to take the throne." After Nathan said that with pride, his expression darkened, "that same throne that bitch and that fucker son of mine took away before throwing me in a dungeon and torturing me for years!"

Hesroth knew that Xue Mo tricked Nathan, and he didn't let any expression out to keep it that way. Thinking of something that would help Xue Mo gain more of Nathan's trust, he said slyly, "you know I heard Divine One saying that you can go and get your revenge once he enters seclusion. I didn't say this to you before because we got busy dealing with the reform, but now that everything is in the order, you can go and take your revenge."

Hearing what Hesroth said, a light flashed in Nathan's eyes as an evil smirk adorned his face. "If that's so, then I should go now!"

ChaoticLuck ChaoticLuck

Thankfully I was able to write a chapter but I am sorry to say I might have to disappear more regularly than usual still as I promised I shall never drop this story, so I will write when I can and release till then read this chapter (although the quality of it Is a little bad) enjoy.

Thanks to Arumi's never-ending support I get the power to continue and write when I can so thanks Arumi.

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