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58.82% What A Life! / Chapter 10: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten - What A Life! - Chapter 10 by Joey2 full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten


Gathering my things, not caring that I might wrinkle my notebooks which I'm definitely gonna regret and complain about.

I rushed out of the class room quickly like my life depends on it.

Today wasn't really my day... like literally!

My stomach is grumbling cause it's doesn't have food to digest, I couldn't concentrate on one thing like I usually do, I kept on dozing off making the teachers go crazy on me, I'm feeling uneasy and I don't know why I'm feeling that which makes me more frustrated than I am right now and... I DON'T FREAKIN KNOW! Just something isn't right though. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_19783359705231005/chapter-ten_54085908273625980">!_19783359705231005/chapter-ten_54085908273625980</a> for visiting.

I walked to my locker to throw somethings in it and to take some but something stopped me... more like someone.

I raised my eyebrows questioning him what he wants.

"Uhhhh... I just wanted to apologies..." he answered scratching the back of his neck. "So I wanted to take ya somewhere..."

"I thought you already apologized about it earlier today" I questioned out my thought confused. He surly doesn't seem like he is the kind of person who would say that word again and yet he did and he wants to take me somewhere?

"Sorry but I can't today, I'm so tired to even do my home works but I have a question... why are you doing this?" I ask out of curiosity making him go stiff where he stood.

I shouldn't have asked that question. Look at him! He is uncomfortable.

I opened my mouth to that he should forget about it but he cut me off.

"Cause I feel like I have known you for a long time... I feel like I have been living with you since day one..."



Is this guy for real?

What the hell is he talking about?

Oh sure that Audrey was right... jeez... OH SHIT! AUDERY!

I pull out my phone out of my pocket of my pants and texted her if she is out of the school compound already to which she replied she isn't.

"Then should I do your home works?" he says dragging me back to the reality.

"Ummm... No thanks... I'll do it myself." maybe I shouldn't have said that...

Thank you next

Thank you next

I shook my head to snap myself out of it. "Anyways imma go right now... so... bye." I say and walked to my locker.

I grab few things that I needed then left to meet Audrey leaning against her car door... and I remembered that I couldn't find her car earlier today.

"Hey, was your car here in the morning?" I shot just as I joined her.

"Yes, it was... Why sis ya ask?" she asks back.

"... I was looking for your car the moment I came here and I couldn't find it."

"I parked it right here and-" she cut herself. "Wait, wait, wait, wait... How did you come here before school starts?" she asks getting interested as if she knew that there is gonna be a funny story and to be honest... there is.

Her question made me sigh. I cringed remembering what happened today.

"Also... you don't have that much oversized hoodie..." she say confused. "Whose is it?"

"Uhhhhmmmmmm..." I hesitated because I know that I'm going to be the reason that she is going to laugh till she dies...

"What? what? what?" she asks getting really curious.

If I refuse to tell her... I know that she will not stop nagging me to tell her but I also don't want her... and become a meme...

I decided that I should tell since I'm really tired right now. I just want to get back to my bed and be engulfed by my beauty sleep.

"Let's get in the car and I'll tell you about it in there." I say to which she did that in one swift moment.

I got in the car, fastening my belt and I threw my backpack on the back seat along with Audrey's.

"So! What happened?" she asks eagerly as she turn on her car's engine.

"..." I just stayed quiet for a while. "Long story shor-" she cut me off.

"NO! I want the whole story WOMAN!"

"Okay, okay fine, fine." Sighing I started my story.

"What happened was... Okay... All I remember is that mom yelling at me to wake up and telling me that I only have 5 minutes left until school starts and me telling her that it's just 6 in the morning." I was about to continue but Audrey snorted making me glare at her.

"What?" she asks.


"Okay fine... I'm sorry!" she retorted but it didn't make me feel any better.

"So anyways, where was I?" I asked her since I forgot where I was lol. "Oh yeah, I told mom that it's 6 in the morning to which I got a yelling in return. I rushed out of my comfy bed and I was already planning what I am going to do in the toilet."

"You plan what you are going to do in the toilet?"

"No no... I don't plan it every single day... I did that today cause I was late and it would be easier... and you know me... when I am out of time, I will forget what to do and I would stand in the room processing. ANYWAYS! I did my routine and all then I dressed up but I forgot to put a hoodie or a sweatshirt on and to comb my hair. I rushed out of the house forgetting my lunch in the process." Audrey hissed at that.

"Yeah... and My car wouldn't turn on because... I forgot to fill my fuel then I realized that I'm not waring a hoodie or sweatshirt on and it's December." I sigh thinking on how I felt that time.

"I was cursing at myself when I heard a honk on the other side of my car and when I looked who it was, I found out that it was..." I stopped right there.

"Was..." She encouraged.

"Harry" and there was a moment of silence there.

"And you didn't comb you hair." she said to which I nodded. "My lord!" and then she burs out laughing.

Grumbling, I regret what I did to myself.

"okay okay continue."

"Nothing much happened after that... he asked me if I needed a ride and I was bout to refuse but what other choice did I have?" I asked.

"uhhhh... ask you mom to give you a lift?"


Clearing my throat I continued. "I got into his car and he gave me his hoodie that he was waring at the moment since I was sneezing nonstop and when I asked him what he would ware he said and I repeat 'Nah... I don't need it anyway... I am though.'"

"Guys" she says while shaking her head.

"And that's what happene-" I cut myself when I realized that she parked the car in front of my house and she was listening to me attentively.

I glared at her and got out of the car telling her that what the story and I could tell that she was trying to hold her laugher back to which I roll my eyes.

"Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Imma sleep now and I'll wake up early in the morning to do my home works." I say.

"Byeee. Talk to ya tomorrow!" with that she walked to her house and got in.

Joey2 Joey2

Hope you liked the chapter!

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