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86.66% What a Troublesome Life of Mine / Chapter 13: The basketball match.

The basketball match. - What a Troublesome Life of Mine - Chapter 13 by StoryTimeWithAsh full book limited free

Chapter 13: The basketball match.

Ashley's P.O.V

The match started, The rules were simple. The first one to put the ball in the basket of the other person 9 times will win.

The ball was in the air and Jackson snatched it from me, He was running quite fast and eventually got the 1st point.

2nd match started and this time I was the one to snatch the opportunity, I was running and was about to throw the ball to the basket, but Jackson blocked it and ran to throw it in my basket. I was running but could not stop him from scoring. (2 Jackson and 0 Ashley.)

Again the 3rd match started and trust me I was not letting him basket this time, He threw the ball and I blocked it, running to his side and He stood in front of me, We were exactly at the middle of the court.


Jackson lost his focus and looked towards Thia. My chance to score, I swiftly ran and BOOM! 1 score to me. Jackson looked disappointed, He was probably thinking that if he did not lose his focus, He could've blocked it. But he don't not know me, and he is dead wrong.

Next match started(4th match), Jackson looked passionate towards it and seemed like he doesn't have any grudge for what I did. I also kind of feel guilty, but if he does not hold it, then why should I do it?.

Jackson had the ball, I snatched it and was taking to his basket, He was running just with me.

"I am sorry for what I did last time," I said to him in a low voice so no one can hear our conversation.

His eyes got wider, He stopped running,, and I scored. He was still shocked, looked like he did not believe his own ears, So to confirm it, I gave him a small, sweet and warm smile. I was thinking how will he react, but then he returned the smile. I ran towards him with a hand ready for a high five, and he gave me a high five, and now I was ready for a perfect match.(Jackson-2, Ashley-2).

The fifth match started and Jackson snatched the ball, I was still running trying to find an opportunity to take the ball back, but to be true, He is amazing at it. He scored and I just smiled. He gave me a 'yo' sign. The matches continued like this. Jackson and I are full of sweat and were taking fast breaths. Scores are something like this- Jackson-7 and Ashley- 5. Jackson had the lead.

A new match started and Jackson took the ball with full enthusiasm and Thia was cheering for me. I snatched the ball from his hand and was in the same situation, Right in the middle of court, ball in my hand, Jackson in front of me.

"I am not going to lose my focus again" Jackson said,

"Gosh! Then I am not going to goal I guess". I replied,

I was still staring at his eyes when I suddenly saw someone over Jackson's shoulder, A guy in all black clothes and his eyes are green, Our eyes met, he swiftly ran away, suddenly I saw my mom again! across the road, She disappeared when a car parked in front of her, and before I knew it Jackson snatched the ball and scored. Now he was at 8, and I was at 5. Who was that guy? I have seen him before, But where? And WHY AM I SEEING MY MOM Everywhere? I was still thinking and the Next match started. MY MOM IS NOT ALIVE, I told to myself, and I was frustrated, I snatched the ball and ran towards the goal thinking, am I going crazy? Why is my mom everywhere?, I scored. 6 points to me and 8 to Jackson.

Next match started, and We were running and I scored again, 7 to me and 8 to Jackson. One more match started, and I had the ball in my hand, Why? Why can I see my mom? Is mom's spirit haunting me? But Why? I was thinking, The situation happened again when I snapped out of the thought, I had the ball, Jackson was standing in front of me, and We were in the middle of the court, I was already frustrated and was thinking about mom and I jumped and threw the ball towards the basket, a silence all around the court, I scored, I did not gave any expression, Now we are equal 8-8, The final match started.

Jackson snatched the ball, and I was chasing him and snatched the ball and was running, Now I was stuck, I was at the corner of the court and on the right side of my own basket, If I try to run Jackson will snatch the ball and will goal, I only have one option, I jumped again and threw the ball with all my strength, Everyone eyes ;locked on the ball and I did it! I won! But for some reason I was not feeling happy.

Thia, Chris and Alan came towards me and congratulated me,

"Guess you are better than me" said Jackson.

"YAY! I already knew that you will win!" Said Thia

"You are a good player, Specially the last two shots, Mostly Alan hits this type of shots" Chris said

Alan came but with a cold face on him "Congratulations, You proofed yourself" Alan said with his usual cold tone.

" Here" Alan said while throwing a cold drink towards me, then to Jackson, Thia and Chris and took one himself.

Gosh! I actually needed it, We all drank it then and there. A girl came running towards Jackson and hugged him,

"I was looking for your babe!" The girl said, She was wearing our school's uniform, does she study here?,"

"In which class is Jackson and David?" I whispered to Thia.

"Wait! You don't know? Both of them are in our class," Thia whispered back.

"But I did not see them tomorrow" I whispered again,

"Yeah! Because they both took half day leave and bunked the half day classes,They were to attend" Thia whispered again

"Hey why are you wearing our school's uniform?" Jackson asked to the girl

"Oh! How do you like the surprise! My parent's transferred me to this school," The girl replied kindly.

She looks of kind nature, Not my enemy for sure, I thought

"That's a big surprise for Jackson" Chris said

"Which class?" Alan asked

"The same as Jackson" Girl replied

"REALLY?" Jackson asked it

"YES!" girl said

"Who are these girls over here" The girl asked, Not in an awkward tone but in sweet way, She probably trusts Jackson.

"Oh yeah, They both are in my class too, Over here is Thia" said Jackson while showing her

"OH HI! I am Jackson's girlfriend, Suzie she said

"And she is.....ah" Jackson stopped, Oh! He doesn't know my name, I thought.

"Ashley" Alan completed before I could do it,

"Yeah! Ashley" said Jackson

"HI Ashley, I am Suzie, are you Jackson's friend?" Suzie asked and

A silence filled the place

"Yes" Jackson said with a warm voice, looking and smiling at me, I returned the smile to him and agreed.

"Nice meeting you! Because you are Jackson's friends, You guys can call me sue" Suzie said

"Let's go to cafeteria" sue said

"Hey! We just finished a Basket ball match, Let us change first" Jackson said

"With whom?" sue asked

"Ashley" Jackson replied

"OHHH! Who won the match?" sue asked

"Ashley did" Jackson replied Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Really! You must be a good player then" Sue said

"Thanks sue" I replied

"AHH I already like you! Go get changed and meet us at cafeteria" She(Sue) said, and then they left.

Jackson and I went to change, While I was changing, That green-eyed guy was in my mind, Who is he? Who is he?...... YEAH!!!! HE CAME TO MY BACKYARD LAST NIGHT WHEN I CHASED HIM AND MET ALAN!!!! I suddenly remembered. Is he stalking me? I thought. I changed and met Jackson at outside, seemed like he was waiting, because when I got there he was using his phone, He kept it in his pocket and said

" Ready to go Ash? OH ! Sorry, you mind if I call you Ash?" He asked.

"I won't mind if you don't mind me calling you Jack and If we can really be friends?" I said

"Guess then I can definitely call you ash" He said

"Of course you can call me Ash, Jack" I replied, We laughed and left towards the cafeteria.

I asked him the time "It's 8:00" He said,

Means we still have half an hour, As we reached to the café, Thia was on the ground, Sue was with her, Alan was also sitting with Thia on his knees and Chris, he was holding collar of David's brother. Chris was in grave anger and I had goose bumps on me.


"Ash! This guy came and pulled Thia with her hairs and then threw her head on the desk causing her bleeding," Sue said.

I made a fist of my hand, which was already wounded from last night. Thia seemed to notice my fist and said,

"Hey! I am already fine, look! You don't have to do anything trouble making Ash".

"I don't have to do anything so that they can do it again and again?" I said with a cold tone,

"Ash, please!" Thia said, I without any other word walked towards David's brother. I kept my hand on Chris's shoulder and gave him a sign signifying 'I can handle it', He understood and let go of the collar, I stood in front of David's Brother, the room was filled with silence, Then I did it.


Who is the green eyed guy?

Why is her mom everywhere?

What did she do to David's brother?

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