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25.92% What do you Desire? / Chapter 6: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6

-- A/N --

Hello guys, its been awhile. How are you guys? If you have any suggestions to the story, drop it here. I will try to add it to my story to make it interesting i guess? hahaha

Have a nice day guys! Sorry about this slow update, my Work eats most of my time. i still have the stock chapters, i will try to recreate my chapter 7 and 8 before i post the other chapters hehehe.

If you find any mistake in this chap, please leave a paragraph comment and i will try to redo it hehehe.


The next day, I was woken up by mom to meet my wife or my parents told me. I did short stretching exercise before eating breakfast.

My mom pulled me after breakfast while my father glaring at me. I looked at him with plea and he just looked at me with grin. I mouthed 'Watch your back pops!'

My mother brought me into the Northern side of Konoha that is full of trees and grasses. I scanned the whole area and found people with so much vitality. If it is converted to nen, they can rival the Chimera ant Royal Guards.

I stood up on my place while analyzing any informations i could get from here. I said "Mom, can we go home now? I see no one here and i need to work for my allowance mom!"

She smiled at me and petted me. She said "Wait for a while son, they are coming here any moment now."

I nodded and waited with mom for a while. The people we are waiting for came shortly and i saw two people, an adult and a child.

The first person is a blonde girl with pale skin, brown eyes, small eyebrows, a big rack in front. She wears a green sleeveless Yukata and a tight Yoga pants. I assume her as the friend of mom and the mother of the child next to her.

The second is the exact copy of the woman but the child version. She is actually the future Sannin and the Slug Princess of the Senju clan. Her mother though looks exactly like Tsunade when she grew up.

They Looked at us and the woman waved at us. She rushed with her child in tow and said "Mi-chan!"

I looked at my mom and she said "She is a childhood friend of mine."

Well this is the first time i am seeing mom acquainted to the Senjus. My mom replied "You too Kizumi! How are you and Tsunade-chan?"

Kizumi replied "We are well!" She looked at me and bowed to my level. Her cleavay is big and i will enjoy this without anyone's complain, well i am technically a child so i am safe to be labeled.

She said "You must be Haru right? The little genius according to Mizuki."

I looked at my mom and she smiled. She said "Well that is true Haru! You are a genius and if given a time, i know you can become anything you want!"

I nodded at her because that is true. With every knowledge i have, i can create anything that can destroy this world many times as long as i have materials, time and motivation to. I don't want to Destroy this world. I want to roam the world and see what it holds!

I nodded and looked at the little Tsunade in front of me. My mom and Tsunade's mom Started gossiping which i am not fond of so i started talking with Tsunade. I said to Tsunade "Hello! I am Haru by the way! What is your name?"

She replied "Hmph you're too boring! I am Tsunade, better remember that! By the way, I don't want to marry you and lose my play time! You are too serious for my type!"

Her mother heard that and earned a Fist of Love on her head. Her mother said "You have no choice Tsunade, Either you accept it by yourself or i will force it into you."

Tsunade glared at her mom but she received two more Fist of Love again. The two started their banter and my mom tried to intervene.

Okay..... So she knew i am his Fiance huh? But this attitude is too childish for the future her. Well maybe Nawaki and Dan's Death made her mature huh? or maybe after killing someone?

I smiled and said "Play time huh? Wanna see something very interesting Tsunade-chan?"

She pouted and stopped bantering her mother. She said "Okay! i will only give you one chance! Show me something new and not boring like you!"

"Do you believe in Miracles?" I said. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. She said "Miracles? What is that? A jutsu?"

I smiled and showed her my two hands. I showed her my clean palm and she started frowning. I balled up my hands before turning it over. I showed the back of my hand and she saw nothing. I balled up again and turned it over again. This time I maintained it balled and asked "What did you see?"

She rolled her eyes and said "Nothing you dumbass! Urgh! This is just a waste of time!"

Her mother is ready to give her Fist of Love to her daughter but was stopped by my mother. She shook her head and mouthed 'Look at what is about to happen. It will blow your and daughter's mind!'

Tsunade's mother nodded her head and looked at me. I smiled and said "Are you sure?"

Tsunade became mad and said "Of course i am serious! I saw nothing in you hand!"

I replied "What if i say otherwise? Will you believe in me?"

She shook her head and mischievously said "Heh, Never!"

I opened my hands and two Ryo coins are in it. I said "How about now?"

She showed a perplexed expression together with her mother. My mother grinned at Tsunade's Mother showing off how good i am. I once practiced in front of my parents and i can easily fool them now and then. I said "Do you believe in miracles now?"

Tsunade is too shocked to answer and i smiled at her. I said "Okay, let me do it again then. Open up your hands."

She just looked at me without making any sounds but she still held out her hands. I put the two coins in her hand and closed them. I balled up my hands upwards and showed it to her. I said "I put the coins in your hands right? If i say that i will transfer those coins to my hands, Will you believe me in miracles now?"

She still shook her head and i said "Okat then! Open up your hands then!" She opened up and saw nothing. I smiled as she is shocked again and started finding it on the ground or near her while the two adults are too amazed by my act.

I said "I will open up my hands to show you that what i say is the truth! Here look a-"

I stopped halfway and pretended to be shocked. I said "Oya? the coins are gone? Where might they be?"

I looked at Tsunade and saw her frowning. I put my two hands near her ears and pretended to pull something. I Showed the two coins and said "Oh sorry, must have been teleported to your ears all along hahaha."

She showed an amused and a pissed off face. Amused from my tricks and pissed from the way i play with her. She pouted and said "Hmph, Your miracles are good. I will say that i am amused by your tricks. I will see what you have and entertain me more so i will let you do your duty. Protect me and Entertain me at all times Haru!"

I smiled and flicked her head. I said "Like i will! I can't protect you and Entertain you at all time Tsu-chan. So i will be your sparring partner everyday and help you become strong. By the way, you don't mind being called Tsu-chan right?"

Tsunade pouted and said "I mind so don't me call that! Okay, i will abide by your rule but you need to to entertain me everyday by your tricks!"

The two adults laughed at us and started talked about miscellaneous things such as their past. Tsunade and I were playing in their side and i showed some tricks to Tsunade to entertain her.

We moved home and talked about my engagement to my father. While we are eating, my father teased me "Heh, what a big boy you are now! Being engaged to a cute kid huh? And from the Senju clan of all!"

I looked at my plate and lifted it. I looked bellow before asking mom "Mom? Did you hear something talking? I swear, i heard some creepy voice coming out of nowhere"

"Oh you BRATttt!!!!" My father exclaimed. He balled his face as i looked at him with smirk. My father is on the verge of berserk if not for my mom. She said "Do it and you will sleep on the backyard!"

My father calmed down immediately after those word of mom. She said "Anyway You will guard her three years for now. I don't want you to bring her into any harm okay?"

I said "Yes mom"

Well its not like i will harm her and all. I am not that sadistic, i want to make every moves i plan to do a smaller impact and make me undetected to others. When everything are moving to the way i want it, That is when i starts making a big move but being engaged to Tsunade is good for me.

We ate our dinner when i felt a malevolent aura entered our compound. I raised my guard in reflex without showing it. My Uncle is here and he is quite a Dictator. He always order everyone here no matter what status you have in this house except my Father and Grandfather. Even though my father is a civilian, my Father can contend to my uncle in strength even if my Uncle use Ninjutsus. My father trained his body to increase his work efficiency in the shop and to stop my uncle from bullying him when he became a Ninja.

Danzo appeared to our side and angrily said "Why didn't you told me that you engaged Haru to the Senjus!? Father is also shocked with this and will go here immediately!!"

My father become serious and said "Hun, can you please bring Haru to his room and play in there?"

My mom Nodded and dragged me out of the dinning room. I snatched two plates because i am so hungry and looked at my Uncle. He is furious yet a smile can be seen in his face.

Well i hate that face, I will erase that later on. We moved to my room and waited for them to talk. I can hear them with my strengthened hearing with the use of Nen.


I am a stubborn or thickhead person just like what everyone told me to. I do everything through hard work and never blame anyone whenever i fail because i know that if you fail, it doesn't mean you have to stop, you learn from that mistake and redo it again from experience.

That is something i learned all this year from my experience dealing with my parents and brother. Whenever i am with them, i feel like i am besides with beast ready to grab into any prey. They never show it but i always feel it from their words and actions. I was always being manipulated and downgraded by them and i learned tricks to fight back from them.

They are here at my house means they sniffed something they can benefits more. Well it looks like they want to use my son as their piece and i don't like that. I never want anything that involves my parents and brother. I never got in their way but if they want to involve my son to their schemes, they are crossing the line.

My son is a genuis and a cheeky one. He knows what he is doing and can solve anything with a calm attitude. He never do anything without a reason and likes to play pranks to me. Even if he is a cheeky and mischievous child, i love him more than anything. I would always help him no matter what is the reason.

I looked at my father and bowed to him. He nodded and I said "Hello Father, Its been a while."

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